ANIMALADIES Conference exhibition Artist Call Out


Conference Exhibition +
Postcard Size Art Project

Call for Artists

EOI Submissions by NOV 20, 2015:

Conference: Animaladies, convened by the Human Animal Research Network (HARN), University of Sydney, July 11 & 12, 2016.
Interlude Gallery, Glebe
Exhibition curators: Yvette Watt, Melissa Boyde and Madeleine Boyd.

Expressions of interest are invited from artists to submit work that fits with the Animaladies conference themes. Focus concepts include: hybridity of human/animal becomings; crazy animal love; gender and ethics of care; lunatic fringe and liminal animal ethics. Conference information and CFP are included below for further inspiration.

The conference art project will include 1) Postcard Size Art Project and 2) a small Curated Exhibition of original photographic, video, sculptural , installation, painting, or performance art. Each artist can apply for either or both.

Please indicate if your EOI application is for:
Art Postcard Project (y/n):         Curated Exhibition (y/n):

Please share this exhibition EOI with your artist’s networks.

Postcard Size Art Project

The intention is to create an inclusive network of communicative narratives around the Animaladies conference themes between local to global artists.

Postcard originals will have a size limit but there will be no restriction on medium. All postcard originals will be exhibited as part of the Animaladies conference exhibition and also available for sale. A limited edition set of selected postcard reproductions will be available for sale. Any profits on sales will be shared between the artist (70%) and the Australasian Animal Studies Association (30%).

EOI for the Art Postcard Project must be received by email no later than 5pm Friday November 20. We will then advise the dimensions and any further information regarding the postcard project.

EOI should include: Name, contact details, artist’s bio 500 words or less, and artist’s website link.

Curated Exhibition

EOI must be received by email no later than 5pm Friday November 20, and should include:

  • a one page CV/bio – please include your contact details (email & phone number)
  • a powerpoint file or PDF showing 5 – 10 labelled examples of your work. Total file size should be no more than 10mb.
  • An artist’s statement of no more than 1000 words
  • Details of work to be exhibited or performance concept including subject matter, medium, approximate dimensions. These may be pre-existing or proposed works. If pre-existing please ensure they are included in your powerpoint/PDF.
  • Any specific technical requirements.

There is a very limited exhibition budget and we will have limited space so please keep this in mind when proposing artwork/s for exhibition. Please also consider being available onsite to help install works that have special requirements.


Animaladies Conference CFP


July 11 & 12, 2016, University of Sydney.


Keynote: Lori Gruen, Professor of Philosophy, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Environmental Studies at Wesleyan University

From ‘crazy cat ladies’ to ‘deranged’ animal advocates occupying a ‘lunatic fringe’ (Wolfe, 5), the spectre of the ‘crazy’ label is never too far from the ‘question of the animal’. The cultural connections between madness, species, race and gender are plentiful, stereotypical and persistent, highlighting similar trajectories and patterns of marginalisation. Their intersection also requires careful contextual analysis and framing. This symposium at the University of Sydney will focus on the role of madness, reframed in terms of species, race and gender as ‘animaladies’. It will examine how animaladies come in different forms of ‘crazy love’ (D B Rose, 2013); passions, attentiveness and empathy that are sometimes also experienced alongside social marginalisation by animal advocates, animal carers and animal studies scholars. The ‘crazy love’ of the animal advocate can reveal forms of courageous wisdom, persistence in the face of impossibilities and improbabilities. Seen in this light, animaladies can unhinge prevailing norms concerning human animal relationships, particularly those based around indifference towards animal misery…

For the full conference Call for Papers, please go to:

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