This Sat & Sun Hayden Fowler, Louise Fowler-Smith and Andre Brodyk talk @ MOP Gallery

This Saturday July 27 from 2pm and Sunday July 28 from 3pm catch AASG Intra-action Artists in conversation with artist/curator Madeleine Boyd about their current works.

Take this opportunity to see a ‘refreshing’ exhibition before it closes.

Topics will range from posthumanist aesthetics, to working with animals in art, and technical processes of bio- and multispecies art production.

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Saturday 27th of July from 2pm (arrive 1:45):

Hayden Fowler’s media work ‘New World Order’ has met with a critical and popular acclaim during this exhibition.  We will find out how he constructed the work, and what his experience of working with various manner of fowl, deer, ungulates and horses has been over his celebrated years of practice.

Louise Fowler-Smith and the Tree Veneration Society she established have delighted the art-going crowd @ MOP and USYD with their ingenious installations. Her images and installations invite the viewer to celebrate the umwelt of trees and other critters with a ceremony that has been lost in increasingly urban life-styles. Louise will offer up a narrative for engaging and inquiring about the bio-world in the setting of contemporary art.

Sunday 28th of July from 3pm (arrive 2:45)

This is the last day of Intra-action Art, so take this opportunity to see a ‘refreshing’ exhibition.

Andre Brodyk’s work ‘The Transposon’ has caused a stir at MOP Projects. Encountering the  unexpected ‘Biohazard’ labels in the gallery, visitors are poised to question the means of production and possible interpretations of this work. Referencing the ‘ready-mades’ of Duchamp, and employing materials from the wet-labs of genetic engineers, Andre creates unique challenges to aesthetics in a posthuman context.

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