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Best Bingo Promo Offers at the Casino

Lovers of bingo in American and online or on mobile, there is only one real good US address: OnlineBingo.had. Even if you are not an avid bingo player, take the time to read what follows. The free bonuses given by this online casino may be worth it. So let's go directly to the review of the different bingo promo offers that change a bit from what we are used to seeing.

The promotions of this establishment are obviously advantageous on bingo games but also on slot machines, because there are still a good number of slot machines on this site. At the same time, you will be able to discover what this US casino - arrived in 2016 and managed by the company MTM Corp (to whom we owe in particular FatBoss Casino) can offer you very interesting bingo promo.

Bingo Promo Review at OnlineBingo Casino

Certainly, the casinos of the group MTM Corp are best known for organizing excellent online slot machine contests, with missions and cash prizes at stake. But there is only one of these establishments offering such good quality bingo games. This is the OnlineBingo casino.

If you need to play at the casino without a bonus or if the promos are worth it? Nothing beats a good bonus review, with wagering analysis and other modalities. So we went to test the bonuses, bingo promotions and other OnlineBingo casino the course of 2019.

The results of our bonus sessions in this promotional magazine geared towards US players.

Because we are thinking of all players and not just those who have fun on slots, we have prepared this review which covers all the bingo bonuses and promotions currently available at Online Bingo casino.

OnlineBingo Casino Review

Even though we talk about slot machines a lot more often than other types of online casino games - which is to be expected since this is what most online casinos offer - we do not forget about them. online bingo fans.

As evidenced by our casino review if you have not read it yet - which allows you to discover this casino and know the latest Online Bingo reviews and player experiences.

And it is precisely at Online Bingo Casino that we are going to be interested again today. But by addressing more specifically the bonuses that it currently offers.

Online Bingo Welcome Bonus

When you go to Online Bingo eu, you cannot miss the welcome offer which is highlighted with a very large colored banner.

This welcome offer actually consists of three different bonuses:

  1. First of all, it's a classic promotion that takes the form of a percentage on your first deposit that the casino offers you. You will therefore be entitled to 200% during this initial investment, up to the maximum limit of $ 200 bonus. You just need to place 100 $ to be able to play with 300 $ on the site.
  2. Then 24 hours after your deposit you will receive 2 free bingo cards.
  3. Finally, 48 hours after placing your money in this establishment, the latter will offer you 20 free spins to use on the slot Doubles.

This slot machine signed Yggdrasil is certainly not the most spectacular in terms of graphics, but it still offers a pleasant musical atmosphere and a Interesting RTP rated at 96%. After all, it's offered so we're not gonna complain !

As always and you are used to it, the terms and conditions of the bonuses specify certain constraints.

Bonus terms and conditions

Regarding the classic offer, be aware that the amount received as a bonus must be replayed 50 times before you can request a withdrawal from it. If you have obtained a $ 200 bonus, you must therefore wager $ 10,000 on Online Bingo before this bonus money becomes real and withdrawable money.

Also note that you only have 30 days to meet these wagering requirements. The welcome bonus, like other bonuses, must be activated in the "My Bonuses" section of the menu. No promo code needed.

About the bingo cards offered to you, these are credited as a free bonus worth $ 2. As such, the casino requires a playthrough of 50 times the amount received as a bonus (i.e. 50 x 2 = $ 100) before any winnings are withdrawn.

In addition, you will not be able to request a withdrawal greater than 20 times the value of the free bonus. Here, you cannot withdraw more than 40 $ obtained thanks to these free bingo promo cards.

Finally, the conditions state that the free bonuses are valid for 48 hours. There is no mention of a deadline for completing the playthrough. We can therefore legitimately think that the cards must be used within 48 hours, but that the wagering requirement is without delay.

As for free spins, it's (a little) easier! You must replay 25 times the winnings obtained thanks to them. There is also a limit on earnings generated by free throws, set at $ 100.

Bingo Perfecta

No, this is not a magic formula straight out of the last Harry Potter! This is the name of a bonus which, as you can imagine, is aimed at bingo players.

This promotion is valid every Tuesday of the week in all lively bingo halls.

Its principle is incredibly simple. Whichever line you bingo on, you win an additional 5 $ if you write "Perfecta" in the chat.

You find that 5 $ is not enough? Never mind, Online Bingo doubles the amount of this bonus when bingo is done on a full card!

Some clarifications are in order, as always. First of all, this bingo promo can only work in the presence of a chat host. She will immediately credit your account if you remember to write "Perfecta" when playing bingo.

Note that the money thus earned is credited as a bonus. And as such you will have to respect a very reasonable wagering of x10.

