The Skullbone Experiment with Janet Laurence

Last Friday The Skullbone Experiment opened at COFA (college of fine arts). Janet Laurence with a small group of established Australian artists and poets spent 5 days in the remote Skullbone Plains conservation area of Tasmania so as to engage with this environment through their practice. The initiative was inspired by ” Conservationist and philanthropist Rob Purves [who] wanted to inspire Australian artists to make work about Tasmania’s endangered environment.”
Janet Laurence’s installation included samples of flora from the region sewn into hanging veil arrangements. The series of small sculptures of fictional hybrid fungi inserted into the moss and grasses of the plains by Vera Muller were enchanting. These seemed effective at drawing attention to and adding a miniature signpost for viewers to explore wild ecologies.

The link to the ABC station story and radio interview is this:
Image Vera Muller Blacktipped Goldinger (2013)

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