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Jackpot for Online Bingo! Since the launch of online bingo games, some platforms have become must-haves for raffle and lottery enthusiasts. Having tested them, we know which are the best and the type of variants they offer.

More than any other casino game, online bingo is accessible to all budgets and we love the good-natured atmosphere that emanates from easy-to-access tournaments. Add to that adapted and innovative bonuses such as for example free grids offered and insane jackpots… And you get an adaptation to the casino that could not be more successful.

Online Bingo, Casino style

And to think that it all started in hard bingo halls, where high-class players covered their numbered boxes with beans ... to then go to the marker.

A favorite game of parishes and a star of television entertainment, bingo has found its way into a comfortable place alongside the online casino games headlights. It has become more popular than scratch cards, and it is even played more often than classic slots like EGT or Novomatic.

The adaptation of bingo to the casino is indeed a real success, especially for those who play in the rooms live. And for good reason, it succeeds where other draw games have failed: it resuscitates the human factor, the cordiality between the players and the fair play that it lacked.

The little extras of Bingo at the Casino ? Cash prizes instead of gourmet baskets. Not to mention our entire collection of gris-gris located nearby, without anyone being able to laugh at.

Bingo Live Where Bingo Video?

Playing bingo online is just as easy as in land-based halls; we buy our bingo cards and wait for the numbered balls to be drawn. The goal is always the same: to be the first to land the winning combination. What will change is first the type of bingo. There are two main ones:

  • Video Bingo: Generally, these are bingo games from specialized software such as RCT Gaming, 1x2 Gaming or Pariplay Ltd. Among the best bingo video games, there is the Pachinko that you can find on the casino STAKES.
  • Live Bingo : The least common on online casinos, and the one that is a real hit. The key to its success: chat room, in other words a live room of bingo players. As in a hard room, we are all gathered to play together and the animators take care of the atmosphere. For the first time, we find the warmth of old bingo, since we can communicate while participating in tournaments. To discover urgently on the one and only OnlineBingo.had

Then depending on the variant of bingo chosen, we will either have to fill the entire grid or only one line, in other words make a who does not. Among the best variations of casino bingo, the 75 ball bingo, 80 balls and 90 balls.

The ultimate game of chance and relaxation

The opinions of online bingo players are far from mixed: we all like the possibility of betting small, the big wins and the fact that there are winners per minute.

Playing bingo has always been easy, but its internet version is even more so:

  • Easily selectable number of screens / box
  • Change of grid / direct cardboard by clicking on it
  • Draw numbers immediately
  • Automatically ticked numbers
  • Indication of instant winnings
  • Option play in dummy mode
  • Variants of bingo games accessible

This enhanced simplicity of play at some online casinos also knows how to demonstrateoriginality and generosity. The perfect example; the introduction of exclusive bingo bonuses. These are as innovative as they can be, especially when they are inspired by events such as tournaments and contests. There are also daily bonuses that can be taken advantage of at some online casinos, for example on OnlineBingo.

So it's not just about taking advantage of online casino bingo bonus. Their Terms of use be adapted. Take for example the betting requirements to achieve before being able to cash a gain from a bingo bonus: some casinos reward new registrants in real money or in bonus money but the contribution of bingo games is often overlooked.

Finally, we know that most online casinos adopt a model of loyalty-oriented promotions. The fact of mainly involving players who bet often, and especially on slot machine games, does not benefit online bingo players. It is therefore essential to choose the best online casino to play bingo, and the only one that stands out from the rest is OnlineBingo casino.

Online Bingo Casino Review

The diversity of online bingo games

Bingo games vary enormously and they do well because precisely, the demand is higher, it is also more varied.

As a result, there are bingo games today which vary according to the quantity of numbers, the minimum number of accepted grids, the theme, the number of players, or even according to the time at which we play (special bingo happy hour, or special weekend for example).

It is even now possible to win a bingo jackpot, whereby we play in a private bingo hall with a wide choice of mini-games. Only OnlineBingo offers this option for the moment, so it is on this platform that you will have to try your luck. Who knows, you could be the next online bingo jackpot winner !

Depending on the variant of bingo chosen, we will either have to fill in the entire grid or only one line, in other words: make a who does not.

At the online casino, the most popular bingo games are those played in the hall live bingo

  • the 75 Ball Bingo
  • the 90 Ball Bingo

In terms of events, bingo tournaments are also very popular because the cash prizes are not linked to any wagering requirement. This is the case for example at the OnlineBingo casino.

Play Bingo on Mobile

It is truly when technology HTML5 was incorporated into online casinos that online bingo was successful. Effectively allowing access to games without downloading directly from the browser, this new technology provides mobile casino players speed and High Definition. As a result, casino game publishers have also started to develop bingo games, for example Play'n Go with his game Flying Pigs (a bingo video of course, but a good one).

Bingo being an easy game to play, it becomes with its online adaptation and its mobile compatibility the perfect entertainment for short games. Mobile bingo enthusiasts, therefore, if you fancy some real money bingo games on the go, choose a quality mobile casino like Stakes Where Lucky8 and if you prefer live bingo in live rooms, then OnlineBingo.had is still one of the most trusted bingo casinos.

Alternatively, you can opt for free online bingo by downloading a free application on Android / iPhone.

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