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Intraaction opening night

The exhibition attracted many life forms on opening night. From contemporary philosophers to art scholars, many breasted posthuman characters to slime moulds. All revelling in the ‘queer performativity of nature.’

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Nigel Helyer in conversation: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Artist Nigel Helyer in conversation with Eben Kirksey about the bio-architectural work he is creating with honey bees for the Intra-action Exhibition. ‘Float Like a Butterfly; Sting Like a Bee”. Sound file (30min) iPhone video (5min) Nigel Helyer in coversation … Continue reading

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Tactical Biopolitics : The microbial (inter) face

Eben Kirksey reports from his classroom: “From Viveca Mcghie’s final project for my Tactical Biopolitics course at UNSW in Sydney. She is growing microbes from her own face on an agar sculpture. Viveca writes: “The field of microbiology has discovered … Continue reading

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Eben Kirksey : Multispecies Ethnographer

Dr Eben Kirksey is a curator of this exhibition. He has recently come to Australia from New York to take up a lecturing and research position in Environmental Humanities at the University of NSW. Currently in-press is Eben’s forthcoming book … Continue reading

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