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Know how to win at online casino games

Even though everyone knows that the peculiarity of platforms on the internet is to offer free casino games, in your opinion how many of us actually know how to play them??

For players who are fans of flash games for example, do you only know the no download casinos? If so, try a download casino to see the differences and adapt the way you play. Have you ever tried to play mobile casino? Are you comfortable and do you have access to all the casino games without any bugs?? Even if everyone has an idea of ​​what casino games are, an online platform must innovate to offer new modes of play and innovative variations.

Player friends, learn to adapt to the new online casino games.

Today, online casinos are a regular game changer. And for good reason; they must adapt to progress to remain the best. Our requirements would be that online casino games be playable in the same way as land-based casinos. We would also like there to be the same atmosphere, the same games, the same tokens... This profound lack of authenticity has been filled (or almost) by the Live Casinos. Yet it was at this point that we began to turn to Mobile Casinos. More and more we are playing casino on mobile and we are interested in compatible games on mobile. As eternally dissatisfied, we don't do better. And we're right, because after all, we play our money real or fictitious for fun. And we enjoy varying them, the pleasures.

Online casino games - free and unlimited

Playing in the casino for free has never been an option, much to the regret of players who have won big and who unfortunately succumbed to the temptation to replay all their winnings.

However, responsible gambling is on the rise thanks to the internet.

Indeed, it is more and more easy to adopt since the best platforms today offer us to play free casino games.

This is what we call the Fun play or the Game in Demo Mode.

To encourage responsible gambling, most casinos also offer the option of setting limits on wagering / playing time directly from the player account.

In addition, they must all have a charter on this subject in their terms and conditions.

Thus, the big players who tend to be overwhelmed by the taste for risk can self-monitor.

Indeed, they now have at their disposal all the necessary tools to respect their game budget (more commonly called bankroll).

The different types of casino games in line

There are many types and variations of casino games, but as with land-based casinos, the biggest quantity games are slots.

Fortunately, because they fall into many categories.

Watch out for slot machine rules: they differ depending on the type of machine. For example, bets from a jackpot slot like Mega moolah are generally higher than that of a classic Merkur or Novoline style slot machine (games Book of Ra, Dolphin's Pearl, etc).

The payout of online casino games

The big question is; can we compare our odds of winning at land-based casino to those of winning online?

Opinions on the answer are mixed, because even if the laws of chance impact our earning potential, online casinos offer bonus money that will help us play more, and for longer.

With reference to certain journalistic and economic studies on games of chance in the USA, the redistribution rate is more generous online. And it's an inconvenient reality.

The payout ratio of a casino is set at a limit of 85%. However, accredited and certified casinos confirm rates over 90%.

And they have evidence to back it up! Popular casino game providers such as NetEnt, for example, display a confirmed rate for each of their titles. For those who do not know the casino Wild sultan, you can even find volatility indices.

Be careful not to get your brushes tangled: a game's payout rate will never tell you how many chances you have of winning. We must also take into account the volatility of the game.

The great variations of casino games

To join what we said previously, we now have the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the game before playing live since the free online slots are indeed part of the offer!

However, not all players are 'slot players' and will prefer good old games of blackjack, of poker or from roulette Around a table.

Online casinos have understood this well by offering the great table and card games in their classic version but also several more or less original derivatives (baccarat, craps).

Variants of roulette games are becoming more and more numerous, with European roulette, American roulette but also live roulette or even multi-ball roulette.

Some blackjack versions differ in terms of the rules of the game.

As for poker, it also has several variations (Texas Hold'Em is one of the most common).

Finally, to leave no one off guard, online casinos are slowly starting to introduce draw games. It is in fact lottery games, by definition games of chance. Once highly prized by audiences quite different from today, the bingo games, gamese scratching, Keno, ect are back in fashion.

To access the widest possible range of casino games, we recommend the brand new casino Lucky31 or the famous casino ExclusiveBet

  • These are the two best online casinos for choice and game variations
  • ExclusiveBet offers the largest selection of games (Video Poker, Live Betting, Virtual Spots, over 120 Table Games, half of which are live games)
  • Lucky31 is one of the best live casinos. There is also a huge selection of Live Bets and even Microgaming games. This supplier has also won the Digital Product of the Year Award at Global Gaming 2016)

Tips: Avoid the usual casino bluff, even if the latter are an excellent choice.

Check out the table limits and bonus conditions at these two online casinos before you switch to real money gambling.

Trendy Casino Games or Game Modes?

Ideally, we would like to be able to benefit from both.

Online casino player reviews are mixed for one good reason - we all have different gaming needs and expectations.

The online casino with the largest selection of games is not necessarily the one that all players are looking for.

Nowadays, for example, we are mainly looking for compatible games on all devices, which can be played without downloading.

So, there are not only many variations of casino games, but also many modes.

