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Casino Games Software Developers

Online casino games did not fall from the sky. There is someone who has to create and program slot machines and table games. This is exactly what software developers do.

The job of what we call in the jargon the game providers, it is to design the casino games. Some specialize in land while others have invested in online casino games. Some even provide the technology backend on which the casino operates.

Among online casino software providers, some specialize in live dealer games such as Evolution Gaming. Others, such as Microgaming, have made a name for themselves in the world of slots.

In this section, game publishers are reviewed according to their reputation, repayment and accessibility to American speakers. For having also tested their games and collected feedback from players, we know their positioning against the competition.

Scroll down to access the list of casino software sheets. Please note, not all providers are available in all online casinos. Once you have an overview of the different types of game providers developed for online casinos and become more aware of what makes a good game, take a look at the latest ranking of the best online casinos.

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Access to Online Casino Game Providers

We can see this clearly in the Games Menu of online casinos, especially in the slot machines department: there are more and more developers of slot machine and table game casino software. So much so that it becomes really difficult to sort out those who will perfectly suit us.

But this overflow of choice is a bit of a luxury. And for good reason, accessibility is increasingly restricted in certain geographical areas. Of course, there are the elders that we all know and who continue to shine. But what a choice for players with restricted access ? Isn't the use of a VPN a problem in case of payment of winnings ?

Players from certain US territories can only access the titles of new software developers as yet unknown. And that's not necessarily what they're looking for.

Fortunately, among the game providers that have recently entered the market, some are real nuggets, or even future big players. We think in particular of Pragmatic Play and Booongo.

In short: we will have to get to know them, these future great publishers. Especially since the former giants of the sector are no longer available in all countries (yes, we are referring to the famous NetEnt which has withdrawn from several regions of the world).

The best games

Gone are the days when live gaming software developers weren't interested in slots and vice versa. No more offering titles accessible only on PC, or only in mobile casino version.

Now, to stand out, you have to be able to offer a bit of everything, on all platforms, to attract as many players as possible. This is how casino software becomes one of the best software developers !

Some of the best software developers specialize in progressive jackpot type slots. And not all American speakers have access to it, at least not in all countries. To verify, nothing better than going to test the jackpot games of an online casino. Since the information is not always in the casino rules, seeing a game that does not work is still the best way to find out !

Do not run the risk of playing this kind of game anyway. If you are lucky enough to win money, the casino may refuse to pay you your withdrawal because you broke this rule.

Last advice for the road; pay extra attention if playing for bonus money. Sometimes the list of prohibited bonus games is endless and contains the best casino software games. It's a little hard to swallow sometimes, and we wish we weren't so limited. But the pill works better before sessions rather than during withdrawal.

A History of Payments above all

We are not going to rule on the importance of ratio between redistribution rate and volatility. That being said, we can still confirm that these are two main selection criteria. However, these are not the only ones to consider when choosing a game developer, far from it.

Having said that, these terms are a bit complicated for newbies and we need to talk about them quickly.

the return rate (also called the RTP or payout rate) indicates what a slot machine, software or casino pays on average to all players, for a given sum. It may sound complicated, it's actually quite simple: RTP is expressed as a percentage. With an RTP of 96%, it should be understood that theoretically, each time the casino earns 100 $ thanks to the bets of the players, 96 $ are redistributed.

But this is never more than an average, calculated over thousands of credits, over thousands of spins and over fairly long periods. It is almost impossible in a game session to fall right on the displayed RTP.

The other point to take into account in the redistribution of winnings by the casino is volatility. Some machines are more volatile than others: a machine with low volatility will distribute gains fairly evenly, without large differences between the moments of gains and the moments of losses.

On the contrary, a very volatile machine will sometimes be very stingy, and sometimes very generous. In the second case, the risk is therefore higher if you come across a "bad time", but the possibilities of winning big are obviously also increased tenfold.

Irreproachable Mobile Ergonomics of Rigor

As we quickly explained in the preamble, mobile gaming has grown tremendously over the past decade, so much so that there is no longer a single casino games provider that remains solely focused on gaming. on PC.

Now everyone has a mobile version of their titles, and we are even starting to see a new genre of publishers flourish: those who only make games for mobiles and nothing else !

It must be said that our phones have become real pocket computers. And to play at the online casino or what we want, nothing more practical ! Of course, you need a device with a screen of sufficient size, and a robust internet connection so as not to suffer untimely disappointments. But it remains a major asset, to play wherever you want.

In addition, on PC as well as on mobile or tablet, it is no longer necessary to download any software or game. Everything is done directly online, in a perfectly secure way. If you want to play from your couch, it's now possible !

The Famous Interruption in the middle of a Session

What to do in the event of a bug ? Despite all the updates, checks, precautions and security, it can happen that a game suddenly crashes.

This is not necessarily the fault of the casino, which we would naturally tend to blame in the first place. This can come from the casino software, your connection and many other factors that are often difficult to determine.

We can then understand the frustration of seeing his throw not coming to an end, but there are not 36 solutions to this kind of problem: contact customer service and explain your concern in a calm and respectful manner.

Do not hesitate, as far as possible, to take screenshots of the bug in question, this could help the teams to sort out the problem or at least understand it.

Whatever happens, be courteous. We still see too many aggressive players who, in the end, only delay the treatment of their concern. And then, in all honesty, it clearly doesn't make you want to bustle about when you have someone hateful on the phone. Patience is a virtue, as they say.

The Famous History of NetEnt Slots Bugs

Are Slot Machines Rigged ?

A question as old as the world, but which continues to animate the discussions of players on the forums. Besides, you will read just about anything and everything about software and their machines. Internet has its negative sides and the frustration of some can lead to say a little everything that can come to their mind..

That said, we are not saying, however, that there have never been any concerns, particularly in terms of equity, with an indication of redistribution within 24 hours completely different from the average displayed rtp, random number generators not that random and much more.

Fortunately, everything is more and more reliable, more and more stable. Control bodies are multiplying and casinos as well as suppliers are more and more serious.

The Best Game Software Developers

Whether you are looking for casino slots software or table games, here we have the nugget you have been looking for for so long. We took the time to test all of these software developers one by one to find out exactly what each is worth.

For this, we took several factors into account, including of course stability, fairness, graphics and sound performance, compatibility on mobile, originality, bonus features, redistribution rate, volatility ... in short, a long term work that allows us today to bring you a complete list of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these creators.

Pragmatic Play

We usually take the temperature with US players regularly, therefore we know that Pragmatic Play slot machines are popular. Reviews and feedback from player experience are increasingly fleshed out with winning captures - that is to say.

Compared to others like Play n Go, their impressions are not distorted by just winning or losing. We obviously carry out test sessions to verify this, in free slot machine version as well as in real money. And this, in several different casinos. This is the only way we can be sure of the information we are advancing. So rest assured: if we recommend a supplier, it is worth it.


Because even the best casino software can sometimes drop in intensity (just as any other can be more and more attractive), we monitor innovations very regularly. And precisely, Booongo is a new kid in the matter. So of course, his pencil stroke is still to be refined but in terms of repayment, it's good. Even very good.

In terms of updates and other changes made by this game creator, nothing to say. Booongo knows how to update his games without impacting our sessions and seems to have mastered this important task perfectly.

For Big Players

For each of the software developers you will discover with us, we share the results of our test sessions after a quick overview of the game studio. You will also discover quality guarantees, its best games and of course if it is accessible.

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