Andre Brodyk

Andre Brodyk creates confronting dialogue in the genetic zone. Pushing the proverbial buttons of biomedical companies, legislators, GMO activists, ethics committees and curators across the spectrum of interest.

Though controversial in his methods of splicing genetic codes by playing with animal, human, vegetable DNA codes to paint and otherwise create artworks, Andre’s process does open up space where socially constructed fortresses of fear and control usually do not allow entry. Nowhere is the intra-action of non-human and human animals so risky as in our genetic mingling; boundaries formed by evolutionary nudges in systemic co-communication are now superseded by transhumanist hubris, with results only to be guessed at in the annals of science fiction, and perhaps visioned in worst nightmares. Could there be a happy ending, and for who or what is happiness to exist eternally?

John Doe Cameo : Genetically Modified Painting (2010)

Andre’s current exhibit is  in the CODE 2012 in Melbourne (

In his words :

“This is on my work on genetic transposons. I have created a novel strain of E.coli comprised of a novel code paradoxically based on my on-going interests in ‘non-coding’  DNA.  This one is derived from the mobile element which comprises the protein B~globin HBB gene in human blood. As far as I can determine this is some of the most advanced molecular genetic based bioart undertaken by an Australian artist since it involed novel processes and novel material outcomes. ”

Previous exhibitions include
“a transgenic installation called 488nm in the show ‘Intersections: art health science and medical technology’.
This was curated by Liz Ashburn and Kate Major. In this show my work featured the first use in Australia of two different genetic markers (tags) together, as part of the concept  and material phenotype pigment constituents of the ‘painting’ in the installation.”

To stay posted on his progress :


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