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Casino Return Rate & Hit Frequency

Casino Return Rate & Hit Frequency

Have you got already search for most profitable games ? So you have certainly come across this famous percentage which is around 95% and which bears the acronym of RTP. Focus on the Return to Player Rate, aka payout rate.

the Return to Player which translates to Rate of Return (or Redistribution) in American is an essential indicator to take into account when playing casino games on an online casino. Too often mistakenly confused with gambling luck, the average payout of a slot machine depends on its winning frequency - that is, its volatility.

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Calculate a Casino Return Rate

It is simply the ratio between the money wagered on a slot machine and the money it redistributes on average. We must understand this notion of mean. Too often still, the rate of return is confused, wrongly, with gambling luck for American players. So always consider this rate of theoretical and know that it is not the only indicator to take into account.

Did you know? The actual payout percentage is what the slot machine actually paid out. This percentage can be greater than 100% over a specified period. Especially if the slot machine has had many jackpots, or if its RTP is lower than the theoretical redistribution rate.

Redistribution is used by casinos to describe the percentage of money wagered that will be refunded, but be aware that it only applies to the long term. Almost anything can happen in the short term indeed. To be very clear, this does not mean that you will benefit from this redistribution.

The player who will make a big win, for example, considerably absorbs the 'luck capital' of others. Therefore it automatically varies the redistribution. And it has a name. This is the variance (hit frequency in English) and when it comes to slot machines, we talk about Volatility.


Take the casino payout rate by 95% for example. This rate does not mean that you will get 95% of your deposits back or that you have a 95% chance of winning. This percentage just means that, theoretically, 95 $ are redistributed out of 100$. Concretely, this therefore means that over a given period, all the games redistributed 95 euros out of 100 euros played.

Parenthesis. You may also have already noticed that the return rate is actually right the flip side of the house advantage. If the house edge on a slot machine is 20%, then the average RTP will be 80%. Which means in the long run the machine will keep about 20% of all money wagered and return the other 80% to winning players.

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Volatility of a Slot Machine

Hit Frequency that we translate by variance or volatility is the term used by casinos to describe the how often a winning combination appears on a slot machine.

For example, if a machine registers a combination frequency of 8%, it means that the machine will stop on a winning combination approximately 8% of the time.

Interestingly, many slot machines give players the option to select and deselect multiple paylines on each spin. The result is that, for a single game, a player can obtain one or more winning combinations. Among slot machines, therefore, there can be large variations in volatility.

Some slot machines have a winning combination frequency as low as 3%, however remember that while this type of slot may seem unattractive or even uninteresting, my machine probably offers players a chance to win win a very big win.

Machines with large progressive jackpots such as Mega moolah do tend to have low volatility, which means you rarely win big.

Understand How Much You Can Earn

You have certainly noticed that the slot machines section is always particularly rich. And this, regardless of the online casino.

But you should know that not only slot machines can belong to a specific genre (video slot, progressive jackpot, joker slot machine, etc.), but they are also programmed differently. Indeed, each slot must be able, each time, to offer very different rates of return and volatility.

In terms of volatility, we distinguish two main types of slot machines. Those with a high frequency of gains and those with a lower frequency of gains.

Slot machines benefiting from a higher earning frequency are called 'hot' machines (in other words the loose slots). Indeed, they are considered more generous than others. However, the percentage redistribution of this type of machine is not very high, which is normal, given that the winning combinations are displayed more often.

Slots with a lower winning frequency are called 'tight' machines (tight slots). However, the payback rate in this case is generally better than that of loose slots and when a payout falls it is important.

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Is it Better a Low or High Volatility Slot ?

The Return Rate is often misleading.


Because the RTP of a game don't tell you how many times you can hope to win.

Remember, the Hit Frequency is the frequency (on average) of winning games compared to the number of games played. In contrast, RTP is the amount or percentage of all money wagered on a machine that will be paid out over time.

Example to better understand. A 97% slot payout rate and low winning frequency can only have one in ten winning combination on average, while a slot machine with a 97% payout rate can have combinations. winning after every three games on average.

The catch is that slot machines with a frequency of earnings higher pay out more often, but in smaller amounts, while slots with a lower winning frequency pay out larger amounts every now and then.

Everyone wants to be able to win big, it's no secret. Therefore, it may seem logical to want to play on a machine not very volatile (which therefore has a lower gain frequency) and one higher return rate.

Good to Remember

  • Slot machines with a low frequency of winnings (hence machines with low volatility) are often perceived by players as 'Cold' because the earnings are particularly high but spaced
  • High volatility games are sometimes seen as ‘hots because they bring in small regular earnings.

Traditional single line and three reel machines have the highest variance. Multi-line video slots have a lower variance since you are essentially betting on your bet.

Check the paytable of a video slot machine to get an estimate of its variance. As the prices of the functions increase and the row payments decrease, the variance increases.

Chance, Equity, Parity

When looking at the statistics and odds of gambling, it is essential to understand that these calculations are based on thousands of contingencies.

What really needs to be remembered is that they depend on chance because the random number generators manage them and ensure that the result is always impartial and arbitrary.

Thanks to random number generators, your chances of winning are therefore always the same and the results of casino games remain arbitrary and fair.

When you hear people say that an online slot machine reverses at regular intervals, know that this is a myth. Slot machines are not aware that they have just shelled out a big payout. Which means that each outcome is independent and even if you just hit a jackpot you can still score a big win in the next round.

At the end of the day, if you are ordinary human beings like us, you won't be able to really calculate the math behind the online slot return rate because you have no idea what the internal programming of the slot machine is. under.

The only thing you can do is look for online casinos that clearly display the RTP of their slots - which should be public, by the way - as this is a testament to their reliability.

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