Blackbox report: Animal indignities or V is for Vulnerable among other things.

There is one anonymous line of writing in the Blackbox that really stands out to me: “Can vulnerability be a site of resistance?”  The immediate context for this question, its site or location, is in proximity to a photograph (re-printed as a degraded laser copy) of a wild Siberian reindeer caught in a fish net. Deer as fish in net. This arrangement produces its own indignity: the commingling of economic, no less than ethical, regimes. The aquatic and the terrestrial, each with its own rules and familiarities coordinating humans and non-humans.

The picture is a document not of atrocity but a dispassionate rendering of an actuality; a document of an industrialized northern landscape.  So this picture, copied and recopied, it finds itself in a folder in this Blackbox game of inter-actions and ruminations on the Anthropocene.  I put this picture into the box and it has been seen by others and it has acquired marks from at least some of those encounters. The page has been modified by someone, it has been cut through (see gif) so the following page is visible by flipping open a paper window.  This material intervention insists on a personal engagement and a sort of intimacy.  This kind of thing is best experienced in person (either it travels or you do).  It is thus structurally resistant to mass-reproduction.  On the verso of this modified page; on the opposite side from the image of a deer caught in the fish net is the question: “Can vulnerability be a site of resistance?” and “V is for Vulnerable” among other things.
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