Tactical Biopolitics : The microbial (inter) face

Eben Kirksey reports from his classroom: “From Viveca Mcghie’s final project for my Tactical Biopolitics course at UNSW in Sydney. She is growing microbes from her own face on an agar sculpture. Viveca writes: “The field of microbiology has discovered a ‘contact zone’ (Haraway, 2008; Clifford, 1945; Pratt, 2008) between humans and microbial life; a form of ‘being’ that is invisible to the naked eye. It has been estimated that 90% of the DNA in our body isn’t ours personally; it exists in microbial life (Paxon, 2008). There is a ‘mutual niche’ between humans the their skin microbiome (Thom, 2001). Microbes are a ‘companion species’ (Haraway 2003). Microbes are a set of ‘beings’ we ‘eat’ as well as a set of ‘beings’ we ‘live with’ (Haraway 2008; Kirksey and Helmreich, 2010)”Kirksey_Mcghie


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