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The American touch of classic blackjack you know ? Whether you try your luck at an American blackjack online multi-hand or single player game, familiarize yourself with free online blackjack games. To do this, simply go to the menu of casino games and select the electronic version of blackjack. In the meantime, a little decryption to define your starting bet.

The classic variant of blackjack games, also known as American blackjack, is the favorite of gamers around the world. There can be up to 8 decks of shuffled cards in casino blackjack and as much to say now, they are very regularly.

Usually in this variant the dealer's cards are visible and they are entitled to ask for another card even if they are at 17 points (depending on whether or not their hand contains an Ace).

However, there are so many variations of this type of blackjack that these rules can change.

What is often true is that if we blackjack, we earn 3 chips for 2 bets. The goal of the game does not change: get 21 points or get closer than your opponent.

But before starting a game of blackjack, let's take a look at the vocabulary used in the game screen, which sometimes is not instantly translated into American!

Do you Speak Blackjack?

Obviously, if you have chosen to play black jack at least you have some notions. Or you are one of the smart guys who play a game with the best payout rate (99.41% at Classic Blackjack to be precise).

But for those who discover with dismay that the game is also in American? We give them a hand with this little American blackjack game lexicon:

  • Blackjack country 3 to 2: Blackjack pays 3: 2 (for example, 15 euros for 2 bets of 5 euros)
  • Dealer must stand on 17 and must draw on 16: The dealer can Draw at 16 but Remain at 17
  • Insurance Country 2 to 1: THE'Insurance pays 2: 1
  • Bet: Bet. Minimum and maximum bet correspond to min. bet and max. bet
  • Wins: Number of games won
  • Credits: Credits or tokens available (what you have to play the game)
  • Deal: Distribute
  • Re-bet: Re-bet the same thing. Place the same bets as in the previous game
  • New bet: New bet
  • Speed: Speed. Set how fast you want to play
  • Split: To separate. Possibility of splitting the game into 2 hands (the initial bet will therefore be doubled)
  • Stand: To stay. Click on the button "Stand”To stop you there. No more cards.

Blackjack with Several Hands: the Multi-Hand

Most free online blackjack games online offer you to play multiple games, called 'hands', at a time. This is called the multi-hand blackjack (multi-hand in English, or rather in American).

Even though multi-hand blackjack is popular with players, you don't always want to play more than one hand (and therefore place multiple bets). Know that you are absolutely not obliged to play all the hands offered.

If playing just one hand, or two at the limit, is fine with you then you have the full option.

If you're playing for luck anyway, why not play all the hands on offer?. In this case, all you have to do is click on the chip representing the amount of each bet and place it in each of the game fields where you want to play.

Blackjack Gameplay and Situations

In relation to the value of your hand, you are the only one who can decide to receive an additional card in order to get as close as possible to 21 points. The croupier, your opponent, is imposed rules announced from the start and will therefore not be able to choose to draw a new card or not.

Drawing a card results in the game as ‘Hit’And the value of this new card will be added to the points you already have.

Split’, As we have seen, is a card separation option. This action is offered to us from time to time, becoming selectable, when we have a double or a 10. Be careful with this one, because it proposes to split the game into 2, so it's a mini-multi-hand!

Bets in Free Online Blackjack

In most online blackjack games, fairly low minimum bets will be required in order to play. The minimum wagering requirement is usually 10 euro cents per hand. Doubling the bet or the `` splitter '' will automatically double this bet.

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