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Ma Chance Casino No Deposit Bonus Offers

The new Ma Chance Online Casino offers available in 2019, not to be missed ? On the menu, a first deposit offer of your choice, a bonus wheel to spin and cashback. Best of all, Ma Chance casino no deposit bonus offers of various types.

the MaChance casino Although it was only launched in 2018, it is quickly catching up with other competitors in terms of bonuses. All the information you need to know about these promotions is at your disposal in this bonus review geared towards US players.

What is the Best Offer My Luck Casino No Deposit Bonus ?

Play with luck and chance. This has always been what thrills players around the world. And surely you are one of those aren't you ?

So when MaChance Casino - which pays particular attention to US players - opened its doors in 2018, we all said to ourselves that with a name like that, it could only bring us our share of thrills !

We have already introduced you to this casino in the past. Now is the time to talk in more detail about the different casino promo my luck.

The numbers speak for themselves. The overwhelming majority of players love bonuses. Especially those who are generous with affordable terms of use. You probably won't escape the rule. This is the reason why today we have decided to review the various offers of Ma Chance online casino.

This time, we will focus on each of these promotions. Whether it's welcome bonus money, deposit offers, or both kinds of free bonuses.

Best of all, we'll be sure to tell you about the pros and cons of each bonus. Including the terms and conditions of the offers to ensure that the bonuses on this site are well worth it.

MaChance Casino Review

2 Choice Welcome Bonus

If you are like us, you certainly appreciate when a play circle gives you several options. This is the case here with a welcome offer that takes two paths. It's up to you to choose the one you like the most, especially according to what your finances allow you.

The first option consists of a first deposit that is simply doubled, up to $ 400 maximum.

The second option offers no less than 300% bonus on your first deposit. But the limit is much lower since it only reaches 60 $.

You will therefore have to choose between a modest investment for a relatively modest bonus too, or a larger investment for a bonus which, of course, is also much more interesting.

If you want to reach the maximum of these two offers, in the first case you will have to place $ 400 to get $ 400 free bonus and therefore a total of $ 800 balance.

In the second case, $ 20 will be enough for you to start the adventure in this casino with $ 80.

You don't know which bonus to choose between these two ? We can understand you because they each have their advantages, but we will provide you with some elements to resolve this dilemma !

Wagering requirements

the wagering, this term which indicates the wagering requirements, is certainly the decisive element that will interest you. Whatever bonus you choose, you will have to replay 90 times the bonus amount (and only the bonus, not the deposit as we often see !) before you can withdraw your winnings.

So keep in mind that with $ 400 bonus, you will have to make a good bunch of bets on the slots at the Ma Chance casino before you can cash in your bonus winnings. On the other hand, with $ 60 if you take the second offer, you have "only" $ 5,400 to bet. The difference is considerable ! To choose, ask yourself how much you intend to invest and how often you will play at this casino.

While waiting for you to make your decision, let us present you with a Ma Chance casino bonus offer with no additional deposit, which should of course put a smile on your face !

The Free Spins No Additional Deposit

Without a doubt, this is the kind of bonus that players like the most, we are the first to. As we said, this is a Ma Chance casino bonus promo with no additional deposit, which is offered to you in addition to the welcome offer, whichever one you choose.

This promotion takes the form of 20 free throws that you will need to use on a slot machine determined by the casino. According to the latter's own words, this is whatever happens to a very popular video slot that is loved by gamers.

You will therefore be entitled to this promotion without immediate deposit on condition that you again meet various constraints to really benefit from it.

These free throws are in fact subject to a playthrough identical to that of the welcome bonus, except that this time it concerns the winnings generated by the throws. In other words, if you win $ 20 from free spins, you must wager $ 1,800 before you can withdraw your winnings.

This offer is valid for a limited time, so be sure to use this My Chance no deposit bonus casino offer quickly enough.

Bonus Wheel: Blow Up your Next Deposit

Among the other promotions of the site, there is a very interesting wheel that gives a little more value to each of your deposits.

You can spin the wheel every day, even before you place a deposit. However, once you have spun this wheel, you cannot restart it for 10 days, unless of course you place a deposit in the meantime.

This is quite logical, if it were possible to raise every day without placing a deposit, players would do so until they hit the maximum percentage of the bonus.

And besides, what are these bonus percentages ? There are 6: 25%; 30% ; 40%; 50%; 75%; 100%.

Benefits Reserved for VIPs

It's not really a bonus, but you should still be delighted: Ma Chance offers unique benefits to its most loyal customers.

7 VIP levels are to be climbed to benefit from the biggest bonuses. However, how to progress in these ranks remains at the discretion of the casino. So you will never know what you need to do to move to the next level. Even if we can imagine that the seniority as well as the accumulation of deposits and bets are certainly what determines your ranking.

Here are some of the benefits of this VIP club.

First of all, and this is definitely what will interest you the most, a cashback ranging from $ 25 to $ 100 is available depending on your rank. This is established according to the money you have lost and not to exceed 20% of your losses less your winnings.

Let's say you spent $ 400 and only earned half of it. You have therefore lost $ 200 and the maximum cashback that can be offered to you will therefore be 20% of $ 200, which amounts to $ 40.

You have the option to claim cashback up to 4 times a month. These sums must also be replayed 90 times before they can be withdrawn.

Thanks to your VIP rank, all your deposits are inflated by an additional percentage. If the first rank does not benefit, however, it can go up to 30% for the seventh and last rung. Of course, the playthrough on this percentage applies again and again.

But that's not all. Without going into the details of each benefit, know that there are many other points that will make you want to join this VIP club. On the program, special anniversary casino promo offers as well as some other Ma Chance casino privileges, faster withdrawals, dedicated VIP manager and more flexible deposit and withdrawal limits.

Our Opinion on MaChance Casino Bonuses

Although we appreciate the first type of My Chance casino no deposit bonus offer (free spins), we must first understand that the promotions of this online casino are more suited to high rollers.

Indeed, we are dealing with promotions that are aimed at serious players. Players who plan to play a good time (if it's only big enough).

the wagering being quite mind-boggling, it won't be easy to meet these wagering requirements for a player who only plays small amounts every now and then. Even with regard to the no deposit bonus, withdrawable under these same conditions.

These bonuses are therefore more easily addressed to diligent players who are not afraid of when it comes to placing large amounts.

Either way, reading the terms and conditions of all of these bonuses is always topical if you don't want to be disillusioned once it's too late !

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  • 20 Free Games
  • Up to $ 100 in Weekly Cashback
  • VIP Bonus on ALL Deposits

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