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Divine Fortune Paying Slot Machine

If we had the power to predict the future and know what day we're going to win at the casino, we wouldn't be debating Games the most paying. The slot machine supplier NetEnt, he also seems fascinated by divination and at the beginning of 2017 released a progressive jackpot: the Divine Fortune slot.

Making a fortune online seems possible according to NetEnt, with the new Divine Fortune jackpot game. With such a name and such confidence from NetEnt on the upcoming success of this new slot, we could not help but try the Divine Fortune slot jackpot.

Divination or Not, is the Divine Fortune jackpot game fun ?

So we have every reason to ask ourselves the question, are we going to have fun on Divine Fortune ? Because with such an old (although magnificent) theme, we wonder if we will find the same gaming sensations as we had on the themed slot machines of Thor, or even on all the famous "gladiator slots".

The more we win, the more fun we have. However, we expect more from NetEnt and the provider is well aware of it. This is why each release has its demo on Youtube.

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Divine Fortune Jackpot Bonus and Gameplay

As a 5 reel slot machine, Divine Fortune is nothing exceptional when it comes to gaming experience.

You have 20 fixed paylines so most of your winning strategies are limited to choosing an initial bet that fits your gaming budget. The stakes range from 20c to 100 credits and the stake value does not change the payout rate of the machine which is 96.69%.

The biggest stars of this ancient Greek themed machine are the jackpots that have nothing to envy to the Microgaming jackpot game, the Mega moolah slot.

NetEnt says it’s easier to earn the biggest 3 progressive jackpots (Minor, Mega and Major) with a high stake. The other two jackpots, smaller ones, depend on the stake level. In short, the big players will be pleased to see that if they bet a lot, the winnings will be substantial.

Bonus Wild and Free Spins Divine Fortune

The symbol Wild of the Divine Fortune jackpot game, it's Pegasus. When it appears on the reels, Pegasus triggers a free reel spin (reel re-spin). Get another wild behind you will see expanding wilds filling your game screen: this is the bonus feature Wild on wild.

These Wilds walking around, we've seen them on quite a few flagship NetEnt games and we know that the volatility can not be very high then. But the Falling Wild Re-Spins are reminiscent of the famous cascading symbol descent that we love so much (obviously, the chances of winning are great) and above all, there are the free spins as a bonus which are not far away.

They are not as numerous as we would have liked (12 free spins max, not re-activatable), but each Wild symbol that appears during the free spins game becomes an expanding wild and as long as there is on the screen, you will repeat a free spin (wild re-spin).

With a bit of luck we can easily come up with a little over 40 free spins and we were able to see winnings of 100 times the initial bet during the free spins of the bonus game, so we confirm: you will have fun.

We can only look forward to playing on Divine Fortune

Once again, NetEnt hit the nail on the head.

Instead of releasing us yet another very unique game with very elaborate graphics, the supplier took the risk of relying on a classic slot machine with a well-known theme by adding 3 progressive jackpots and innovative features. Wild bonuses are awesome and free spins pay off.

There is no doubt that the Divine Fortune jackpot game will be one of the NetEnt hits.

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