Marnia Johnston : Nature’s mutations and cyborg others

Marnia Johnston is a California, USA, based artist working in the diverse media of ceramics and robotics. She comes to Intra-action following her work as a co-curator with Eben Kirksey kickstarting the Multispecies Salon exhibition series in the USA.

Her previous work considers the effects of a genetic and robotic dystopia which is postulated to emerge from human hubris in our future relationships with other life forms.

For more go here:

Swarm (2009)

VivoLith (2010)

Marnia Johnston is a sculptor living in Concord, CA. She is an interdisciplinary instigator collaborating with engineers, synthetic biologists, programmers and tinkerers. In her most recent collaboration she co-curated the MultiSpecies Salon 3: Swarm with Dr. Eben Kirksey in New Orleans and helped to bring together over 75 artist participants and their work, displayed in three venues. MultiSpecies Salon 3 was in conjunction with the American Anthropological Association and supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Marnia has just been awarded the Visions from the New California Award from the James Irvine Foundation, which comes with a residency at the Exploratorium. She was recently awarded a purchase award from the Lincoln Arts Center and just finished a residency at the Watershed Arts Center in Maine.

Her sculptures and drawings have been exhibited widely in California, most recently in the The American Museum of Ceramic Art, in Pomona California, at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and at the MultiSpecies Salon at CUNY. She has also had work shown in Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina and abroad. Her work can be found in the permanent collection of the Icheon World Ceramic Center and has been recognized by the World Ceramic Biennial, South Korea with a diploma of honor and a medal of honor. She has also been recognized by the Marin Society of Artists with an award of merit.

Born in California, Johnston holds a BFA from San Jose State University and MFA from the California College of the Arts (CCA). She continues to sculpt out of her studio in the Castro in San Francisco, CA.


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