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FatBoss Casino No Deposit Bonus Offer

Not very impressive the boss at home Fatboss Casino but when you are new and deposit for the first time, you are entitled to a bonus without additional deposit. Granted in addition to the bonus money and in the form of free spins, this little extra is not completely free because there are specific conditions of use. We wanted to see if the 100 free spins without additional deposit were really worth it.

Aside from the welcome pack which contains a complementary FatBoss casino no deposit bonus offer, there are also missions to perform on Yggdrasil slot machines and tournaments with cash prizes. Here is everything you need to know about the terms and conditions of the Fatboss casino bonus offers.

100 Free Spins Welcome

The suspicious-looking character whose design leaves something to be desired offers a nice welcome pack. So sure, Fatboss Casino makes sure you are greeted with great fanfare, but beware of retaliation if you break even one condition of the rules.

If you dare a first minimum deposit of 10 euros, you benefit from a 100% match up to $ 50 with as a gift no less than 100 free slots games. You will also be entitled to a second and third deposit offer.

If you are new to this online gambling establishment, know that FatBoss casino reviews say there is absolutely no reason to fear this colossus. In addition, know that this is the latest from the MTM Corps creamery (Lucky31 and Company).

If he is there, it is only to watch over you but only on condition that he plays his game. And precisely, the conditions of the FatBoss casino promo offers are numerous and even sometimes contradictory. For example, the bonus money on the first deposit is capped at 50 euros but below that, the limit indicated is 200 euros. Do you ever know, maybe wagering and games eligible for FatBoss bonuses are also to be confirmed? ?

Come on, if you are really not reassured at the idea of ​​playing at FatBoss Casino with its bonuses, you can take a breath telling yourself that we took our courage in both hands and that we went to see for you what that is happening at the moment.

It is true that we had already mentioned the Fatboss casino bonus offers in our review. But we had gone a little quickly on the different aspects of these, on the conditions specific to each bonus. By the way, you didn't know that 100 free spins were offered as a FatBoss casino no deposit bonus, did you ?

FatBoss Casino Review

A Bonus on each of your 3 First Deposits

Most of the time, casinos make a serious effort when it comes to the first deposit of players, so much so that they tend to forget to reward future deposits.

Here, the big boss of Fatboss is as generous as he is imposing and, in this, he offers you a bonus which is valid on your first 3 deposits.

For this triple welcome bonus to be valid, nothing could be simpler, just start by making your first minimum deposit. Only then can you claim this offer and your due will then be credited directly to you.

We're not going to drag things along, so here's this famous triple bonus:

  • You will see double with your very first deposit since 100% of the amount deposited is paid to you as a bonus. This offer is however limited to a maximum of $ 50, which means that you will be able to take full advantage of the bonus by placing $ 50, for an in-game total of $ 100.
  • Second deposit, second offer ! Although less attractive in terms of the percentage which is reduced to 50%, the maximum amount recoverable as a bonus increases to $ 100. Concretely, you will have to send 200 $ to your casino account to get 300.
  • And to thank you when you make a third deposit, the limit is once again raised to reach $ 200. The bonus percentage remains unchanged. It is during this third deposit that you will have to place the largest amount, but also there that you will benefit from the biggest bonus: with $ 400 of deposit, $ 600 will ultimately be credited to your account.

Terms and conditions

Nothing obviously forces you to place such large sums with each deposit. The amounts we have given you simply allow you to take advantage of the bonuses as much as possible. In total, if you do this, you will have deposited $ 650 and will have benefited from $ 350 bonus.

Obviously, it remains to know the different terms and conditions that we must of course respect in order not to see these promotions go up in smoke.

The first thing not to do is to place an amount less than 10 $. This is indeed the minimum amount for the bonus to be triggered. This is all the more important since there is a Fatboss casino no deposit bonus which we will tell you about shortly, and which again implies that you have placed at least $ 10 during this first deposit.

You must imperatively respect the wagering imposed by the casino if you want to cash out your bonus winnings.

This one requires you to bet 30 times the deposit and bonus amount before you can request a withdrawal of your winnings. Assuming that you have taken advantage of $ 50 bonus with a deposit of $ 100, you must then wager 150 x 30 = $ 4,500 in the various slot machines on the site.

Please note, you only have 3 days after your first deposit to accept the welcome bonus. Once accepted, you will only have 30 days to meet these wagering requirements.

Tips to really take advantage of the Fatboss casino no deposit bonus

We told you a moment ago that a Fatboss casino no deposit bonus was waiting for you, here it is. Immediately after taking advantage of the first tier of the Welcome Pack, you will be entitled to 20 free spins.

And the next day, 20 free spins again, without depositing anything, still as a Fatboss casino no deposit bonus. And the day after? Yes too.

In short, there are no less than 100 free throws waiting for you. And now you know they are granted over 5 days.

To use your 20 free spins properly each day, you should know that there is a downside, you will not be able to play them on the machine of your choice.

The slot machine is imposed on you for each day of free spins. We advise you to familiarize yourself with each of these free slot machines in demo mode. Indeed these games are all playable in fictitious money without prior registration, and unlimited.

  • 1èr day: 20 free spins on Sunny Shores
  • 2th day: 20 free spins on Clover Tales
  • 3th day: 20 free spins on Jumbo Joker
  • 4th day: 20 free spins on Jungle Books
  • 5th day: 20 free spins on Golden Fish Tank

As always, you will need to ensure that you comply with the conditions that accompany these free throws. The wagering remains the same, that is to say that you will have to replay the winnings 30 times collected using free spins.

For example, if these throws allow you to hit $ 20, then you will have to bet $ 600 before you can request a withdrawal.

Additional constraint, it is not possible to withdraw more than 100 $ obtained through free throws.

Daily Bonuses

Almost every day, a different bonus. Every week a new game. This is what FatBoss Casino offers you with these daily bonuses.

Quite simply, this is a variable bonus that can be unlocked by making a deposit. It can take different forms although most of the time they are free spins of different values.

As of this writing, the bonus comes in the form of "ultra spins", offered when you make a deposit. In the middle of August for a week, we got our free spins in exchange for a deposit of 20 euros on the Spina Colada slot machine.

Spina Colada Game Review

Above all, this surprise offer is scalable since the number of spins depends on the amount of your deposit. So think carefully before placing any money at this casino. For example, it could be interesting to put a little more than expected to get more throws.

The wagering requirements and other deadlines are still there, although it is more complicated to explain everything to you here since the bonuses change every day.

Regardless of the promotion, be especially careful about how quickly you meet the wagering requirements. Most of the time you only have 3 days.

Our Opinion on Fatboss Casino Bonuses

It is true that the Fatboss casino no deposit bonus gives us a smile. Free spins, offered for 5 days and to be used on 5 different slots, is an idea that appeals to us and that allows us to discover new slot machines.

However, we regret the somewhat complicated wagering, especially when it comes to bonus money. It's a little easier with free spins, luckily, and that's what pushes us to accept these bonuses anyway.

Another important point to know, there are regularly temporary offers like for example Yggdrasil missions (sometimes even on progressive jackpots such as Ozwin’s and Holmes) and emails are frequently sent to players to offer new bonuses. It's not worse because, it must be said, we found the list a little too short.

FatBoss Casino

  • 200% Bonus on First Deposit
  • 100 Free Spins Offered
  • 50% Bonus on 2nd and 3rd Deposits

Play on FatBoss
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