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CBet Casino Bonus Offers

Given the success of this online gaming establishment, it seems it has found the right vein. Of course, there are promotions too, but you still have to know what they are worth ! This is why we analyzed the offers Cbet casino bonus. The promotions but not only, because the other side of the coin with the bonuses, it is the Terms of use who are related to them.

Until a few years ago, the different worlds of gambling (whether it was online or not) were rather compartmentalized. Today we are witnessing something different. If, in the past, players focused on a single activity, now we can go from sports betting to card games by browsing a few slot machines. And on CBet, we have the opportunity to do everything at once ! But is it really reasonable to take advantage of its promotions, or is it better to play at the casino without a bonus? ? What are the withdrawal conditions in the event of a win from a Cbet casino promo ?

Welcome Cbet Bonus

Since the establishment offers different ranges of games, it is not surprising to learn that it also has several Cbet casino welcome bonus offers. These are usable and vary depending on what you're playing.

So, the casino welcome bonus allows you to collect up to $ 500 in bonus money thanks to a doubled first deposit, quite simply. It's clear, precise: you deposit an amount, you get the same back, it couldn't be easier.

However, a small manipulation will have to be carried out to validate this bonus, and especially to carry it out before spinning any reel of a slot machine. First, you will have to deposit normally, the amount of your choice. Only then will you need to go to the "Bonus" section of your player account, then click on "Activate" to trigger the bonus.

A positive point that we do not often see, this Cbet casino promo is valid on the casino but also on the tables of live games ! So those who like to play with a live dealer will be able to do so with bonus money, for once !

If you have not had enough of those $ 500 in the casino, Cbet offers you to put the cover back, with an offer that works this time on the second deposit. This promo allows you to collect 50% of your second deposit, up to a limit of $ 300 bonus. To get the maximum, you must therefore invest 600 $. Here again, the games in the Live Casino section are part of the game. You can play your bonus sums on classic slots as well as live table games, no problem.

Alternately, three other Cbet casino welcome bonus offers are available :

  • Sport Welcome Offer
  • Esport Welcome Bonus
  • The JetX Welcome Bonus

All three allow you to receive exactly the same maximum amount, namely $ 200. This amount is calculated on the basis of your first deposit: for example, if you deposit $ 100, you get $ 100 back.

If these offers offer the same amount, they are still different bonuses and you must activate the one that interests you once the deposit has been made.

The procedure is a little different for the JetX welcome bonus, since its activation requires going through the live chat, available from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. You must ask the agents of this customer service to activate your bonus, before using any penny of your deposit !

CBand Bonus Weekly Offers

We took advantage of the Cbet casino bonus offers on the live casino, but we will have to do without with this promo. Because as we can understand from his name Bonus Slots, it only works with slot machines. And of course it is only valid on Wednesdays.

So far, we've just pointed out the obvious, but what about the offer itself ? Well, that's another 300 $, recovered thanks to a boosted deposit of 50% match. Yes, it's exactly the same as the previous offer, except that this one works on Wednesdays only, on slots only.

We have not yet seen a cbet casino bonus offer with no additional deposit, here it is: in addition to the maximum $ 300, you will benefit without having to add a single penny, from 50 free spins usable on a random slot machine. And this one changes every week, so the surprise is total !

Important note, the bonus is only valid between 12 p.m. and midnight. Be careful not to make your deposit too early. In addition, we will come back to the bonus terms and conditions shortly, but you should be aware of this specific offer that the wagering requirements must be fulfilled in the 7 days, which is not the case with other promotions which allow more time.

Happy Friday Bonus

Well, CBet may well be the king of diversity when it comes to games, but he will not be named the champion of variety.

Why that ? Simply because this Happy Friday promo still offers exactly the same as the two previous bonuses, namely 50% match for a maximum of $ 300. At least it's regular !

As you can imagine, this offer is only valid on Fridays, and more precisely from noon to midnight. Just like the Wednesday promo, you only have 7 days to pass the wagering requirements.

Ah, a little detail that should appeal to fans of the live casino: for this Cbet promo, you can once again spend your bonus credits on live games !

Discount with Bitcoins

You play in cryptocurrency ? Then Cbet will go the extra mile for you. As soon as you deposit at least $ 10 in bitcoin, you get 5% of what the casino calls cashback.

In reality, this is really cashback, the name is wrong. Rather, it is an additional 5% on your deposit which is sent to you within 48 hours of your payment.

Conditions of CBet Casino Bonus Offers

We have seen that the Cbet casino bonus offers are sometimes similar, but are the terms of use similar to those of other casinos ?

To find out, we have searched the regulations and the clauses concerning promotions in order to guide you.

However, do not let this prevent you from reading the terms and conditions of use of the bonuses !

  • The main point to keep in mind is obviously the wagering requirement. In general and unless otherwise stated, it is 30 times the amount of the bonus received but also a deposit allowing this bonus to be recovered. For example, if you make a deposit of $ 50 with 50% match, then you get $ 25 and must therefore replay (50 + 25) x 30 = $ 2,250 before you can request a withdrawal
  • This wager is to be made within 30 days imperatively, otherwise the bonus and the gains obtained thanks to it are deleted. As a reminder, the playthrough deadline is even only 7 days for the Wednesday Slots bonus and the Happy Friday bonus
  • To progress in the wagering requirement, you must not place more than 5 $ per game / throw, whatever game you are on
  • No deposit bonuses have a winnings limit set at 150 $. Winnings greater than this amount are withdrawn from the account at the time of withdrawal
  • The minimum to deposit to receive a bonus is 10 $
  • Promotions must be activated immediately after deposit and before playing any penny, otherwise they cannot be granted
  • The regulations state cashback discounts for VIP customers, but no VIP tab explains how this loyalty program works ! If you are lucky enough to join the VIPs, however, be aware that cashback can be freely withdrawn or played like real money.

Cbet Bonus Notice, Our Verdict

Even if it means repeating ourselves: remember to consult the bonus rules, because we are never immune from a change in casino policy. Also, there may be some secondary rules that we haven't listed here !

In any case, we can say that the Cbet bonus casino offers are not weighed down by too drastic constraints. Well, you still have to be able to endure wagering, which is not always easy, but unfortunately you can find it all over the place.

The concern lies above all in the fact of having to achieve it in a short period of time. 30 days is fine, but 7 days is hardly true. Thus, the two offers which only offer a 7-day deadline seem a little harsh to us.

However, we can regret a lack of communication on the VIP program. Without knowing what it consists of, one cannot want to make an effort to reach it. It's a shame both for the casino and for us. Afterwards, if you really want to know more about it, nothing prevents you from contacting the friendly customer service of the site. You will discover a warm but also very competent team.

Moreover, it is easy to understand why Cbet is one of the players' favorite casinos. Reliable and serious, it also offers us a large number of Cbet casino bonuses, which would however benefit from being a little more different from each other, just to bring us a little breath of fresh air from time to time.

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