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Poker Version Deuces Wild

Poker Version Deuces Wild

the Deuces Wild is a version of video poker in which the 2 is the best. Here is a variation for the less famous among video poker games, because in addition to being an electronic version of poker, the 2 can be equal to any other card. Fair or unfair, that's the rule of the game.

As in classic poker, the player who will win is the one who will have the best combination of 5 cards, therefore the strongest winning combination. However, the game of Deuces Wild will somewhat upset the habits of the poker player by imposing his law: the law of 2, replacing the card! In short, you will understand, it is a game of poker with joker.

Deuces Wild Video Poker: The game's rules

There is no reason why only slots have wild symbols. The Deuces Wild game, which is also called 'Deux Primes' since the 2 are 'bonuses' for the player, has nothing to envy to slots since it is a video type game, therefore like slot machines. And he, too, offers a replacement option in the card of 2 (which we will call a Wild card here). As in video poker, simply place your bet by clicking on the "+" and "-" buttons at the bottom of the game screen. What is also good about this video version of Deuces Wild is that the best hand is automatically selected, so thinking about which card or cards you want to keep is no longer a necessity since the game does it for us.

On to a game of Deuces Wild

By clicking on "Deal" you activate the distribution of the five cards, to then retain one or more cards (which, we remind you, are automatically preselected) and wait for the final distribution. You can deselect previously held cards, but you can most often rely on the choice of the Deuces Wild machine, as it retains the cards that will most likely lead you to the best possible combination. When the time for the final hand strikes, the winnings are immediately indicated (if you have, of course, a combination that appears on the paytable)

The extras

Like any decent casino game, you can expect extras such as the Deuces Wild betting option which consists of a 'double or nothing'. When you win, this option kicks in automatically, or waits for you to click the button that flashes 'Gamble'. Two face down cards flash and therefore indicate that you must choose one of them. Rather daring as a bet, you will tell us. If you chose the card with the highest value, you win double the winnings. Also, the possibility of playing Deuces Wild for free is indeed real, which comforts us in our days of gambling without money.

The winning combinations at Deuces Wild

  • Three of a kind consists of 3 cards of identical value
  • The Color consists of a series of 5 cards of the same color
  • A suite consists of a series of 5 cards whose value follows one another in ascending order
  • The Straight Flush consists of a series of 5 cards of the same suit
  • A Full consists of three cards of the same rank and a pair
  • Square: 4 cards of the same value, or 5 with a joker (so a 2)
  • Royal Flush Wild: Royal Flush with 2 - from Ace to 10 of the same suit including Deuces Wild, i.e. 2
  • 4 x 2: total of four 2s
  • Royal Flush: Ace to 10 of the same suit, without any 2
  • Royal Flush: THE combination that pays off the jackpot: Royal Flush from the first card deal
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