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360 Casino Bonus Comparison

With its large game library offering both classic casino games and live casino games and sports betting, has chosen to play the card of versatility and relies on various strengths, such as the variety of 360 bonus casino offers.

Featured on the site, the promotional welcome offer announces a bonus on first three deposits. But if you win, what are the rules and are there better 360 casino bonus offers than others? ? The answers in this 360 casino bonus comparison, with in-depth decryption of withdrawal conditions.

Offer Casino360 Welcome Bonus

As with any self-respecting online casino, it is first of all a welcome bonus 360 casino offer that you are entitled to when you start playing on this platform.

Two formulas are possible in this context. The peculiarity here is that they are not to choose from. It’s only when you make your first deposit that you will know what the house has to offer.

Welcome Promotion “1st Casino Bonus”

If the casino makes this offer to you and you accept it, then you can take advantage of a package covering the first 3 real money deposits:

  • 100% bonus on first deposit, with a bonus amount capped at $ 360
  • 50% bonus on second deposit up to $ 360
  • 50% bonus on third deposit, still up to $ 360

By doing the math, this comes down to a total of $ 1,080 bonus which can therefore increase your initial capital.

The "Casino Bonus" option

This alternative welcome bonus can also be offered to you when making your first deposit at the casino. In this case, the offer to which you will be entitled varies depending on your geographic area and the currency in which you are playing.

  • For players residing in Canada, Australia or the United States: a 100% bonus up to $ 360 on the amount of each of the first three deposits. This, too, comes down to a total bonus of $ 1080.
  • For players residing in Europe and the rest of the world: the bonus offered here is 100% up to $ 200 on each of the first three deposits. This makes a possible total of 600 $ welcome bonus for this formula.

Unfortunately, there is therefore no special 360 casino offer no deposit bonus, as some players might have hoped. On the other hand, with one or the other of these offers, there is something to start the adventure off well.

But to judge their real interest, you must already be aware of the bonus rules and conditions related to these different offers.


Who says online casino bonus, necessarily says terms of use, wagering and other bonus rules. Online Casino bonus 360 offers are no exception to the rule, on the contrary.

The bonuses of this casino are indeed linked to many clauses and rules which are not necessarily easy to define, especially since they are set out on various pages of the site. Our team of experts has peeled them for you.

Tips for Better Complying with the Casino Bonus Conditions

On Casino 360, the bonuses are valid for a period of 30 days. So this is the timeframe you have to meet the wagering requirements.


Wagering requirements are imposed in the event of a request for withdrawal of bonus winnings. At Casino 360, these requirements vary depending on the type of bonus and its regularity.

Learn More About Betting Requirements, aka Wagering

Let's start with the welcome offers. If you receive the first bonus offer, the one entitled “1st casino bonus”, then you will have to re-stake the amount of the bonus obtained up to 30 times. In other words, if you get a bonus of $ 50 with this formula, you will need to wager $ 1,500 before you can withdraw your winnings.

If, on the other hand, you benefit from the "Casino Bonus" welcome offer, the wagering imposed by the house is a little higher. Indeed, with this bonus, the wagering conditions before withdrawal are 50 times the bonus amount. So, if you get a bonus of $ 50, you will need to wager at least $ 2,500 before claiming a winnings withdrawal.

Wagering Requirements for Other Casino360 Promo Offers

For other deposit bonuses offered by the casino under various promotions, the imposed wagering is 30 times the bonus amount. As for the free spins that you can receive as part of the loyalty program, they are, for their part, subject to a wager of 20 times the amount of the winnings made with these free spins.

In the context of fulfilling these wagering requirements, there are two other important clauses which you should absolutely take into account. The first concerns eligible games; those on which you can use the bonuses and whose stakes will be taken into account.

In this regard, many players will surely be disappointed to know that nearly 200 games, including several of the most popular titles, are not eligible for bonuses. The ideal is therefore to take note of this famous list and keep it under your elbow when you play.

The second concerns the level of contribution of the different games to the realization of this wagering. In fact, only bets on slot machines count for 100%.

Bets on table games (except baccarat and poker) are only taken into account up to 10%. In other words, it is better to bet your bonus on slot machine games.

Withdrawal Limit and Max Bet

If you follow the previous bonus rules and manage to complete the imposed wagering, then you can request the withdrawal of your winnings made with your bonuses.

