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The Art of a Microbe Manifesto

Deanna Pindell in the company of scientists, artists and community is engaging the worlds beneath our feet. The microbe manifesto is part guide to microbe etiquette and a playful offering bringing people into creative relation with ‘vacant’ space in Washington, … Continue reading

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Horseshoes – a game of skill for ineffectual martyrs

Horseshoes – a game of skill for ineffectual martyrs (working title) Madeleine Boyd This text is written as first part in preparation for an art installation to be shown at ‘Intra-action’ @AASG2013  The installation will centre around an audience participatory … Continue reading

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Unsanctioned Restoration Mugshots

Unsanctioned Restoration Actions Deanna Pindell Unsanctioned Restoration Actions  is an ongoing performative project in collaboration with Douglas Fir trees. Unsanctioned Restoration Mugshots documents these youthful delinquents. Life for these Fir seedlings began in unfortunate circumstances. Perhaps they germinated underneath power … Continue reading

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Patricia Adams : Being with Bees

We are very happy to welcome Dr. Patricia Adams to exhibit during the Intra-action @ AASG2013. Patricia will also be presenting a paper within the conference relating to her exhibited work. Patricia Adams is working in the realm of honey. … Continue reading

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