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Alf Casino No Deposit Bonus Offers

Since its debut in 2018, Alf online casino has been as generous as ever when it comes to the amount of its caps, but bonus money is subject to stringent withdrawal conditions. Especially regarding the Alf casino no deposit bonus offers, which are among our favorites.

In 2020, Alf will do good to US Canadians ! Although the name of this online gaming establishment is undoubtedly taken from the famous sitcom (there are also many aliens, each more bizarre than the next), we are talking about the Alf Casino.

Alf Casino Welcome Promo

To make sure you become a loyal customer, Alf Casino is working hard with a very interesting welcome bonus.

Some players with different habits may criticize the casino for imposing a welcome promotional offer on them that only works on the first deposit, and not on the first three. However, we intend to quote you all the available offers, so that you can appreciate them at their fair value. Because while these bonuses are generous, they unfortunately come with a large number of constraints.

Whether it is an Alf casino no deposit bonus offer or the welcome pack for example, you will quickly know what type of promotions are right for you. Keep in mind that you can also play very well at the casino without bonuses, you don't have to accept them.

First Deposit Offers

You have to admit that it is not really necessary for a new player who deposits to be dazzled by a free. The reason is simple: restrictive clauses, see abusive.

Not only is the bonus on the first deposit sufficient, but also the other offers of the weekly promotional program are more than enough.

For your information, you will be able to receive up to $ 500 in bonus money on your first deposit. This first Alf casino promo matches your deposit and is reserved for registrants who deposit for the first time on the site.

You will tell us that it is ultimately not that impressive, but we must add to that an Alf casino bonus offer with no additional deposit.

Alf Casino Free Spins

After your first deposit and when you have benefited from these additional credits, you can indeed recover immediately an exclusivity no deposit bonus granted in the form of free spins.

No promo code to use to enjoy it, and a number of free slot machine games that amazes. We are still talking about 200 free spins !

However, you will not suddenly have. Alf Casino instead encourages you to come back a little bit every day. Thus, you will be able to collect and play 20 free spins per day, for 10 days.

Please note, however, that we would like to point out to you a constraint as of now concerning this promotion: it is only valid if your first deposit was made other than by Skrill and / or Neteller.

Recharge of the Week

As you may have guessed, this is a bonus that works once a week. These are still free spins that will be offered to you. Alf Casino is very fond of this kind of bonus and players generally appreciate it too.

However, this time it is not an Alf casino no deposit bonus offer. You will only be able to benefit from 50 free spins per week if you complete at least a deposit of 30 $ / 30CAD. This is actually your first weekly deposit that will allow you to receive this bonus.

The big downside: the wagering requirements (x30) and in addition, you have to claim the free spins on the chat. The pompom: maximum withdrawal amount: 80 $ / 120CAD and maximum stake to be respected: 5 $ / 8CAD per game.

Weekend bonus

No doubt you will take advantage of the weekly bonus reload from the start of the week, but the one we are going to tell you about now is only available on weekends, as the name clearly indicates once again.

This time around, bonus credits are waiting for you, and not just a few ! Know that with Alf, the weekend starts on Friday.

Thus, the first deposit placed on these three-day long weekends will allow you to pocket up to 700 $ / 1,080CAD maximum, thanks to a 50% boost.

The calculation is rather simple: to reach the maximum amount you will have to add 1,400 $ / 2,000CAD to your casino account. The investment is significant, but this will allow you to finally play with $ 2,100 / 3,000CAD.

You are already missing the Alf casino bonus offers with no additional deposit in the form of free spins ?

Rest assured, just because this offer offers you credits doesn't mean that you won't be able to spin the slot machines for free.

So, you can still grab 50 free spins without paying a penny. But beware, your qualifying deposit will have to be at least 50 $ / 71CAD to receive both offers.

Alf Casino VIP Bonus Offers

Remember if you already play on Alf, the site asked you to choose an alien character of your choice. You will have no advantage in taking one over the other, but these characters are not useless.

They do indeed have the opportunity to evolve and, when they do, they allow you to benefit from advantages in the VIP club of the casino. Alf Casino is careful not to clearly indicate the modalities allowing to evolve, however it is always the same criteria that are taken into account.

So remember that it is your deposits and withdrawals, your seniority and your presence in the games that will undoubtedly allow you to advance towards the best VIP club bonuses.

