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NetEnt American Casino

Net Entertainment is a heavyweight among top online casino gaming software developers. Today, however, it is not so easy to find a reliable American NetEnt casino site.

Founded in Sweden in 1996, this developer specializing in slot machines is quickly noticed for his sense of innovation and his pencil stroke.

Today, online casinos are falling apart and partnerships with other developers are proliferating. And for good reason: the creations of this supplier are always of high quality. On the menu, a first-rate visual and innovative bonus features with impeccable mobile accounting.

NetEnt is best known for its slot machines, whether they are progressive jackpots, classic slots or themed blockbuster movies / series.

That being said, his portfolio also includes live dealer and non-dealer table games.

Therefore, you can be sure to find what you are looking for among NetEnt games, no matter what category of games you are looking for.

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Why Play on a NetEnt Casino Online Site ?

NetEnt games are clearly among the most popular. And this, not only by the players, but also by the online casinos. The developer is indeed renowned for maintaining excellent relations with its partner casinos. In particular by guaranteeing them excellent technical support.

Today NetEnt has over 700 employees and was floated on the Swedish stock exchange in 2007. Known initially as Net Entertainment, the company has grown over the years and adopted the catchier name "NetEnt" in 2015.

Some examples proving the effectiveness of this group ? Mobile Product of the Year Award 2019, “Great Place to Work” Award 2017, Game Provider of the Year 2016-2015, Innovator of the Year 2014… A few drops of water in the ocean of rewards gleaned by NetEnt.

If you haven't followed the adventures of NetEnt in recent years, you must probably be thinking to yourself: “As the games from this publisher are particularly popular with all players, it is obvious that there is more than one site. NetEnt American casino ». It seems logical indeed ... and yet.

A few years ago, accessing titles from this developer was a cinch. However, since 2015-2016, finding a American online NetEnt casino site has been difficult.

Limited Access to NetEnt Games

NetEnt wishes above all to be accredited by the most serious authorities, thus allowing it the best reputation.

The developer having also obtained the possibility of increasing its presence in the United States, it decided at the same time to end its collaboration in certain US spaces.

Why deprive yourself of this market share ? Quite simply because many US spaces belong to the gray market.

To be clear, the market countries under subject to unclear jurisdiction over the regulation of gambling. If casinos are not allowed to offer their services online, that doesn't mean they are necessarily fraudulent. However, no local recourse to your gambling regulatory authority.

On the contrary, sites with accreditation issued by the local gambling regulatory body are fully subject to security checks in your country. And in most US areas, some online casino games are not allowed. This is particularly the case with slot machines ..

Thus, the latter has chosen to withdraw access to its games on all gray markets (much to the despair of players fond of NetEnt slots).

Alternatively, a spare tire that is far from perfect but at least allows you to play NetEnt games for real money and collect your winnings: the possibility of playing under VPN.

Be careful, however, the practice is rarely tolerated by online casinos. And if you win, you risk having your money confiscated. We therefore do not recommend going through this solution, unless you have written proof that the use of a virtual private network is authorized.

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Beware of Fake NetEnt Casino american sites

We cannot repeat it enough: to avoid scams, always refer to the indications of your national gaming regulatory authority. The license that the latter will have awarded to online gaming establishments is 100% reliable in your country of residence.

By playing at authorized casinos in your country, you risk nothing except losing your bet.

Lies and False NetEnt Casinos

In order to avoid falling into the trap of a fake NetEnt casino, you can also familiarize yourself with the developer's services. This allows, among other things, to recognize its claw easily.

It was Pontus Lindwall who founded Net Entertainment in 1996 from Sweden. The online casino was only in its infancy then and this entrepreneur saw an opportunity and knew how to seize it when the market was wide open.

From the outset, NetEnt turned to creating games for the first online casinos. He is therefore indeed a pioneer in the field, famous all over the world.

So much so that the company was listed on the stock market, as we told you previously. This listing lasted until the takeover of NetEnt by its great rival: Evolution Gaming. Nevertheless, NetEnt has kept its name, its soul and especially its qualities in the creation of games.