But beware ! As with most online casinos, the amount of these withdrawable winnings is capped. here, this limit is set at 10 times the amount of the bonus.

In other words, if you receive a bonus of $ 50, you will not be able to withdraw more than $ 500 in earnings from the use of said bonus.

For free spins bonuses, the limit is even more restrictive since the casino does not allow you to withdraw more than 25 $ from these gains.

Casino withdrawal limits

As for the famous max bet rule, expect strict compliance with this bonus condition. Source of the largest number of disputes between players and online casinos this limit is often unknown or ignored.

Don't make the same mistake ! If you are eligible for the “1st Casino Bonus” welcome offer, do not bet no more than 5$ per round or per game. Beyond that, the gains made with this bonus will be canceled. This max bet is also valid for other casino deposit bonuses.

Max Bet, What to Understand

Casino 360 Bonus Weekly Offers

After the welcome bonus detailed above, Casino 360 also offers a few bonuses that come back every week.

Whether at the casino or elsewhere, Happy Hours are always in fashion.

Casino360 has therefore made a weekly promo that takes place on Wednesday. This happy hour consists of a simple deposit bonus valid on any deposit made Wednesday between 4 p.m. and midnight.

You will obviously have to deposit only in this time slot to be entitled to it and without any other bonus in progress. The connection offered is only 36% up to $ 250 so you might as well fall back on the weekend top-up. At least, in our humble opinion.


Every weekend, Casino 360 offers you the opportunity to get another good deal by benefiting from a 50% bonus up to $ 250 on the amount of any of your deposits made on Saturday or Sunday. Take the opportunity to get off to a good start the following week.

VIP Casino 360 program

The Casino 360 loyalty program includes 5 different levels: Novice, Captain, Star, MVP and GOAT.

All players registered at the casino automatically access it and can then cross the different levels. Each level has its own set of advantages and rewards.

How to level up ?  By playing as much as possible for real money on platform games in order to collect loyalty points. These are awarded here depending on the game you are betting on. Thereby, each bet of 1 euro on a slot machine gives the right to 2 loyalty points. Bets on table games and sports bets are, for their part, rewarded at the rate of 1 loyalty point for 1 euro wagered.

VIP Casino 360 Statutes

To reach the different levels of the program, you must respectively:

  • 200 loyalty points to become Captain. With this status, you are entitled, each month, to 50 free spins, a monthly bonus of 25% up to 360 $, as well as several other small advantages;
  • 2,500 loyalty points to pass Star. Players with this status are entitled, at the beginning of each month, to a no deposit 360 casino bonus offer of $ 50, as well as a cashback of 4%. A monthly bonus of 50% up to $ 200 is also offered;
  • 15,000 loyalty points to become an MVP. Here, the monthly cashback offered is 7.5%. It is complemented by a direct bonus of $ 150 at the start of each month, as well as a monthly bonus of 100% up to $ 200
  • 250,000 loyalty points to reach the GOAT (Greatest Of All Times) level. This is the highest level of the Casino 360 VIP program. It gives the right to a multitude of negotiable advantages directly with the house.

Note that the loyalty points collected can also be exchanged for bonus money directly in your player area. To do this, you must first collect at least 5,000. Each slice of 100 loyalty points can then be exchanged for $ 1.

Casino 360 Bonus Reviews, Our Verdict

Hoping that this comparison of 360 casino bonus offers has enabled you to see a little more clearly, you should regularly check the conditions and restrictions associated with them.

At the time of our analysis, the promotional program includes bonuses which may be interesting, but the terms of which clearly leave little chance of actually benefiting from them. That can change at any time that said.

In the meantime, one of the big downsides is related to very many games on which these bonuses cannot be used. The cashable winnings limit is also a major brake.

On the other hand, we very much appreciate the concept and the spirit of the Casino 360 loyalty program. In addition to being well organized, it allows you to take advantage of many additional bonuses and other various advantages.

Our final Casino360 bonus advice: If you want to play with this casino's bonuses, make sure you are prepared to comply with any restrictions. In particular those concerning non-eligible games. Otherwise, it is better to play at the casino without bonus.


  • 100% on First Deposit
  • Direct access to VIP Bonuses
  • Freebets on Sports Betting

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