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Playing real money online slots is good, but knowing your odds of winning online is better.

Everyone has played slot machines at least once. Usually, this is the game you try your very first time at an online or land-based casino.

For most players, their history with the game begins with a first attempt at the slot machine, followed by real money wins and a great but fleeting sense of excitement.

Why the slot machine usually attracts the apprentice player? The shimmer of earnings of course !

Top Profitable Slot Machine

Slot machine games (aka online casino slot machines, in gambling jargon) represent both fun and luck.

And then, a slot machine that impresses. It flashes everywhere and there is the famous clicking of falling coins. So when you realize that on top of that it's an easy to understand game that pays off; we are immediately tempted to play it.

Most often called by Australians the ‘pokiesFormerly mechanical reel slot machines have given way to video slots. Game developers change their configuration (more reels, more paylines) or they innovate by incorporating new bonus features.

In short, the one-armed bandit gives way to the latest video slot machine. Most of them are carefully designed, with remarkable graphics.

Over time, the slot machine has therefore become very popular. Emblem of any self-respecting casino, it justifies its existence because a casino without a slot machine would be a bit like a country without a flag.

Playing Well at Slot Machines

It's hard to make it simpler. Just lower the lever or press the 'play' button after placing a bet. But there you go, this is what everyone already knows. For starters, if you play in demo mode you only get a brief overview of the game and you don't learn to play well.

It's when you put your money into a slot machine, and you want to make sure you don't throw it right out the window, that you discover that there are two important steps. When playing for real money, be careful when buying chips at the cashier. We think more about the value we choose for our chips and the cents, euros, tens of euros we are going to play.

The second step is to choose your slot machine. Yes, they exist in all forms, under all backgrounds and under all names:

  • Multiple Payout Slot Machines : some game publishers have made it their specialty (slots megaways)
  • Progressive slots : Progressive jackpot games are not always accessible, but some continue to make lifetime winners (Mega moolah notably)
  • Slot machines with win multiplier (multiply slots)
  • Mobile slots : online slot machines are nowadays all compatible on mobile (some such as NetEnt Touch are even designed for)

The list is still long...

What are the Best Machines on Mobile ?

The Online Casino Slot Machine

Followers of classic slot machines, with the lever that makes a funny noise at the beginning but weighs after 10 minutes, are quickly seduced by the slot machines of the best online casinos. They are easy to access, diversified and above all, they are always free.

In terms of reliability also, when you think about it, online casinos are even more trustworthy because we avoid the old crooked land-based casino gambler lurking behind our backs. Indeed, again everyone knows that when you play the slot machine and have been accumulating losses for a long time, there is always someone behind who is waiting for you to leave to be able to play on the same machine in order to try his luck.

It's a strategy, easy probability, which does not exist at online casinos.

So when you want to play slots for real and have the same feelings, you might as well play for money on online slots.

Winning at Online Slots

The repayment, you know ? If you are moving from land-based casinos to online casinos, there are a few tips and tricks you should know before you jump in and go rate of return to player is part of.

Return Rate = Chance Rate ?

Another advantage that is not the least: when you play slot machines in online casinos, you have the chance to benefit from special offers. But beware, nothing is ever really free at the casino so beware of no deposit bonuses to restrictive clauses (see abusive).

Promotional offers from online casinos are generally not applicable to table games. This is because bonsu money and free spins are mainly usable on slot machines. And again, some are part of the list of slots prohibited for bonuses (if you did not know that there were games banned in case of game under bonus, take a look at the rules of the online casino).

And then there are those online casinos that offer generous bonuses that you can't cash out. Some have even made it their main asset (Highway, LeJackpot Casino). That being said, not all of them offer reasonable terms of service.

In case of doubt, therefore, consider consulting our section Faqs & Strategies (our article on serious and paying casinos should be particularly useful to you).

The best is still to subscribe to the newsletter to be regularly informed of online slots bonuses and to consult the bonus conditions each time.

And then, there are also slots tournaments, which allow them to win prizes, trips, tablets or smartphones. Unlike the bonuses that are granted to us directly, in tournaments we arm ourselves with patience, our winnings are counted and at the end, the one who has obtained the most wins wins the tournament and therefore wins the prize. Or maybe even, the jackpot.

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