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Streamer Player on Twitch

Streamer Player on Twitch

If we follow the right casino streamer on twitch, we actually discover its techniques and secrets to win. For example to slot machines in line. In addition, we necessarily improve our game and strategies if we analyze the sessions of a streamer on Twitch.

After sharing screenshots between players (in particular their earnings), room for viewing game sessions. The interest ? The pleasure of live, but also a clear overview of what to expect in a game before playing it for real money, plus player tips and tricks.

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What is a Streamer on Twitch ?

Streaming on twitch was, until recently, exclusively reserved for video game specialists. Everything revolved around this universe and this site was still little known to the general public. All the posts were about video games, and it was only absolute fans watching them.

But Twitch streaming is changing. Recently, we have witnessed a real revolution of this platform which now offers categories more varied than each other. From sports to beauty products, through cooking or even music !

And in these new categories, there is in particular the casino streaming vf or vo, the choice is yours. But let's not go too fast. Not everyone knows what Twitch is. Especially those who are not interested in video games for a second.

So let's take the time to explain what Twitch streaming is all about before we show you the interest of posting videos of gaming sessions to an online casino. Or even watch some.

Twitch Videos: How It Works

Live streaming is not new to anyone. To understand twitch, then, just imagine a simple collaborative platform, which broadcasts live videos of players. YouTube stores them, but Twitch streams them live.

Online casino players got involved. This quickly gave on the Casino Streaming.

Basically, it's a bit like betting live on an online bookmaker. You place your bets while watching the match. Except here it is online casino games. If you've ever played roulette with live dealer, you should understand the concept.

Two choices, either you bet live on one online casino game while watching the sessions of another on the same game. Or you first watch the sessions of this game, just to familiarize yourself, and then establish your own strategy.

Why that New Gambling Trend

First of all, streaming on Twitch has never been so easy or so diverse. A sufficiently powerful computer, a passion for a particular theme - video games, casino, sport ... - and a touch of originality, and that's it! You too can open your channel Twitch TV !

But if you are not familiar with this website, you must be wondering why not do it all on Youtube ? After all, when it comes to videos on the Internet, Youtube is the first site we all think of.

However, Youtube is mainly home to many videographers who take the time to refine their creations, by staging them, cutting certain scenes or even adding special effects. All of this is impossible on Twitch, since the heart of this platform is to stream live content. So online videos on Twitch have a much more authentic side.

Youtube has recently been trying to catch up on live video, but being linked to Google you should know that it helps to store data. This platform is therefore much more controlled than Twitch and its videographers cannot rely on a minimum of anonymity.

YouTube remains the world's number 1 video-sharing site. But when it comes to live videos, it is still a long way from its competitor, which claims more than 600 billion minutes of video viewed in 2019.

Twitch originally

Originally, Twitch was a website co-managed by two young video game enthusiasts. When Twitch was launched in 2011, its one and only vocation was to broadcast live on the internet the exploits of the best players on the planet.

The secret of its success ? His openness. Given the number of amateur players, twitch has decided to target a larger audience and also allows the retransmission of the most innocuous videos, from any player. Same amateur !

In 2014, as Twitch only grew in popularity, two giants were fighting to buy it back: Amazon and Youtube. By putting nearly a billion dollars on the table, Amazon has taken over Twitch and is taking it in new directions today.

Twitch and Online Casino

Some would say there is no point in watching someone play video games. And critics of casino streaming on Twitch might make the same remarks.

However, for video games as for gambling, the interest is the same. Watching players of a good level in action - and live - allows you to better understand the strategies to be adopted, the choices to be made.

You will probably tell us that a slot machine is about chance. And that, therefore, watching someone play doesn't change a thing. Corn how bonus features work and what helps trigger them may vary from one slot machine to another. Sometimes there are choices to be made. Fewer throws with more multipliers, or the opposite ?

It will be much easier for you to choose if you have been able to benefit from the experience of a player who has tested the machine for you. By the way, maybe you want to test the latest slot machine made by Betsoft for example, but you can't because your casino balance is in bad shape ?

Play in Demo Mode at the Casino

In that case, what could be better than knowing exactly what this novelty is worth, by watching someone play it for you? ? At least you'll know what to expect and can decide whether or not to test it later !

You must also be wondering why online casino players would bother to film themselves playing ? After all, it forces them to respond to viewer comments, and to animate their video at least a minimum.

The point is, just like on Youtube, it is possible to stream on Twitch to earn money. Of course, this is not accessible to everyone because certain requirements have to be met, but still !

With a minimum of hours of broadcasting and a number of subscribers to respect as well as an average number of viewers, a Twitch streamer can join the closed circle of paid videographers. Above all, viewers always have the option of making donations of varying degrees of value, in order to thank the streamer for his efforts.

As a bonus, since the platform is completely free, anyone can try to make a name for themselves and thus make ends meet.

Twitch Streamer Poker Players !

Which casino game requires the most thinking, and therefore experience to progress ? Without hesitation : poker.

This card game, which continues to grow in popularity, requires real decision-making skills, bluffing skills. In short, this is the game that leaves the least room for chance, even if we don't control the cards we receive.

Rather than carrying the weight of a rather indigestible book that will teach you in an abstract way the strategies to win at poker, it is best to watch the videos of a streamer on Twitch, who will be able to give you his best advice. All in a very concrete way with permanent examples, since it will be playing before your eyes.

This is all the more true as there is a Twitch app that works on every medium imaginable. From game consoles to mobile devices regardless of the operating system used. You can watch videos on Twitch wherever you want !

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