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Recognize a Reliable Online Casino Site

Recognize a Serious Online Casino Site

Before going fishing for serious online casino sites, it is first of all worth knowing about the regulation of gambling in its US space. For example, some casino games such as slot machines or progressive jackpot games are authorized in certain American territories such as Canada for example, while they are strictly prohibited in other.

Whether you are taking your first steps in the world of bookmakers and / or online casinos, one of the first and main difficulties is choosing the platform on which to register and bet your money. The rankings of comparators, guides and other specialized sites are good, but are you looking in the right place ? The IntraAction helps you find yourself a reliable American online casino. Give yourself the means to have a fun and secure gaming experience with the guarantee of being able to cash in your winnings.

Identify an S Online Casinoérieux: Good Practices

As gaming enthusiasts with a long history in the industry, we know it all too well: you will never play safer than on an operator approved by your local competent authority. For American online casino players, it is therefore advisable to rely only on operators accredited by theANJ (formerly ARJEL).

Thanks to our thirty years of cumulative experience in the field, we have a particularly proven knowledge of the expectations of the players. But not only. We are well aware of all the cogs and common pitfalls they face !

As such, we know how difficult choosing a good online casino can be, even when you have some knowledge of the subject. Indeed, new online casinos are appearing every month and all are not the same.

Although very similar in appearance, these online gambling platforms offer a quality of service that can vary greatly from one site to another. Worse, many of these platforms have questionable practices and most turn out to be scams.

The Art of Recognizing a Casino Scam

At, one of our main missions is to help players avoid falling victim to these less virtuous operators. For this, we have developed a very simple trust label: a ranking updated regularly via test sessions and verified player reviews. Before you check it out though, be sure to read our Reviews. An operator must go through a battery of tests, not only conducted by our experts but also by the players themselves.

For us, objectively evaluating the quality of services provided to players in each US area is the only real guarantee.

Bonuses: Genuine Quality Assurance of a Serious Online Casino

In online casinos, bonuses are a bit of a double-edged sword. For many players, they represent the opportunity to benefit from the generosity of the operator. But beware, this generosity comes at a price.

As they say, nothing is ever really free. And certainly not at the casino ! So unless you decide from the start to play the casino without a bonus, there are a few things you should know, such as the fact that any online casino promotional offer is tied to terms of service.

First and foremost, consider the bonuses as chips offered by the casino but which cannot be used anyhow. First of all, these tokens are awarded as bonus money or free spins.

Also, a bonus allows you to play longer and therefore increases your chances of winning. This does not mean that you will increase your bankroll, however. Besides, there are bonus rules to follow. And if you are lucky enough to win with a bonus, there are also withdrawal conditions to be observed.

In the end, a bonus is not always good to take. This is the reason why we analyze the conditions of use of online casino promotional offers and share our promo opinion in our bonus reviews.

Transparency of the Bonus Terms of Use

It has happened that we have detected abusive bonus rules at some operators. For example, it is possible that a casino requires wagering requirements (the famous wager) that are much too high, to be achieved in a very short time.

Wagering FAQ

Most casinos impose a wagering limit in the event of an ongoing bonus, which is common. That said, some go even further (sometimes too much). For example, there are platforms that also require a far too low max withdrawal and / or a list of prohibited games with far too long bonuses.

Withdrawal Limit: Systematic Bonus Rule ?

At, we campaign for promotional offers that are both substantial and offered with reasonable conditions. For us, a serious online casino that can be part of the best American online casino sites is first one that has a reasonable bonus policy.

Playing Casino Without Bonuses: The Solution ?

Several parameters are to be taken into account if you hesitate to play as a bonus. From experience, we can already tell you that the biggest bonuses are seldom the most advantageous for gamers.

For example, a site with a no deposit bonus online casino offer may be more interesting, especially if the wagering conditions and withdrawal limit imposed behind are reasonable. Indeed, it is always interesting to be able to play with free casino money without having to deposit a single cent first.

But there is a category of online casinos that are even more interesting for players: casinos with no wagering requirement before withdrawal.

As rare as they are popular, these sites allow you to enjoy free spins or free money bonuses and cash out the resulting winnings without having to undergo the constraint of having to replay your winnings before you can cash them. In this category, appear in particular the sites of casino without wager such as Highway Casino, Viggoslots or Madnix Casino.

For more details on the bonus offers and promotions of online casinos, we also offer on our site, detailed reviews of the best promotions, with full analyzes and decryption of the conditions imposed by each operator. Do not hesitate to consult them.

Bonus Conditions: Rules to Respect

Reflexes of savvy players to adopt

You have balanced the facts and believe you have objectively determined whether an online casino is really serious ? Think twice. Are you familiar with the best criteria for identifying a serious online casino? ?