Also note that you must have made a deposit within the previous 7 days for the bonus to work. The bingo card on which you claim this offer must have been purchased in cash.

Finally, remember that you cannot earn more than a $ 5 bonus and a $ 10 bonus (when you fill a full box) per week. To take advantage of this promotion again, you will have to wait until the following Tuesday !

All the Bingo promotions

This offer is in fact a multitude of promotions which, somewhat in the style of the bonus that we have just presented to you, can only take place during bingo sessions hosted by a Community Manager by Online Bingo.

There are however a lot of differences with the Bingo Perfecta promo. This offer works every day but it is the casino team who decides when this bonus is available, through the chat.

The team decides when, but they also decide what bonus, because in fact no less than 14 games can be offered to you during the bingo draws.

Here is an outline of the games you can come across:

  • B.I.NOT.G.O: Choose a letter of the word "Bingo". If 3 numbers from the row of the chosen letter come out, the first two players to type "B.I.NOT.G.O »win 0.50 $.
  • The hanged man : The or the Community Manager write a word without its vowels. The first two to find the word win 0.50 $.
  • Charlie's Pot: The host chooses a number. If you bingo on that number and then type "I stole Charlie's money ! », You win the pot. This starts at $ 2 and takes $ 1 per game without a winner, reaching a maximum of $ 25.
  • The Mysterious Boxes: Just answer the facilitator's question, choose a box of 1 to 10 and cross your fingers to find one of the 6 which contains $ 5.
  • Build Winnie: Choose a number. When it comes out, type "I need a part of Winnie" then your number, to hit 0.50 $ and win a game of Winnie, provided you are in the first two players to say so. When you have the 6 parts you need to build Winnie, type "I built Winnie" to earn another $ 1.
  • The dual : The players and the host choose a number. If one of the players comes out first, just write "Duel" then his number, to win $ 1. But there is only one winner !
  • Anti-Keno: You have to choose a number again. If it doesn't come out in the top 20, type "Anti-Keno" then your number. The two fastest players will win 0.50 $.
  • I am awake) : Take an even number. When he comes out, type "I'm awake". The first two win 0.50 $.
  • OnlineBingo Air: Choose a number. When it drops, type "OnlineBingo Air" followed by your number. The first to write it takes 3 points, the second 2 points and the third 1 point. After two hours, the player with the most points wins $ 10. The second pocket $ 5 and the third $ 3.
  • Mirror Mirror: You must now choose two inverted numbers, like 13 and 31 for example. When both are out, write "Mirror Mirror" followed by the two numbers in question. The first two win 0.$ 50.
  • Quiz: A simple quiz with questions asked by the facilitator. The first two to answer a question win 0.$ 50.
  • Sharing Charlie's Pot: Decide on a number. If you are bingo on this number, quickly type "I win my share of the pot" to win 2.$ 50. Only the fastest wins this sum.
  • The Gains Walk: This game requires foolproof speed ! A facilitator can arrive at any time, in any room, and ask a question. Whoever answers correctly first wins $ 10.
  • Scooter Race: A team game, in which you will have to type "this is the fastest ! »When the number you have chosen is out. After two hours, each player of the winning team wins $ 5. The team that finishes second wins $ 2 per play. Finally, third place earns $ 1 per team player.

It is the Community Manager or Community Manager who decides on the game in progress, the rule and its duration.

You can only participate if you have made a deposit within 2 days of the chat game launch. You must of course also have at least one bingo card in use (and purchased with real money) at the start of the game.

Finally, most of the winnings from these games take the form of bonus money that will have to be replayed at least 10 times before they can be withdrawn.

VIP Bingo Club

A very mysterious club whose admission criteria are, in the casino's own words, "at the discretion of OnlineBingo casino".

However, we can see the advantages for those lucky enough to be included in this VIP club:

  • Exclusive promotions
  • Cashback of up to 20% per week
  • Faster payments
  • Dedicated account manager

Admittedly, this VIP circle seems very private, but its advantages are undeniable !

Our Opinion on OnlineBingo Bonuses

Simplicity is clearly not the strong point of Online Bingo. However, regarding the variety and originality of these promotions, there is nothing to complain about !

If slot machine players will not find anything very extraordinary in these promotions, bingo players will appreciate the many small games and small sums distributed right to left by the managers of the site.

Especially since it happens regularly that the casino also offers temporary bonuses that only last a few days or a few weeks at most.

Free Spins without Additional Deposit

  • 200% Bonus on First Deposit
  • Up to $ 200 Bonus Money
  • 2 Bingo Cards + 20 Free Spins Offered

Play on Online Bingo
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