Elaine Gan

Elaine Gan & Anna Tsing

Artist Elaine Gan will be working with Anthropologist Anna Tsing to create a new work for Intra-action Art: ‘Fungal Time In The Satoyama Forest’.


Public performance that questions the transformations of collective space after 9/11. Two uniformed equestrians circle a 300-year-old fence that encloses NY’s first public park. (LMCC/Bowling Green, NYC)

Elaine Gan is an artist/researcher in Film+Digital Media at University of California, Santa Cruz and a member of the advisory committee for Interdisciplinary Arts at the New York Foundation for the Arts. Anna Tsing is a professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the director of the Living in the Anthropocene project at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Website: http://elainegan.com


ONE WORLD, ONE DREAM, 2007-8 Earth transforms into a fully armored battle station in this remix of nonfictional NASA images and science fictional renderings of the Death Star.

Elaine Gan is interested in mapping worlds otherwise. Her current project experiments with visualizing time: digital media that seeks to animate heterogeneous temporalities. This interdisciplinary work aims to unpack collisions and synchronies between biocultural entanglements and political economies. To situate and specify these relations, Gan considers historically constituted sequences of events, nonlinear manifolds, durations, and simultaneities that emerge from and enable processes of cultivation for different kinds of rice.

Born in Manila, Gan studied critical art practice at the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program (NY), earned an MFA in Digital Arts/New Media at UCSC (CA) and a BA in Architecture at Wellesley College (MA).

Projects have received fellowships, grants, and generous support from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York Foundation for the Arts, Jerome Foundation, and New York Department of Cultural Affairs. Art exhibitions include the Third Guangzhou Triennial (China), Real Art Ways (CT), Soap Factory (MN), and in New York at Bronx Museum, Artists Space, Socrates Sculpture Park, Armory, PS122, LMCC Workspaces.


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