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Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming Policy

Our US readers are required to adhere to this Responsible Gaming Policy. We are committed to providing you with a pleasant environment as long as you respect it.

Fans of online gambling, we simply want to help you and protect you from the risk of being affected by the potential negative effects of gambling. We therefore ask you to take note of the information given on this page.

We strongly insist that our readers:

  1. Consult the preventive measures against excessive gambling
  2. Know what are the organizations that aim to protect the player
  3. Opt for a legal and certified operator in their US area

Responsible Play is Play How?

Responsible gambling is simply playing to a certain limit. You set this limit.

But to play responsible, you still have to be able to. A good thing to know: any player who has provided fraudulent or inaccurate information regarding their age may have all their winnings confiscated and be subject to legal proceedings.

At, we take the player's obligation to:

  • Be in law and have the ability to bet on gambling
  • Keep this activity fun and moderate
  • Know which help organizations to contact in the event of a gambling addiction

Casino encourages any online gambling establishment to engage in the assistance and protection of the player who should not gamble at all, who wishes to limit the amounts he plays or the time spent playing.

Good to know: any reliable and trustworthy betting site or online games will carry out a thorough verification of the identity and contact details of the player. Also, all operators have the obligation to assist their subscribers to moderate their play in terms of time and / or amounts. The best sites will offer game moderation tools, customizable game limits, self-exclusion and account closure on request within 48 hours maximum.

Any player wishing to close his player account must expressly request it by email to the online gaming establishment. In the event of a delay or other complication, is committed to assisting its readers. Send us your login details by private message or by email and we will immediately contact the person on the site.

Definition of Responsible Gaming

Responsible gambling means staying in control of the time and money that passes through gambling.

Whether it's buying a lottery ticket or a scratch card, making a bet, playing poker or bingo, or even betting on a slot machine, responsible gambling is all about practicing this activity. with moderation. Play for fun, in a balanced lifestyle.

The IntraAction is committed to informing its readers about forms of entertainment relating to online betting and gambling. In any case does not encourage the use of any promotion or any other service from an operator and its sole role is to provide information and advice to keep their game in control.

For his part, the player has full responsibility to determine first of all whether he is legally entitled to play or to place any bet under the laws of the jurisdiction of his place of residence. Any online or offline player, moreover, has a duty to ensure that he meets all the conditions and regulations in force before playing for real money in a gaming or land betting establishment or online.

A Good Player is first and foremost a Responsible Player

Gambling for fun is a hobby like any other, however for a small minority of us gambling is compulsive.

Most US players will never have a problem, but in order to prevent any risk of gambling addiction, it is best to set game limits from the start. To do this, establish a gaming budget and to stick to it, use the gaming moderators offered by the gaming establishment / sports betting site.

You will understand: responsible gambling is not limited to those who have a gambling problem or who are most at risk of developing one. It is also a question of prevention to avoid reaching a cure.

If you need advice on responsible gambling, assistance in better controlling your gambling, or if you simply want to learn more about responsible gambling, we invite you to visit the sites

  • www.players-info-service.Fr also reachable by phone at 09 74 75 13 13 whose advisers can call you back on the phone number of your choice
  • SOS Players : prevention system against excessive gambling and the fight against addiction)
  • ADICTEL : large-scale American platform for prevention and concrete help for excessive and dependent gamblers and their families. ADICTEL offers a free psychological listening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by professional psychologists employed by ADICTEL. Can be reached on 0805 02 00 00 (free number)

If you live in another US area or if you need more information, help and more specific gambling advice, the following independent organizations are mostly anonymous and have the mission of providing the best possible assistance:


  • The pathological gambling clinic deals with the problem of games of chance and money (casino games, automatic hall games, bingo, scratch tickets, horse races, etc.) as well as video game addiction. Also reachable at 0800 35 777 (green number)
  • Anonymous players, rue de l'Eglise, 3, 4032 Liege (Chenee) +32 4 3581332
  • ACAJEP (Concrete action for gamers and loved ones), rue Dr. De Meersman, 141070 Anderlecht +32 2 5278973


  • SOS game is an information service on excessive gambling and also fights against addiction by helping players, relatives or social or health professionals. Reachable on 0800 801 381 (free call)
  • Excessive Gambling Center : the CJE is a university center specializing in the field of gambling addiction. Reachable from Monday to Friday on +41 21 314 92 07


  • Canada Safety Council  provides more detailed information on gambling addiction, how to avoid it, as well as a list of support organizations
  • Canadian Center for Addictions identifies the warning signs to recognize gambling addiction and the different methods used to treat it. There are also free tests and assessments available.
  • Problemgambling.that offers interactive tools to help you monitor and control your gambling cravings, as well as self-assessment tools and a discussion forum.
  • Responsible Gambling Council provides a list of gambling addiction treatment groups and services in each Canadian province.

The 10 Player Commitments

Betting online is reserved for people who are responsible, answerable for their actions and who have reached the legal age. Playing any form of gambling must be legal in your city, state and country of residence. Here are the commitments you make when you decide to gamble your money:

  1. Playing is from 18 years old
  2. Casino recommends that its readers get involved in controlling the game by setting game limits (time / amount). Gambling is not enough to win and betting is not a cure for financial or emotional difficulties.
  3. Learn about the signs of gambling addiction so you can recognize excessive or irresponsible gambling and not waste a second or a dollar more in finding help.
  4. If you think you are running a gambling risk such as addiction, debt and isolation, use approved and certified support systems such as Players Info Service set up by the ANJ /ARJEL who is the American Online Gaming Regulatory Authority
  5. Choose an online casino with a secure and controlled game offering (protected personal data, encrypted transactions, limitations and self-ban on gambling).
  6. Get involved in controlling your gambling budget by using self-limitation and self-assessment of your gambling
  7. Don't borrow money for the purpose of gambling
  8. Do not lie to those around you about your playing time or the amount of money you play
  9. Beware of winning promises and secret strategies for winning at the game
  10. Maintain a healthy relationship with play and don't spend more time on it than on your other activities. Gambling is entertainment that comes after your adult responsibilities.

The good references to keep in hand

  • To assess your gaming practices, take player profile tests or self-assess yourself with EVALUgame
  • Listening and information service: 09 74 75 13 13
  • Prevention measures against excessive gambling and against addiction: SOS Players and Adictel

Casino recommends recreational play by:

  • Controlling advertisements and promotions on the site (limitation of pop-ups, respect for the value of money and work, warning against belief in supernatural forces and influences)
  • Informing its readers about responsible gaming and giving it useful references with mention of the online gaming regulatory authority with mechanisms in place (link and number)
  • Simply being benevolent towards his readers by giving them the best advice

Play with peace of mind: Go Responsible Gaming.

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