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Player's New Year's Resolution: Verified Stats

Player's New Year's Resolution: Verified Stats

We always take a New Year's resolution with the best of intentions and this year is different, things will change. The likelihood that we will keep our promises to ourselves ? Unless you have no choice, they stay thin.

Having interviewed 500 players aged 22 to 60 and over in all US areas, for having gathered numerous testimonies and opinions published on the forums, we now know what are the keys to the success of those who manage to keep a good resolution.

Hidden Underside of a Real Good Resolution

How do you compare your old good resolutions on online gambling to the ones you are trying to stick to right now? ?

First tips and tricks to win against your bad and unfortunate habits: divide your resolutions by column and sort out the most urgent ones. According to player opinions, the most important reason for making a New Year's resolution is our desire to improve our quality of life.

Then comes health, health is important. We all know the chorus of the new sports program at the start of the year and the pizza in hand two weeks later.

And also, we would like to be able to accomplish the goal we have set for ourselves, such as playing at the casino without a bonus, or betting less online, or simply saving money.

The Good Gaming Resolutions of 2018

Transparency towards yourself Required

What if for a change we try to stick to even one New Year's resolution ? Not just any one of course, a gambling promise, which would therefore relate to gambling, sports betting or online casinos.

As much to prevent immediately, you will have to be honest with yourself for our game tips to work. And to be honest, what player doesn't have a bad habit or two, a little fad like do not play on a Friday the 13th which restricts their earnings or their enjoyment of playing ? Nobody is perfect.

It is not easy for anyone to realize that there is a better way to play, especially experienced US players who have been betting for years. That’s why we’ve put together this list of new online gaming resolutions for you.

It's up to you to try to keep at least one New Year's resolution in this 2020 top list, or even more if you're feeling brave !

Reliability of Sites and Player Reviews

You are sure of yourself, your site of choice is an honest and good paying online gaming establishment. Did you say that you check your license by clicking on the logo seal at the bottom of the home page ?

Just in case, it's always good to know what your remedies are in the event of a complication with the site. In the case of online casinos, for example, some sites are not not recommended but it all depends on the number of testimonies and the authenticity of these.

For example, it has happened several times that players did not recommend a particular site because they lost their bets. If you lose, it's just because you're out of luck.

When chance does not exist

Player reviews are very important, however, as much as any advice we can give you here. These tips are based on our experience as players American speakers but also on the feelings of thousands of online gambling enthusiasts.

If too many negative opinions reach you about a means of payment, an establishment or a game software, there is no need to aggravate the injury by spending even more money there: going elsewhere will only benefit you. Including to negotiate best loyalty offers with your favorite site !

Player Reviews and Casino Scam

Confronting the Jungle of Terms of Service

Whether you have decided to play at the casino without a bonus or by taking advantage of an essential promotional offer, each online merchant site has its rules. And by making purchases on this site, you consent to it. Since we are talking about the advice you can receive, there is one that we keep repeating all the time, especially in our casino reviews and reviews.

This is advice no one wants to hear, simply because it's easier said than done : always read the regulations of online gaming sites with the utmost seriousness. And particularly that of casinos which modify their bonus conditions without notice.

Good to know : If the terms are in English and Shakespeare's language is not your strong suit, ask a friend, a casino forum, or the online casino for help by email. Do not use this pretext to read nothing because it is about cashing your winnings. It is only by understanding the bonus rules or conditions of use of the site that you will really know where you are stepping.

Learn More About Withdrawing Winnings at the Casino

The art of varying the bets

We always recommend - and rightly so - to play responsibly and not to exceed your limits. This is indeed a piece of advice that could in itself be a New Year's resolution to stick to if you don't already respect it.

However, in order not to fall into a routine and in order to change the way you play a little, you might consider placing your bets differently.

If you are used to spinning the reels with bets of 10 cents, why not double the amount and start the machine half as much? ? Okay, you're probably reducing your playing time, but you're also increasing the chances of winning a lot.

