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Play at the Casino Friday the 13th

Play at the Casino Friday the 13th

Let's face it in good faith: we all have a small dose of superstition that we can't get rid of ”. Alexandre Pothey, the man behind this quote, is not the most famous person, but his sentence could not be more true !

After all it is true, who can say 100% and in good faith that he is not a minimum of superstitious ? We all are at least a little bit and are perpetually looking for the last one most profitable casino. Among American players in any case, superstition is even more present on a daily basis.

To Play or Not to Play at the Casino Friday the 13th ?

But then, should you play at the casino on Friday the 13th ? Very smart the one who will know how to answer this question. As you can imagine, no straightforward and definitive answer can be given. By definition, everyone sees luck, chance and superstition differently.

However, we will still try to find out a little more about this lucky number which is the 13th and all the mystery surrounding this date. After all, if the casinos and the Friday the 13th lotto are so active, it may be for good reason.

Return Rate = Chance Rate ?

Not a day like any other

Not like the others, especially for the paraskevidekatriaphobic. Kezako ? This barbaric name designates people who are afraid of Friday the 13th. And there are probably more of them than you think.

A recent study shows that nearly 15% of Europeans are apprehensive about this day. While around 40% believe on the contrary that this is the day to try everything. Whatever your camp, we can still see that the majority of people are not insensitive to this day so disturbing.

But why would this day be more disturbing than any other? ? What makes you not afraid of Thursday 11 or Saturday 14 ? Once again, the answer is only guesswork, the most likely being religious, as you may know if you've ever heard the expression: "You don't have to be thirteen at the table. misfortune ! ".

And if that brings bad luck, it is because the last meal of Christ took place with 13 people at the table. The thirteenth being of course the apostle Judas who betrayed Jesus and caused his death. Death which, according to the different sacred interpretations, would have occurred on a Friday the 13th ! So if you hear the expression just mentioned, it implies that there would be a traitor at the table !

If you are one of those people who are actually afraid of Friday the 13th, you are probably thinking that your chances of winning at the casino on Friday the 13th are reduced. Know that it is not. Chance makes fun of the day of the week ! Statistically, there is no evidence of any increased odds of winning that day.

When Chance does not exist at the Casino

Friday December 13, 2019: Last chance of the year

Of course, if you are superstitious - and willingly admit it, there is nothing to be ashamed of ! -, you probably won't agree with that. In any case, the fact is that this coming Friday, December 13, 2019 will be the last of the year whatever happens. It therefore represents the last chance to prove or not that this day is different from the others.

If you enjoy Fridays the 13th, we hope you enjoyed having 3 in the year because it won't happen again until 2036. A big sigh of relief for those who give this day a negative connotation.

We definitely don't judge those who think Friday the 13th is not a day like any other. We are not spared by superstition and, as a player, we will not play like any other day.

However, you have to understand that playing when you don't "feel" it is a very bad idea. Although if lucky it could wean you off that fear, you could also make odds in the game, because you are tense and stressed out about playing at the casino on Friday the 13th ! It would be a shame to go wrong and ask for one more card in blackjack. Or on the contrary not to ask, because you let yourself be influenced by the date. Nothing forces you to play. You planned to bet $ 20 ? Bet them tomorrow, you will be even more serene.

If, on the contrary, you feel that the coup of the century is hovering over your head and that it will only come on that day and not another, then go for it, get started! ! But always in a responsible and regulated manner. Don't mortgage your house just because your Lotto Lucky Number may be out ! Do not change your habits, play what you planned to play, as we told you just now, this is the best way not to make a mistake.

Good Gaming Resolutions

Friday the 13th at the lottery, but also at the casino

The euromillions are showing very different guises on Friday the 13th. Advertisements are more frequent and the sums involved are much higher than what we usually see.

Playing at the casino on Friday the 13th also has advantages, because online or hard-line establishments tend to put forward new promotions, for this day only. Higher bonus percentages, free spins ... there is usually plenty of ingenuity to attract you and push you to play.

We would therefore tend to recommend that you at least visit the casinos in which you are registered, in order to take note of the bonuses offered. If you have no problem playing at the casino on Friday the 13th, then it might be worth giving it a try.

Why this use of the conditional ? Because as you know, promotions always or almost always come with obligations and in particular betting requirements. To really benefit from your bonus money, you have to replay it dozens of times and some casinos abuse these clauses.

Cashing in at the Online Casino

Fortunately, this is not the case for everyone, but you still have to maintain absolute vigilance that day so as not to be disillusioned and need to raise the bar ... a thirteenth month !

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