These bonuses, what are they ? We note in particular an increase in monthly withdrawal limits, which is not negligible. In addition, you will be able to benefit from the experience of an account manager, but also play for even longer thanks to cashback, not to mention loyalty points at a more interesting rate.

Loyalty Points

And the loyalty points, we come there precisely ! As in many establishments, Alf offers you to recover loyalty points by wagering in real money on the different machines of the site, points that you can then convert into cash again.

You will need to wager $ 100 / 150CAD to earn 1 single loyalty point. But the higher your character level (the evolution we were talking about just now), the less points you need to convert. Here are the different points that will be necessary:

  • Level 1: 100 points
  • From level 2: 95 points
  • From level 3: 90 points
  • At level 4: 80 points
  • Level 5: 70 points

Don't wait too long to use your points, their lifespan is limited and casinos have the annoying habit of not warning you when these points expire.

Refund Loss Offers

You like to spend money and not earn anything ? Silly question, of course not. No one likes to leave empty-handed and that's why Alf invites you to get some of your money back, depending on your character level once again.

Regarding the weekly cashback bonus, you will need to be at least one level 3 player to enjoy :

  • Level 3: 5% cashback, limited to 1000CAD
  • At Level 4: 10% cashback, limited to 2,000CAD
  • Level 5: 15% cashback, limited to 3,000CAD

Cashback is interesting because, unlike other bonuses, it does not require a very small wagering (x1). After this wagering requirement, you can do whatever you want with your money !

This cash back will arrive in your account on Monday and depends on what you have placed in your account but also on what you have won and lost throughout that same week.

Find out more about Wagering

Cashback Live Casino Alf

For once, the live casino is not forgotten ! Casinos offer bonuses on slot machines and generally don't care too much about the live casino, which is loved by many players.

This time your character is no longer taken into consideration. Anyway, the cashback is now 10%, reaching a maximum of 150 $ / 220CAD paid to you on Sunday.

Nothing changes regarding the playthrough either. Play your cashback three times before you can withdraw it, or replay it even more if you wish !

Conditions of Use of Alf Bonuses

To benefit from Alf's offers, you do not have to enter a code but you must contact support, before you start playing the freshly deposited money. It’s only when customer service definitely gives you your promotion that you can spin the slots, not before. All this while respecting the many constraints related to bonuses:

  • Bonuses are only granted from 20 $ / 30CAD of deposit, except in the case of an Alf casino no deposit bonus offer.
  • Bonus cash wagers must not exceed 5 $ / 8CAD.
  • Free spins do not allow you to touch more than 80 $ / 114CAD.
  • Winnings generated by Alf casino no deposit bonus offers and loyalty offers are limited to 5 times the value of the bonus in question.
  • All bonuses (except cashback) as well as the qualifying deposit must be replayed 30 times. This is the bonus + deposit that must be replayed !
  • The deadlines for carrying out the wagering are only 10 days. Beyond that, the bonus money and the credits earned thanks to it are lost.
  • Table games as well as live games do not allow progress in achieving the wagering requirement.
  • About fifty slot machines contribute only 20% to wagering. In other words, betting 5 $ / 8CAD on these securities hardly allows you to progress in the calculation.
  • Many slot machines are excluded from wagering. Unlike the previous ones, they are of no use to the evolution of the playthrough.

Finally, there is also a large amount of slot machines that you are not allowed to play on when you have an active bonus. Spinning these slots would cause you to lose your bonus and winnings.

Our opinion on Alf Bonuses

In terms of unfair terms on promotional offers, Alf Casino seems to be part of the top list. Not that its bonus money is not worth it, but the list of prohibited games for bonuses and max withdrawals are in our humble opinion too many.

Apart from the fact that the conditions of use of the bonuses are too restrictive for our taste, we must nevertheless admit that the promotional program is well done and very varied.

If you decide to play at Alf Casino as a bonus, be sure to keep the rules under your belt. Absolutely necessary to be sure not to violate the withdrawal conditions !

If you are ready to make this effort, know that the promotions and other Alf casino no deposit bonuses are only reserved for certain US areas.

Alf Casino

  • 100% on First Deposit 
  • Up to $ 500 Bonus Money
  • 200 Additional Free Spins

Play at Alf Casino
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