And to confirm this pioneering status, let us add that NetEnt was one of the first to see the potential of mobile gaming, launching its first compatible games on mobile NetEnt Touch from 2011.

His own live casino followed in 2013. Then, again forerunner, NetEnt is the first to develop a game entirely in HTML5, which is now the standard for all slots.

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Best NetEnt Games

Knowing about paid NetEnt slots arouses all of our curiosity. That said, we must analyze the volatility / redistribution rate ratio to get an idea of ​​the frequency of wins, and therefore adopt the right betting strategies.

You should also know that NetEnt tends rather to release slot machines with high volatility, which suggests a low redistribution rate and therefore rare and good big wins.

We took the time to test the titles most loved by casino fans in order to vote for the best NetEnt slot. And because we couldn't bring ourselves to pick just one game, here are three that, despite their drastically different styles, you should all like:

Our Game Review Starburst

Imagine for a moment: Starburst dates from 2013, and yet the machine remains anchored in the hearts of players. Like what, graphics or music are not everything.

We're talking about a classic: 5 reels, 10 paylines, a Wild that can extend to an entire reel ... nothing revolutionary, but at the time, it was unusual. This won over players, who have remained loyal to the machine, which today serves as a benchmark and for which casinos often offer free spins to newcomers.

Dead or Alive

Clearly one of NetEnt's most famous games, Dead or Alive offers an epic adventure in a small town in the middle of the American desert. Everything is there, settling of scores, stick of dynamite, saloon, sheriff ... we can only like it !

Again, this machine is not the most recent, far from it since it dates from the end of 2013. It is still a must with its mythical atmosphere, its significant volatility and its particularly interesting features.

Dead or Alive 2

Take the same recipe, the same ingredients that made the first game so successful. Add to it a much larger RTP which reaches almost 97%, a maximum gain that is just mind-boggling and offer even more successful mechanisms: there you have the perfect slot Dead or Alive 2, that any American NetEnt casino site would dream of having.

As a bonus, the slot date this time from 2019. It is therefore much more recent and this can be seen in its graphics or even its musical atmosphere. Visually, we challenge you not to like. It is quite simply impossible: everything is perfectly done, the animations as the decorations and the symbols.

This title was a hit when it was released and you can be sure we'll hear about it for at least as long as the first opus.

NetEnt Live Casino

In addition to its incredible slots, NetEnt live games are also particularly well done. Especially since, now bought by the master of the live game - namely Evolution Gaming - there really can not be anything better than the titles resulting from this incredible fusion between two behemoths of the live games !

In an often classic style, the friendly croupiers of the NetEnt live gaming tables offer you to relax on roulette, which offers several points of view thanks to the different cameras of the studios in which the gaming sessions are filmed.

In roulette, as in many other games, it is possible to access detailed game statistics, which should appeal especially to the most superstitious.

Blackjack is not left out either, and it is especially open to the greatest number since some tables allow you to play with very modest amounts while others on the contrary give you the opportunity to play real fortunes. So, there is something for everyone and you always have a good reason to join a American NetEnt casino site.

Return rate & Hit Frequency

NetEnt Personal Reviews

A question persists. Often avoided by many US gaming regulatory authorities in order to keep the monopoly, it interests players: are there still reliable American NetEnt casino sites? ?

NetEnt having withdrawn from most gray markets, there is little choice. If until 2018, some reckless gaming circles decided to keep NetEnt titles in their library, this is no longer the case. Players therefore have no choice but to fall back on titles from developers similar to NetEnt such as Play n go.

In the meantime, some online casinos have reached an agreement with NetEnt to be able to offer at least some of the publisher's creations to players.

The best online casinos at the top of the ranking remain safe values ​​but doubts persist, do not hesitate to contact the operator directly who will be able to answer you on this subject.

However, make sure you have recent confirmation and keep a written record. With this, no fear of violating any of the terms and conditions of the NetEnt American online casino site.

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