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How to Master Bonus Wagering

Wagering at the Casino: How It Works ?

Whether you place sports bets or play online casino games, you have inevitably already faced the famous conditions of use of bonuses. However, these little bonus rules that we pretend not to see when jumping on an exclusive super limited-time bonus sometimes turn out to be quite restrictive. Notably when collecting a win from bonus money. Among the latter, the star of the most common player allergies: wagering at the casino.

More commonly known as wagering requirements or even playthrough, wagering is a condition of use that you must have heard of if you are playing with the help of bonuses. Focus on the famous wagering: we help you understand it, recognize when it is acceptable and tell you which online casinos are the most flexible at this level.

Bonus Money = Replay Before Withdrawal

First of all, there is no need to know at your fingertips all the terms and conditions of use of a site. Those which concern you are sufficient, and to sort it out follow the players guide to withdrawing winnings at the online casino.

In addition, you are completely free to play at the casino without bonus. Sometimes it is even preferable when it comes to certain unsavory casinos.

On the other hand, if you want to have a good time when you play with bonus money, it is imperative to respect the rules which are linked to it otherwise you will never see the color of the sums won.

The queen of them is what is called wagering. It is given a whole bunch of different names, which can sometimes lose the player a bit. With great anglicisms, we also speak of playthrough. As for the players, in American we would tend to speak of wagering or betting requirements.

Read on to familiarize yourself with what is more commonly called wagering requirements related to the use of bonus money.

Replay a certain Amount, until when is it reasonable ?

While casinos are often generous, especially in their welcome offers, wagering at the casino can significantly reduce your chances. On the contrary, depending on the nature of the wagering, it can drastically increase the chances of the online casino coming out a winner !

If you are unsure or unsure of what the hell is all about, read on before taking advantage of a promotional offer. The survival of your winnings made with bonus money depends on it.

The art of mastering wagering in the casino isn't really complicated, it's just about replay a certain amount before cashing out an amount won with bonus money.

Afterwards, the online casino counts it down automatically and this is reflected directly on your player account. Sometimes the remaining amount is even displayed in your bonus balance.

Basically, you just need to know a few player tips and tricks so as not to fall into certain traps related to wagering. For example, the max bet do not exceed per game or games not eligible for wagering.

Why do Casinos impose a Wagering

To fully understand what it is, let's go back to the origins of online casinos. When online gambling first appeared, the management fees everyone could see that the management fees were much lower compared to land-based casinos.

Consequently, in order to attract customers, online casinos quickly took the initiative to offer various and varied bonuses, sometimes in the form of free tokens, or even free spins and quite simply offers of correspondence on deposit.

However, now that online casinos are at least as crowded as brick and mortar casinos, that has all changed. Especially since the taxes imposed on winnings and wagers made these establishments have only increased since 2016.

For these reasons, but also because many players have abused these offers, online casinos are adding clauses on their bonuses. And the famous wagering is the most important of all.

Completing your Wagering at the Casino

You already know one thing: wagering represents the number of times the player must replay the amount obtained as a bonus, before being able to withdraw money.

While this clause is important, be aware that there are often others. Including a maximum bet per throw, a delay before the bonus disappears or a ban on playing certain games with bonus money.

Too many players make a mistake that can sometimes be costly: they are in a hurry to play and do not read the terms and conditions of the casino and the bonuses.

Wagering is generally applied to the amount received as a bonus, but sometimes it can also involve the deposit that made it possible to obtain the promotion ! To find out, as we have just said: you have to read.

Take for example a frequent case that happens to US players. Let's say you've just signed up with a new online gambling establishment, which you think is completely honest and serious.

This offers a 100% bonus on your deposit but requires a wagering of 30 times the bonus amount only.

You decide to invest $ 200. You will then receive the same amount, $ 200 in bonus money. In case of winning, know that you can therefore make a withdrawal only on the condition of having wagered at least 30 times these $ 200, i.e. 200 x 30 = $ 6,000.

It may sound like a lot but believe well that it can sometimes amount to a lot more ! It must be said that the bets are linked and the wagering finally increases quite quickly.

In a second example, let's imagine that you still want to deposit $ 200 on this same casino and that the playthrough is still x30 but this time on the bonus amount AND the amount deposited.

