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A little intro to Online Poker

If the the USA Poker Tour has always fascinated you, you cannot better respect the golden rule: "gambling money stays in the game than by playing casino poker online. Apart from land-based establishments and famous legal platforms, it is possible to try out the various poker games for free or to observe the tips and tricks of players live, and it is a convenient way to practice before going real.

More accessible tournaments, unlimited free games, tables of Live Poker with live dealer observable 24 hours a day, popular variants with including video poker, unmissable special promotions table games ’... In short, the virtual poker carpet is worth the detour.

If you are reading these few lines, it is because like most serious poker players, you are interested in anything related to the game of cards.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player; play casino poker online is a test to do because it is possible to play for free. It is even possible to observe the games broadcast live from a land-based casino (specialty of casinos Lucky31 and Extra Casino).

A peculiarity of poker however, it is the card game with the most variants. Two large Poker categories to start :

  • Basically, the most popular of all versions of poker is the open poker (Texas Hold'Em, Stud Poker), in which the cards are visible.
  • However, beginners will more easily learn the closed poker (Draw Poker) - a version in which the cards are face down. The goal is simple, win your opponent's tokens. And to get there, you have to have the best poker hand. A poker hand consists of 5 cards, the deal is 7 cards and there is the betting round where we announce our stake.

Dublin Bet Casino Reviews - The Benchmark For The Best Poker Variants

For or against online casino poker ?

Thanks to online casinos, it is possible to play free poker games. Playing for free aims precisely to avoid leaving feathers there, and above all it allows us to practice as often and as long as you want.

This is why choosing a good online poker software such as NetEnt is important. Indeed, by choosing good editors, we are sure to benefit from a repayment verified reliable and find the best variants, such as the version Live Casino or even electronic machines: Video Poker.

Poker games from well-known publishers like Playn’Go or Betsoft are mainly electronic variants, the only ones available in demo mode (fictitious parts).

On the other hand for the more experienced, the Poker of Live Casino or land-based casino is best. On US platforms, we call them the ‘poker rooms’And subscribing to one of them is also free.

Another aspect of online poker that will not upset anyone: access to poker tournaments online is a lot easier. When we gain some experience in Poker, this allows us to move on to the next step: confronting other players, however many they may be.

Poker vs Video Poker

The real game of poker at the casino is the version Video of the game that succeeds.  the video poker actually has more and more followers on online casinos. This is the most played version online, and here are some of the reasons behind the most reviews of online casino poker subscribers:

  • the Video Poker allows you to manage your ‘game budget 'more easily, since on a poker machine the losses of money do not exceed the credited stake. Free Video Poker is also useful if you want to have a fun game
  • Unlike regular poker, Ace is not the strongest card in Video Poker
  • Access to a game of video poker is immediate - no need to wait for a sufficient number of players
  • The Royal flush is a more interesting winning combination in video poker, because we can make a small bet which can pay us big
  • The atmosphere is less stressful on a video poker machine
  • Possibility of Progressive Jackpots on some Video Poker games

As in all games of chance and money, the player will always look for a variation of poker that offers the greatest chances of winning. This is when the video poker comes to mind :

  • Low house advantage,
  • Possibility of small bets for big wins,
  • Quick and anonymous access.

And then, the amount of earnings won by virtual poker winners is interesting. Indeed, the redistribution rate is important in this game, because its average is 97% - or more than online slot machines.

Journey & Usefulness of Video Poker

It made its entry into casinos in the the sixties ; and today is one of the most popular forms of the card game. Listed as a single player game, it's a hobby like any other.

For the player full of skill and strong in strategies, Video Poker is a real challenge, because it is a fight against the machine.

If you are new to Video Poker, make sure you have notions of three-of-a-kind game. Indeed, to start video poker there is no better introduction.

play on a slot machine: just play a few coins for the cards to be dealt and you choose to bid and outbid the bet or fold ’depending on the value of the hand you have.

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