In the end, you will have spent the same amount. Depending on the result and your feelings following this experience, you can freely decide to renew or not. Nothing will prevent you from regaining your habits if you are not convinced.

Stop letting yourself fall asleep with impossible bonuses !

For your casino bank and savings are not two compatible words. Well for us, bonuses and high constraints are not compatible no more. Don't let yourself fall asleep with impossible bonuses !

We see online gambling establishments offering four-figure sums, supposedly very interesting, that supposedly should not be missed. Okay but, if you've read and followed our happy New Year's resolution regarding the rules, you may now realize that everything is not always so rosy.

If you have to replay 100 times the amount of your bonus before you can withdraw it, you will have a hard time cashing out your winnings from the bonus money. By the time wagering is reached, you may have lost everything.

In this case, give preference to bonuses of a slightly lower amount, but which do not require replaying too many times.

Better yet, find a casino that does not require wagering. As crazy as it sounds, it does exist. An example ? With pleasure: the USA Casino. This one does not have a 4-digit bonus, nor does it have a host of promotions that you can use all the time, but that does not prevent it from being formidably effective thanks to its absence of mandatory wagers.

Mastering the Wagering of a Bonus

Dare the New Games

We tend to go too easily on the slot machines, as if they alone could save us money. Remember that table games are also very profitable, especially when used well by experienced players.

Beating the rules of different games a bit might not hurt you. You might find some extra entertainment to try every now and then and might even decide to ditch the slots a bit !

Also remember that the Live Casino can also bring you a lot of pleasure, in addition to being very generous at times. Playing with a live dealer has a bit of a different flavor, so give it a try to find out what you think.

Rediscover the authenticity of the Casino

You can also think about, at least from time to time, letting go of your screens. Why not go to a real casino ?

Whether you're on your computer or on your phone, your husband or wife keeps telling you that you're on your screen too often. Why not play for two, in a real casino ? Of course, we cannot test games for free but it is worth giving it a try.

You may not have one near you but, after all, what are a few kilometers of road if in return it allows you to have a great evening as a couple? ? You will discover the world of physical casinos and will undoubtedly enjoy this moment !

This can also be done during your vacation. Set aside a few hours as soon as the opportunity arises to visit the casino in the city you are in. With a little luck, you may even be able to increase the vacation budget following a very generous gain !

However, do not take vacation savings with you to places where temptation is great. Leave the credit card at rest, far from you, and only come with cash. Thus, you will not go further than what was planned, whether it is to redo yourself or simply because your thirst for the game is not entirely satisfied.

If the destination of the holidays is not yet fixed, know that there are now casino cruises, the paradise for all those who like to sail peacefully while placing tokens in a slot machine. Alone, as a couple or with friends, what better way than to let yourself be lulled by the waters before going to the boat's casino in the evening ?

Adopt the Reflex of Using a Game Moderator

Here is the good New Year's resolution that we strive to keep. But without the right tools, how to moderate your activity ? For example many online casinos require that you contact support via email to set up loss, stake, etc.

Personally, we greatly prefer online casinos which give us the possibility of setting our limits ourselves in our player account ! This is particularly the case with Lucky8 Casino, JOKA Casino and the absolute reference; STAKES.

We have already told you but we prefer to insist on it because it is a point that should definitely not be taken lightly. Playing too much money, just like playing too long, wouldn't be serious and could have consequences that you may not yet imagine.

It is therefore your responsibility and duty learn to stop. And before the losses are too big and affect your life outside of the game. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you feel that addiction is looming over you.

Everything about Responsible Gaming Assistance

So that the game can always remain a pleasure and a simple hobby it is enough that you are ready to lose your bets without this having consequences. In short, the money you play should be seen as such, and not as an amount that you will be able to grow.

Of course, if you win at the casino or win your bets, so much the better. Having said that, this is just the icing on the cake. You must play with the full awareness that you can lose what you put at stake.

If you hold the new year resolution that really suits you, then there should be no problem and you should walk away from all your gaming sessions with a smile ! Wishing you a 2020 filled with earnings, good luck.

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