That’s why this exhibition of all virtual casino games is useful.

Online casinos have understood this well and that is why the Games menu recommended casinos, such as Wild sultan Where VegasCasino, make it easy to find a name, mode or type of game.

If some new games make headlines and are hits, most relate to the categories of video slot which is not to everyone's taste.

For fans of online blackjack games for example, even if the most popular variants are available to you (European Blackjack, Classic Blackjack), unfortunately not all game modes are available. Indeed, often blackjack tables are multi-hand or the games of live blackjack are only available in real money.

Also, be aware that most casino games are compatible on mobile, but not all. However, we expect a mobile gaming experience to be hassle-free. And what a disappointment, when we realize that our favorite game is not compatible on our iPhone!

Take for example Mobile Poker. While playing online casino on mobile has become a habit for most of us, some mobile poker casinos offer very few variations of mobile poker. Ditto for the variant of Video Poker Deuces Wild - which is not available on all devices.

Also a plague concerning casino games: these famous bugs which spoil all the pleasure of playing. However, depending on the browser or the version we use to play online, the game can 'bug'. This is common and makes us panic at the idea of ​​not getting our bets back due to a software or casino bug! To avoid this, learn about games and ask for chat assistance in line.

We will therefore appreciate that an online casino is highly compatible and flexible when it comes to gaming.

For example 7Red is a casino reward several times in a row Mobile operator. Also from the same group; Black Casino - a American exclusivity. This platform clearly tells us which games are available on mobile. To learn more about Casino Noir Mobile games, see the Casino review here.

The right choice and the best casino games

New to online casinos?

If you don't yet have an idea of ​​your favorite casino games, why not try a game of free roulette? The rules are simple and the sound effects are very close to those of reality, it immerses you directly in the world of the casino without all the somewhat brutal and impressive animation that can distract you.

Or why not discover the slot machine games easy to play like the classic slots of the renowned Play n'Go software (Pearl Lagoon).

If you prefer quality graphics, we can only recommend the Dracula NetEnt slot.

There are also the excellent Betsoft games - the top 3D slots editor (HD graphics and sounds guaranteed). Find the whole Betsoft range on casinos from our top list here.

However, making the right choice among casino games is also about knowing what you want to play. Several factors come into play:

  • Your bankroll - can you really afford to play for real money and most importantly, how much?
  • Do you have a penchant for games of chance which require strategies and rules, such as blackjack?
  • Are you a fan of any particular online casino game publisher? If so, are the supplier's games available in the USA??

Having direct access to the game by typing / locating the name of their favorite casino game for American players is not enough.

It is also important to find the right casino games for everyone's needs.

Safety of online casino games

A question of suppliers, but not only. The casino must also be accredited by a reliable jurisdiction and be transparent with respect to its conditions of use.

One of the most important rules online casinos must follow is ensuring players are playing fair.

Fairness of casino games:

Casino games subject to regular security checks should always be favored. Controlled online casinos are therefore the most reliable.

For example, all the casinos that are part of our top 5 are certified Technical System Testing.

The group TST is an independent and highly recognized certification body. It is part of Gaming Laboratories International and take care of the good operation of

  • Security protocols used,
  • Redistribution rate of games,
  • Random Number Generators (arbitrary and fair combinations or results)

The Best Online Casino Game Providers

Each online casino provider has its own specialty.

Some of them specialize in virtual sports such as betting, football or horse racing (this is particularly the case for games 1x2 Gaming and Ezugi) while others are real professionals in live dealer games (Evolution Gaming in particular, which is winning more and more awards for its live games).

However, the most popular providers in the online casino industry are slot machine game publishers. To name only the best;

  • the unbeatable Microgaming - a pioneer who excels in innovation,
  • cream of creams NetEnt, the Swedish who only comes out of successful slots
  • the new top Yggdrasil which takes care of the design of its thematic slots machines
  • the inevitable Betsoft to the best 3D video slots in the industry
  • NYX which becomes the largest online gaming platform

Online casino game tips for American players: some game providers are no longer available to residents of the USA. To play games with specific software, make sure you are playing from the correct IP address and before registering at the casino, test the search for games by provider, for example on Extra Casino.

Our opinion on online casino games

New online casinos are born every day. Not all of them, however, are as reliable as they claim.

Advances in technology often come up against the issue of internet security, and knowing how to play online is essential these days.

Here we offer you Games Reviews by addressing among others

  • their supplier,
  • their redistribution rates,
  • their playability and
  • mobile compatibility .

The world of gambling is revolutionized by online casinos, and inevitably the rules of the game are constantly changing. It is for this reason that in order to properly play online casino games today, it is also important to test them.

All the best online casinos offer unlimited access to free games .

Put the odds on your side; try one of the 7Red casinos that we list on the home page.

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