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Bitstarz Promo 2019 offers

Bitstarz Casino Even though it has been in place since 2014, it is still one of the few online gambling establishments that continues to surprise us again and again. And for good reason, it regularly makes new winners and frequently renews its promotions. Promotions, however, not always accessible to certain US players.

Even though Bitstarz is one of the best bitcoin casinos for several years now, it has not stopped renewing its offer for our greatest pleasure.

So here are the recent Bitstarz promo offers of 2019. We have tested them and give you our bonus review and terms of service.

A No Deposit Bonus In The Form Of Free Spins

His bonus without immediate deposit is what allows him to maintain the envy and satisfaction of the players and avoid any weariness. But also to attract new customers of which you may be part.

Be careful though, many US areas are on the list of countries not eligible for this free bonus.

Regardless, we don't shy away from our pleasure when new offers emerge. And in 2019, we can already tell you that the bonuses are numerous and there is something for everyone. From small punters to high rollers, everyone can find something for themselves.

Only here, if there is one negative point that we must unfortunately note, it is that the site has still not been translated into American. Will it be one day? Unfortunately we still do not have the answer to this question.

This is why today we have decided to present a Bitstarz bonus review in American, with the results of our tests on each of the promotions available in 2019. Conditions of use, criteria for obtaining, we will try to leave nothing to chance so that you do not have to translate the site yourself!

Before going into the details of these different promotions, note that if you do not know Bitstarz, an entire article has been devoted to it and you can find it so you don't miss a thing.

Player Reviews: Why Bitstarz ?

No Deposit Bonus Conditions In The Form Of Free Spins

20 free slots games in no time. This is what Bitstarz casino offers you and we can imagine that it must already satisfy you to learn this.

Above all, you will really have little effort to make to take advantage of it. You just have to register on the casino and then validate your e-mail address.

Yes that's all. Once you have done this, 20 free spins will be credited to your account, to be used on the slot machine of your choice.

You can imagine that all this is not without obligations on your part!

They are, however, rather correct and achievable. You'll need replay the winnings from these free throws 40 times before you can remove them.

In addition, you will not be able to not cash more than 100 $ either in earnings from free spins. Any gain greater than this amount would be lost, but earning $ 100 without investing a single penny would already be very appreciable!

If you wish to withdraw the winnings from these free spins, this cannot be done by bank transfer. This is a clearly stated clause in the regulations for these Bitstarz bonus offers.

Free Bitstarz Bonus: How It Works ?

Two Bitstarz Welcome Promo To Welcome You

After a nice little no deposit bonus, what could be better than having the choice between two promotional Bitstarz welcome offers on the first deposit??

We are not going to lie to each other. We know that many exchanges will not really have the possibility of choosing as one of the two options involves a large initial stake. But, all the same, it also makes it possible to satisfy the high rollers.

First Promo

The classic promotion offers you to place an initial deposit which is simply doubled, up to a maximum of $ 100 bonus.

This offer applies as soon as you place a minimum of $ 5 in your account. However, it would be much more reasonable to put at least 20 $ and we do not say that to encourage you to spend!

This is quite simply because this sum is the minimum to invest in order to benefit from an even more interesting second Bitstarz bonus: no less than 180 free spins!

These shots will not be given to you all at once but distilled for 9 days, at a rate of 20 per day.

In terms of constraints, the playthrough is the same for all site bonuses. That is to say, you must always replay 40 times the amount of the bonus or the winnings from free spins.

In addition, you are not allowed to wager more than $ 5 per spin, regardless of which slot machine you choose to use your bonus on.

Second Promo

Regarding the second option, it has nothing to compare with the first since it offers a maximum of no less than $ 3,000 in bonuses! But now, this promotion is only available to players who are willing to put at least $ 1,000 as a first deposit!

If you are lucky enough to be able to invest this amount, 50% of it will be offered to you as a bonus.

But once again, you will also be entitled to many free spins. You will get exactly 100, which will be distributed in one go to your account.

By choosing this offer, you will also receive an invitation from the casino to join its VIP club.

