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Marnia Johnston : Nature’s mutations and cyborg others

Marnia Johnston is a California, USA, based artist working in the diverse media of ceramics and robotics. She comes to Intra-action following her work as a co-curator with Eben Kirksey kickstarting the Multispecies Salon exhibition series in the USA. Her … Continue reading

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Madeleine’s Mind on Intra-action

Madeleine, artist and curator, talks about Karen Barad’s concept of Intra-action during a late winter rainstorm Reference paper: Karen Barad (2003) Posthumanist Performativity : Toward an Understanding of How Matter Comes to Matter. Signs, Vol 28, No. 3, Gender and … Continue reading

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Jason Christopher : Form through time, space and species

Sydney based sculptor Jason Christopher has joined the Intra-action exhibition project. His futuristic melding of digital, shamanic and animal forms causes the viewer to question our relationships with contemporary means of production. Follow Jason’s work on¬†  

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