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Gem Rocks Paid Slot Machine

The good big watch giants of the Gem Rocks slot impressed us. There are three of them, and they don't look convenient. Their thing is consecutive wins. And the more we chain the combinations thanks to the bonus features, the more these kinds of jewel rocks jewelry will report. Zoom on the Yggdrasil Gaming release of February 2018 at the payout rate of 96.2%.

They eerily resemble the stone eater riding his huge steamroller bicycle in the never-ending story. And like in the movie, the ground shakes and the mountains move ... but here, the only risk is to make huge gains.

Rock avalanche & Precious stones

A small tribe of gentle stone giants straight from Yggdrasil Gaming studios (Valley of the Gods, Chibeasties) have hearts full of jewels.

On the program of the sessions: avalanche of wins and grouped symbols of the Cluster Country genre as in Shangri La Cluster Country.

At first glance, it may be difficult to understand the gameplay of the Gem Rocks slot machine but the rules are actually very simple. Basically, we play it like on the Rainbow Ryan slot (machine with 4096 lines) except that here, the minimum part is played at 0.20 $ cents per spin and there is no mini-game or part. bonus.

To know how to play Gem Rocks, you need to be familiar with the features Country cluster and Cascading Reels. For those who do not know these bonus features,

  • Cluster Pays means appearance of identical symbols in a group
  • Cascading Reels, or Consecutive Gains, indicates that each winning combination results in the disappearance of the winning symbols, and then new ones appear.
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Up to 9000x The Stake

The earning potential is huge, which makes one thing obvious: the new Yggdrasil slot Gem Rocks is a game high volatility.

All it takes is a combination. It is therefore sufficient to win a minimum of 3 identical symbols on 3 of the 6 reels to win.

From that moment, the symbols of your suit disappear to make way for those just above (hence the name waterfall or avalanche). Result is like getting a re-spin with each win.

This function is that of theAvalanche. Every time you win you can earn more.

Now either your re-spin ends in nothing or you land a new combination and at that point you are awarded a giant symbol (2 out of 2 boxes).

Seeing rocks explode and new ones appear is pure entertainment. But it's really when you win again (for the second time in a row) that the adrenaline rushes. Besides Yggdrasil Gaming has thought of everything: the background music changes rhythm; epic gaming experience guaranteed!

It is in fact after 2 winning combinations in a row that we obtain 100% guaranteed earnings. And that's not all: these guaranteed winnings are progressive, so keep chaining the combinations and you are sure to win a max.

These guaranteed winnings are listed on your left. The more we chain the combinations in a row, the more the size of the gain increases (2 × 2, 3 × 3 or 4 × 4 boxes) ! This is what is called the Rock Bonus : a Monster Rock composed of identical symbols is indeed attributed to us after 2,5 Where 9 consecutive wins.

Your Chances of Winning on this Yggdrasil slot Gem Rocks

In the Gem Rocks Yggdrasil slot game, there is no symbol Wild nor of Scatter.

This does not prevent a lot of potential of course, but the fact that the slot machine is so volatile (and therefore that the winnings are big but slow to relax) makes us a little regret the absence of the free spins part.

As much to prevent immediately, to make 9 wins in a row and therefore to obtain the Monster Rock giant 4 × 4 (4 out of 4 squares) will not happen every 100 turns. In fact, for most of our sessions on the Lucky8 casino, it just never was. Luckily, we have occasionally won it so we confirm that it is possible.

The mega-giant symbol (4 × 4) is indeed difficult to have, you just need to be very lucky - a bit like winning the jackpot. You are therefore more likely to land a 2 × 2 or 3 × 3 symbol that will already earn you quite a bit (in our case, up to 200x the initial bet).

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