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Las Atlantis Casino Bonus Reviews

Have you ever heard of the Winoui casino? In truth, we hope so! Otherwise it means that you have not read yet our review which is entirely devoted to him. Do not hesitate to consult this article so as not to miss anything on this nice casino, as recent as it is promising. Including on its promotional offers which have evolved recently. We tell you what we think about it in this Las Atlantis US player bonus casino review. In particular their conditions of use.

Check out the different Las Atlantis bonus offers and compare them to find out what they are worth. The purpose of this Las Atlantis casino bonus review is to analyze the conditions of use of no deposit bonuses and other promotions, their withdrawal conditions, the wagering and the max amounts / limits, etc. In short, nothing will be spared.

First Deposit = More Choice Bonus

Let's not delay any longer and let's get straight to the heart of the matter with what will inevitably interest you if you have just registered on Winoui. The once 'à la carte' welcome bonus has now turned into a pack on first three deposits. This is quite unusual and therefore deserves to be pointed out. Winoui indeed offers you a match on each of your first 3 deposits, but it varies each time.

Before going into detail about these three Winoui bonus offers, be aware that the wagering requirements have also changed. Instead of having to replay bonus + deposit a minimum of 20 times before cashing out your bonus winnings, you will now have to replay only your bonus, but 50 times.

All offers on deposit are linked to the same wagering and the maximum bet allowed under bonus is down to 3 euros per round / part.

These restrictions are also valid for all other promotions of Winoui. We will therefore not logically return to these when we discuss the following offers in this Winoui casino bonus review.

But then, these conditions, what are they? In the end, quite classic obligations that must be taken into account in order not to be fooled.

First of all, there is a playthrough imperative. You will indeed have to replay 50x your bonus before you can request a withdrawal of your winnings.

Then, and this is perhaps what is likely to trap the most distracted players, the bonuses are only valid for a limited time. After 14 days, if you have not used your bonus and fulfilled all the other conditions of use, it and the associated earnings are withdrawn from your account! This is really the point to take into account so as not to experience a big disappointment.

Finally, the last condition of this Winoui casino bonus review. You will have to settle for small bets on the slots when using a bonus. Beyond 3 $ per throw and 0.30 $ per payment line, you take the risk of seeing your bonus and its winnings outright canceled.

No more constraints, it's time for fun and the three welcome offers now.

Welcome Bonus to Premier Deposit :

This is the offer that is mainly aimed at high rollers or, at least, players who are not afraid to put in a three-figure sum on a first deposit.

You will be entitled to a 100% bonus and this can reach a maximum of $ 500 in bonus money. The calculation is therefore very simple, to get $ 500 bonus, you will obviously have to place $ 500. You will then leave with a total balance of 1,000 euros.

Second Deposit Bonus:

The second deposit offer is more geared towards players who do not wish to directly invest a large sum. It is a very nice alternative also for those who will not have time to play enough to meet the conditions on time.

These are therefore 150% bonus offered to you, however the limit is much less interesting since it is set at $ 250. This offer has the advantage of allowing you to play - and perhaps discover the world of online casino - without investing a colossal sum.

Bad luck during the first two deposits? Here's a Bonus on the Third !

It happens, sometimes good fortune forgets us, and now that first deposit has disappeared without offering you the slightest gain.

It's annoying and Winoui knows it well. This is why this casino is offering you a promotion on your third deposit.

No deposit match offer this time, but a half match that we welcome all the same with pleasure since it is a 50% bonus on your third deposit, with a maximum limit set at 250 $.

On Friday, 40% free!

If Winoui rhymes with Friday and with free, it's not for nothing. Every Friday, your deposits made between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. will earn you an additional 40%. So this is a niche not to be missed!

The exact name of this bonus is "40% No Limit". Why this precision ? To inform you that there is no limit restricting this offer. If you want to place 100 $ and play with 140 $, why not. You can also invest a lot more, a lot less ... you decide !

Our opinion on Winoui Casino Bonuses

Our general feeling that emerges from this Winoui casino bonus review is rather positive.

The offers are interesting and, above all, the requirements to take advantage of them are not insurmountable. As a bonus, these bonds are always the same and it is therefore not very difficult to retain them. At some casinos, each offer has its own conditions and, quickly, you can't find your way around and you get tricked.

This is not the case here and so it’s a pleasure. Double pleasure even, since Winoui continues to surprise us despite his young age, by not ceasing to offer new promotions. Do not forget to keep yourself frequently informed about the various bonuses on this site, whether temporary or permanent.

Withdrawals From $ 25

  • 3 Different Welcome Offers
  • Up to $ 1,000 Bonus
  • Cancelable Bonuses and Withdrawal Balance

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