Last important information. Unlike the first option, you no longer have a bet limit here when you play money from this Bitstarz promo 2019 offer.

Following Deposits are Boosted too!

This is an undeniable quality of Bitstarz casino, this establishment is not only concerned with the satisfaction of new customers.

No question of offering a bonus on the first deposit and leaving nothing on the second, third and fourth deposit.

This is what Bitstarz offers you:

  • Second deposit - A 50% bonus awaits you, with a cap set at 100 $
  • Third deposit - The bonus percentage remains exactly the same but the maximum limit is this time changed to reach $ 200
  • Fourth deposit - Strongly similar to the promotion on the first deposit, you can once again benefit from 100% additional credits, up to a limit of $ 100.

If math isn't your favorite thing in life, we make it easier for you by showing you how much to deposit to get the most out of each of these Bitstarz bonus offers. You will need to add $ 200 to your casino account during the second deposit, then $ 400 on the third deposit and finally, $ 100 on the fourth deposit.

Bitstarz weekly promo: start the week on the right foot

We always wish the weekend would last a little longer. Except maybe when we are registered with Bitstarz, which makes us love Mondays with a bonus that is only valid on that day of the week.

It is therefore on Monday that you will have to think about recharging your account.

Monday Deposit Offer

since you will have the opportunity to accumulate 50% bonus to reach at best $ 300 in additional credits. You will then have to place 600 $ if you want to get the maximum of this offer.

You are not available on Monday to make a deposit ? So read the offer that will follow, it is likely to put a smile on your face.

Free throws on Wednesdays

If the free spins obtained after your registration did not give you complete satisfaction, the casino offers you an additional Bitstarz promo which depends on the amount of your deposit.

  • For 30 $ of deposit, you get 20 free spins
  • With 80 $ placed in your account, 80 spins are offered to you
  • Finally, 160 $ paid is enough to grant you no less than 200 free spins !

But beware, this offer is only valid on Wednesdays.

Most importantly, investing money is not enough to hit those free spins. You also have to spend the same amount for this to be taken into account. So, if you deposit $ 80, you must play at least $ 80 on the same Wednesday.

It is then only the next day that the casino will transfer your free spins to your account.

Temporary offers in shambles

We told you in the introduction, Bitstarz does not just offer a few permanent bonuses.

This establishment is keen to offer more and more novelty and variety in its offers, and this is the reason why many temporary bonuses break the routine.

Some bonuses last several months, for example this is currently the case with Egyptian Gold slot machine which involves a very large sum: $ 50,000. And that's not all since there is also a trip to be won in this same bonus with many stages. We invite you to discover it in more detail directly on the Bitstarz website.

Promotions sometimes target a particular slot machine. This is the case right now with Rook's Revenge. On this video slot, if you are lucky enough to see 5 red masks appear after a throw, the casino simply doubles your winnings !

Finally, there are also offers that do not last as long, for example Table Wars, a weekly promo inspired by Star Wars, which rewards the most avid table game players who will then be able to share the prize each week. tidy sum of 500 $.

Bitstarz Promo review: verdict

Many positive points allow us to announce that the Bitstarz online promo offers are totally worth it. Major downside, however: apart from canadian players, few francophones will be entitled to it.

In terms of conditions of use, the wagering imposed is not that heavy. Replaying the bonus 40 times is not the most demanding we have seen, especially since only the bonus is to be replayed. Many establishments ask to replay both the bonus and the deposit before being able to make a withdrawal. That's not the case here.

For this reason, the variety of bonuses, whether temporary or permanent, the choice is fine with us once again. This is all the more true with the welcome offer which can take two different directions depending on the players' budget.

Finally, it is obvious that the possibility of benefiting from all these offers in any currency (and even with cryptocurrencies) is another undeniable advantage. For those who have no other choice but to play at the casino without a bonus, be aware that playing bitcoin allows you to withdraw quick winnings (less than 24H).

If you haven't yet, take a look around Bitstarz casino. Even in demo mode, you won't regret it !

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