In these cases, the requirement is not the same at all. Indeed, you will have to replay (200 + 200) x30 = $ 12,000, i.e. double !

Free Spins: How is Wagering Calculated ?

You might imagine that the free slots games offered to us are not subject to any wagering requirements.

Think again, because if some young stars like for example Red Dog Casino do not impose any, other absolute references such as Azur Casino or STAKES do require the winners to replay their winnings from free spins ! Once this rule is respected, they will certainly get their winnings.

It should therefore be borne in mind that most of the time, the gains obtained thanks to the famous 'no deposit bonus' style offers (bonus without immediate or additional deposit) are subject to a wagering.

Come on, one more example. Say you get for example 20 spins on Eastern Emeralds, the Quickspin slot machine.

Thanks to these free spins, you win the sum of 50 $.

The bonus requirement is set at 30 times, so you will have to replay $ 50 x 30 = $ 1,500.

Only when this amount has been rolled over will it be yours for good. If it's worth it ? It's up to you to see if you have a good time playing at the online casino or not !

To Test Online: The Free Casino Games Mode

Wagering at Reasonable Casino vs Abusive Wagering

There is obviously no easy answer to this question. On the other hand, knowing the opinion of the players on the wagering of a particular site will help. Another criterion that will help you make the right decision: are the bonus rules worth playing on a casino without wagering requirement ?

While there are obviously wagering requirements that cannot be decently accepted, sometimes these are other restrictions that are considered absurd or even abusive.

If a casino offers you a bonus with wagering involving replaying the bonus amount more than 50 times, better that you have big privileges to counterbalance the consequent wagering.

It may be worth it, especially if you've made it your go-to site. In this case, you know that you are mainly going to play on the same site and can therefore easily meet the wagering requirements imposed.

So do not assume that beyond a certain number of times the value of the bonus and the deposit, it will be very difficult to wagering at the casino. It all depends on your playing frequency and your privileges on the said online casino. About casinos My luck Where VegasPlus for example, wagering is substantial but the daily cashback and bonus benefits suit many US players. It's all a matter of choice, finding the right online casino is first and foremost about finding a site that matches your gambling habits.

The Best Loyalty Offers at the Casino

Best No-Wagering Casino Sites

Obviously, since we test all online casinos accepting American players, we know the best addresses. Although the best top online casinos listed by US players are on the top list on our homepage, let's turn to the latest ones that do not involve any wagering requirements.

It is obvious that casinos without wagering are not numerous and that these tend to offer less generous bonuses. That being said, at least you don't have to give yourself migraines trying to achieve wagering goals.

Two online casinos stand out with their unconditional wagering offers:

  • The first is recent and promising, it is about the casino BanzaiSlots in line. Coming from a reputedly reliable online casino creamery, its Japanese theme and various bonuses are increasingly popular. This online gambling establishment is sure to please you because its bonus rules are very reasonable.
  • We are going to move on to a great classic that has remained on the American iGaming scene for many years; Highway Casino. A little older than the first city, with a sumptuous graphic charter and a warm team, it offers you a whole bunch of promotions that do not include the shadow of a requirement.

Be careful though, bonus money is not cashable on these casinos with unconditional bonus offers, so read all the clauses carefully.

So, For or Against Rebate to Cash out ?

You will understand, it is not enough to count the number of zeros in the amounts offered by welcome offers and other bonuses.

We players have every interest in playing in an online gaming establishment that actually offers the right form of bonus or a bonus of a few hundred euros with reasonable wagering.

Pay particular attention to scam casinos go so far as to promise several thousand euros that you will never actually be able to touch ! Why ? Other than excessive wagering, other rules on cashing in winnings go beyond absurdity.

Certainly, casinos have the annoying habit of giving you too short a period of time to reach your goal. And that's okay, it's up to you to make the right calculations. But there are limits all the same. To find out, analyze the wagering at the casino and its own conditions of use. For example during wagering, there are certain games to bet on or even a maximum bet allowed per game.

Another player tip: the higher the wagering, the better the bonus. Sometimes it is wiser to decline a bonus so that you do not have to deal with overly large wagering requirements. Sometimes it can even spoil the fun of playing.

In short, it is better to respect the correct terms of use rather than opt for a casino with zero wagering which imposes far too limited withdrawal amounts or an endless list of prohibited games for bonuses !

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