Eben Kirksey

Dr Eben Kirksey is a curator of this exhibition. He has recently come to Australia from New York to take up a lecturing and research position in Environmental Humanities at the University of NSW.

Currently in-press is Eben’s forthcoming book documenting theoretical discourse around the exhibition series ‘Multi-species Salon’. Eben curated the Salon across the USA during 2011, along with Californian artist Marnia Johnston.

Having developed his research with reference to and in communication with distinguished contemporary philosophers Donna Haraway and Karen Barad, Eben’s conceptual influence on this exhibition pushes it to the forefront of international discourse on mattters of multispecies awareness.

Also tinkering with materials and art-making processes as a philisophical extension in practice, Eben’s recent projects  include ‘Frog Fridge’ a radical survival habitat for endangered species of frogs, and the ‘Frog Pregnancy Test’ exhibition (2012).

For more insight to the work of Dr. Eben Kirksey :




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