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Booongo American Casino

If you've never been to see what's going on outside of famous heavyweight games such as NetEnt, select the slots on a American Booongo casino site and test. You will see that the Booongo games have a certain charm.

It’s not just the most well-known casino game software developers that matter. Quite the contrary. The gaming sessions are indeed sometimes more profitable on a title from a small slot machine publisher, unknown to the general public. And precisely, Booongo realizes in his corner real jewels.

Well, it's true that Booongo is no longer really at the stage of unknown supplier. However, this young talent does not have the notoriety that the giants of the industry have long enjoyed. And this is the reason why many players do not yet know his games. Besides, what exactly is he proposing ? Well: slot machines, slot machines and more slot machines.

Booongo has chosen to focus only on slots and currently offers nothing other than this kind of entertainment. So let's go see what these games are worth, and where it is possible to spin the reels of this publisher.

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Why Play on a Booongo Casino Online Site ?

Booongo quickly adapted to the new expectations of online gamers.

And for that, the main thing was to offer a game interface that was as functional on a computer as it was on a tablet or smartphone. No bugs or untimely interruptions during sessions. We have experienced it: games from this provider are not a problem, regardless of the medium used.

As the publisher points out on his own site, and as we can see ourselves on any American Booongo casino site, he also gives us the possibility of playing his slot machines in 19 different languages. This figure is constantly increasing, to reach an ever wider audience.

Best American Booongo Casino Sites

Where some players want above all bonuses with a lot of zeros (before the comma of course), others prefer not having a wagering too high or other similar constraints.

Not to mention those who want to be able to deposit and withdraw small amounts, or who have already switched to crypto gambling.

In short, you will understand: impossible to satisfy everyone by offering only one Booongo online casino site. This is why the top three have been selected to be part of the ranking of the best Booongo casinos online.

In Vegas Plus, there is "more". And that's good, because it is on this online casino that we find the most slots signed by Booongo. In fact, the publisher offers about fifty of them, 4 of which are produced in partnership with another creator.

As for the Highway casino, everyone knows the expression "rich as Highway". But not content with giving you your chances of winning, Highway Casino itself has a particularly extensive library of Booongo slots.

Finally, Wild Sultan takes third place and remains a very good American Booongo casino site. With the exception of the 4 partner titles, this casino has all the titles of Booongo.

Of course, that's not everything, but if Wild Sultan Casino was selected, it is also because it offers generous bonus amounts. As a bonus, he's also one of the fastest to pay players.

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Irreproachable Fairness

When you are told that Booongo is not yet a widely recognized publisher, you have to put it into perspective: the company was only founded in 2015, which explains its slight lack of notoriety.

However, it already has offices in three continents of the world. Its head office is located in Curaçao, its development pole (main place where the games are created) are in Ukraine, not to mention a presence on the island of Taiwan.

In terms of security, several interesting points. We naturally note a license granted by the Curaçao gaming authority (this is the minimum we expected). But the publisher didn't stop there. The random number generators used by Booongo are certified by Quinel but also by iTech Labs. So we can have fun on Booongo games without fear of any security breach.

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Best Booongo Games

Let's talk about the profitability of Booongo games. You probably want to know the paid Booongo slots ? We have taken the time to explore all of this creator's titles so that we only provide you with what he does best.

We therefore decided on three Booongo slots rather than just one. Test them in free mode or in paid mode, but do not settle for only these three titles. Booongo, it's much more than that and it would be a shame to miss out on the quarantine of other games.

Those who are very attached to graphics may not find what they are looking for. We're not going to hide it, it's not on the visual that the publisher will seduce you.

Clearly, rather it focuses on the game mechanics and originality to reach new players. A daring bet that seems to be successful, but the publisher will still have to worry a little more about graphics in the future if he wants to compete with the biggest creators of casino games.

Our Game Review Sun of Egypt 2

Released in October 2020, the game Sun of Egypt 2 is obviously the sequel to Sun of Egypt, published a year before. The theme has been sanded, worn, washed to the bone, it's true. However, this is still a successful slot machine. And it's not because of his return rate (rated at 95.6%) that we like this game since it remains average. What we like most is that the bonus features are numerous and particularly original.

In addition, there are many levels of wagers to choose from and the low volatility allows small budgets to have fun peacefully.

Add to this that the Sun of Egypt 2 online slot machine offers you to play with the possibility of winning progressive jackpots. And there are still four, excuse the little. Thus, you can knock down the mini, minor, major or grand jackpot, which will then reward you with 20 times, 50 times, 150 times and 5,000 times your stake respectively ! Enough to fill your pockets so.

Lord Fortune 2

It’s very fresh, released a few days before we offered this review (but it is already available on more than one American Booongo casino site), here is the Lord Fortune 2 slot machine.

Yes, again this is a sequel. We can see through this game the progress that Booongo is making little by little.

And even in terms of the graphics that we announced a few moments ago as being the publisher's Achilles heel.

Admittedly, there are not yet any great animations or breathtaking scenery, but the detail of the symbols and the machine is sufficiently worked out so that it is visually pleasing.

From the Egypt of the previous slot machine, this time we have moved on to the mysteries of Asia. Here again, the theme has been seen elsewhere, but whatever, what we remember is that this title also offers its share of progressive jackpots, also particularly profitable.

Magic Apple

Well, you probably want to discover a game that has good music, more polished graphics, originality in the theme, originality ... in short, you want us to present you the best slot Booongo n ' is this not ?

Well, in our opinion it is Magic Apple. Unlike the two slot machines we presented to you just now, it has no shortcomings. On the theme of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (theme that had already been a while ago by Booongo), we have all the ingredients required for a successful slot.

Wild symbols, free spins, an enticing visual and sweet but catchy sounds… Without forgetting of course the presence once again of progressive jackpots. It must be said that these jackpots are truly Booongo's paw. Rare, very rare are the titles that do not offer players the opportunity to enrich themselves copiously with progressive jackpots. This is also why the RTP of games from this provider are not the highest.

Booongo Personal Reviews

Booongo has not yet embarked on the great adventure of live games. Of course, this would allow him to reach a greater number of players since some are particularly fond of this type of entertainment.

For now, Booongo prefers not to scatter and that may be a good thing. Before you want to do too much, you might as well solidify the basics.

Especially since he does not only make slot machines: he designs his own random number generators and also offers back-office solutions and other analysis tools.

Of course, these last points will not be of interest to all players, but it is easier to understand why Booongo is restricted to slot machines: he still has another fascinating activity on the side.

Either way, we can count on him to stay in the spotlight for a while longer. He is not at the top of the table or even the top in the eyes of the players, but he remains a considerable and considered player. To see how far he can go in the years to come.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to try a American Booongo casino site among those we have just presented to you. It is certain that you will find everything you are looking for there, and maybe even more.

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