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Gemix Paid Slot Machine

The Gemix slot is the next candy Crush free or rather, its casino slot machine version. As a 7-reel, 7-row slot, it is inevitably one of the biggest hits of the many-time Oscar winning games publisher. But Gemix game opinions seem to have changed. Would there have been a change in RTP ? We went to find explanations.

The Gemix slot machine has long been at the peak of its success. But while all fans of online slot games considered it to be the slot of choice, the interest in playing Gemix for real money or for free has dropped somewhat. We wanted to know if destroying colored gems still pays off as before.

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Gemix Play N Go review

In the same style, there are others more recent like the Yggdrasil Gem Rocks Slot. However, the dual theme of Gemix makes it quite a memorable game.

In addition, the fact of having to obtain Earnings clusters made up of 5 identical symbols reminds us of good memories but we love being able to benefit in addition to the Avalanche mode. As a result, we go to this one more easily.

So while the earning potential may not be the highest, the fact remains that this is a low volatility with a Gemix RTP from 96.7%

So here's a first Gemix game review: it's a little too easy to say that this slot machine is only suitable for tight budgets that are content with small payouts.

Obviously, this Play'n Go creation is a bit dated compared to Viking runecraft, one of the highest paying 7 × 7 Playn 'Go slot machines ! That being said, we have a great time on Gemix because we have to progress on several levels in each of the 3 Worlds of the game, while benefiting from 5 bonus features and 3 different Wild symbols.

And given these facts, it is found that being able to earn on Gemix in real money up to 6,000x the stake. It’s not too bad for the max gains.

Especially since the choice of bets is quite wide: the minimum bet starts at $ 0.50 per spin and you can go up to $ 100 per game.

Game Experience on Gemix in American

Gemix is ​​an eerily familiar rare gem.

Themed machines of precious stones, it is true that we had already seen them at NetEnt (Starburst) and Betsoft (Sugar pop). And in terms of configuration, it reminds us of the candy-assembling game we were addicted to; candy Crush.

What's original about this machine is its gameplay. Nothing to do with the usual functioning of slot machines.

The configuration here is 7 rollers and 7 rows.

In addition, Play'n Go had the good idea to introduce level crossings on the Gemix slot.

And then, we admit that the Avalanche mode has attracted more than one, and this is what follows from the Gemix game reviews in American.

Here are concepts that were usually not found on the same game at the time (Gemix was released on Play'n Go casinos in December 2014).

And precisely at this level of innovation, this rare pearl of the Play N Go 7 × 7 grid games category should have been remastered to include a progressive jackpot, for example, in order to have interactive gameplay. But Gemix has aged and although it is still one of the most popular slot machines, others have had time to dethrone it.

Fortunately, Gemix is ​​one of the rare crystal and gemstone games to also have imaginary worlds as a theme (precisely 3). This dual theme brings all the freshness and power it takes to make this game a must-have.

Gemix Gameplay & Options

There is the possibility to progress in the gameplay of the Gemix slot machine. Three worlds, which can only be crossed if you manage to explode the symbols at the locations indicated on the diagrams shown on the right of the game screen.

You might as well warn you, there are several patterns in each world. This is what makes the sessions last, so be careful to budget well.

In each of these 3 different World Models, we benefit from a special wild symbol when the game does not end in a combination.

  • World 1 (that of the mines): The small miner's lamp is the joker symbol (between 3 and 10) will be positioned on the reels
  • In the world 2 (that of the princess), the joker symbol is represented by the lollipop which will move vertically, horizontally or diagonally and sExtend from one end of the game screen to the other on a losing spin.
  • Arrived at the third world (the most beautiful), you will play wizarding kingdom. Here, the Wild symbol represented by a book appears up to 8x randomly in one of the four models, and will stay in position as long as the avalanche mode is activated.

Gemix Bonus Features

To fully understand all the bonuses of the slot machine, make your own Gemix game review by trying it for free. No need to register to play as a demo, just go to any Play N Go casino site and select the game. You can then choose to play on Gemix for real money, once you are familiar with the gameplay and thoughtful strategies.

With each combination of 5 identical symbols, the winning symbols explode and those just above fall in their place. We therefore obtain a part Gemix additional free, which may lead us to make a new combination.

During this unlimited avalanche mode, you should know that we also get a gain multiplier that will increase as each successive win.

In addition, you should know that each explosion of symbols charges the crystal and after 20 successive winning symbols, a random bonus function is activated.

Indeed, each gain on Gemix contributes to feeding the small counter which is on the right of the screen. This counter Crystal charge will fill up until it hits its cap and at that point one of the following 5 bonus features will trigger:

  • Nova blow: Explodes a symbol, which destroys all adjacent symbols and results in more symbols falling from above.
  • Crystal chain: Select a symbol at random and change all symbols identical to this symbol to another (generally, to the one that is most present on the game screen).
  • Ray of light: Shoots light rays out of a symbol, transforming everyone it touches into the same symbols.
  • Lightning: Causes a lightning bolt that will join two opposite ends, changing each affected symbol to the same symbol.
  • Crystal Super Charged: The most profitable Gemix bonus feature, and also the most difficult to activate. If you make a sufficient amount of consecutive wins (at least 40 winning symbols are needed), the crystal may be supercharged, which triggers the feature Super Charge : your winnings are multiplied by 3 !

Chances of Winning on the Gemix Slot

Gemix game review by US players: you must inevitably go through a paying casino that is reputed to be reliable. Although it is possible to find some info on what bonus symbols and features are worth in the Gemix Payout Table in English, the online casino's payout also counts. Our choice is casinos Red Dog and LasAtlantis, which seem particularly popular with players.

Our tips and tricks to win on Gemix online ? Set and vary bets based on volatility and RTP. Our opinion on Gemix game at this level ? The symbols don't really struggle to fall off and the more symbols you have in a combination, the more it will pay off.

So basically, it's the amount of symbols that counts and luckily, it often happens that these symbols are grouped into several small combinations.

Fun question, it took us between 50 and 100 spins on Gemix to discover a new world.

When it comes to wild symbols, the miner's lantern is the most generous as up to 10 Wilds can appear on non-winning spins.

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