We share with you a very simple evaluation and filtering process, based on essential criteria. Keep it under the elbow !

License Validity Check & Fairness of the Games

A serious and reliable online casino must above all justify a legal existence. This means above all that the operator in charge of the site must imperatively be registered regularly in the commercial register of a State.

This also implies that the operator has an operating license issued by a recognized regulatory authority in the field.

As a reminder, the jurisdictions that issue licenses to reliable online casino operators are, among others, the MGA (Malta Gambling Authority), the Curacao Gaming Commission, the UK Gambling Commission, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, etc.

An operator holding an operating license operates under the permanent control of the authority that issued the sesame to him and must strictly adhere to specifications aimed at protecting his players and their funds. For the players, it is therefore an essential guarantee which necessarily leads to the control of equity and parity.

In an online casino, the randomness of the results of the games must be guaranteed in order to offer players a fair chance of winning. For this, the operator must use software RNG (aka Random Number Generator) which must be audited at regular intervals by an independent body.

In order to make sure that this is the case for all the online casinos that we recommend, we always check if the casino does indeed have the certificates of institutions like TST and GLI.

By playing at one of these online casinos, you can be sure that the house does not cheat and that the rate of return to players that it achieves is reasonable.

Return Rate = Chance Rate ?

Support Professionalism

What makes a serious online casino is also and above all the quality of the service it offers to its players. The operator must indeed set up a customer service that is both available and responsive in order to respond effectively to questions and possible complaints from its players.

Today, the preferred contact channels for players are those that allow instant interaction: live chat and telephone.

It is therefore fashionable that an online casino that claims to be reliable can offer one or the other of these solutions full time, taking into account the time difference, and in order to comply as widely as possible with gambling habits. of its customers.

Reliable American Online Casino Version

When opening a player account, you must automatically check the approval box for the site's T & Cs. But actually who reads them in full (especially if they are not translated). Now, once you check this box: you automatically adhere to the casino rules. And this, regardless of the latest changes sometimes updated very recently.

Tips for Managing Your Player Account

When registering on any gaming or sports betting site, whatever it is, it is essential that you at least have the guarantee that the personal data you provide will not be used for purposes other than those necessary. for your registration.

In an online casino, this guarantee of confidentiality is all the more important and should not be negotiable. Concretely, beyond the flat formulas usually appearing in the conditions of use of the site, the operator must adhere to the new confidentiality requirements imposed by the GDPR. It is a non-negotiable condition to be listed among the online casinos that we recommend.

This condition also goes hand in hand with another important condition: the overall security of the platform and financial transactions. The online casinos listed as serious by our services all have a website with a security certificate that guarantees that all banking data passing through their platform is encrypted. The most common certification in this context is SSL.

Payment of winnings at the Casino

For gamers, there is arguably nothing more frustrating that a casino does not pay on time. Indeed, a reliable casino must be able to ensure the withdrawal of earnings from its players within a reasonable timeframee; i.e. after a few days.

For this, the casino must ensure rapid processing of withdrawal requests. In addition to allowing players to quickly access their funds, it also offers a number of guarantees as to the solvency of the operator.

Withdrawal of Gain at the Casino: How it Works ?

As part of our evaluations of the different gaming platforms, we carry out real-life tests in order to see for ourselves the real payment terms. Confronted with feedback from players published on specialized forums, this information allows us to have a truly objective opinion on this aspect of the casino. And you can be sure that if a casino takes too long to pay its players or causes a lot of problems for players requesting large winnings withdrawals, it will never be considered a serious casino.

Count on Moderators & Responsible Gaming Tools

Gambling is risky, even when you are sure you have a healthy relationship with gambling. With us, the good practices of responsible gambling are often mentioned in order to avoid the addiction and debt of our readers. In our opinion, these are indeed real risks that all players must be aware of.

However, in accordance with the requirements of the approvals issued to them by recognized regulatory institutions, online casino operators have a moral responsibility towards their players. They are therefore obliged to constantly remind themselves of the risks incurred, but also to provide their members with the means to protect themselves effectively.

This notably involves the proposal of moderation tools allowing players to set deposit and / or wagering limits (daily, weekly or even monthly). A top online casino will also give its players the opportunity to periodically exclude themselves as soon as they feel vulnerable.

The sites that have our serious online casino label also collaborate with institutions specializing in player support such as Adictel, Evaluate game or Gamecare.

Now that you know what the best online casino should look like, all you have to do is choose the ones that suit you best. Do not hesitate to consult the most recent American opinions, in order to also take into account the latest feedback from real players.

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