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Golden Owl of Athena Paid Slot Machine

The Golden Owl of Athena slot is a game produced by Betsoft (Fire and Steel, Ogre Empire, The Slotfather) which saw the light of day in 2018. It is therefore a fairly recent online slot machine which, however, deals with a subject that has been addressed on numerous occasions by a whole bunch of more or less talented game publishers, and this from the arrival of online slot machines: the Greek mythology.

We can no longer count the number of slots that have been a hit by addressing this theme. But is Betsoft, by offering us once again this recurring subject, able to do the same? ?

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Free Real Money Golden Owl of Athena Mode Sessions

We are not too worried about Betsoft. When you see how successful this 3D game publisher is, there is no reason why the Golden Owl of Athena slot should not be one too !

For a game to be successful, it has to bring together several ingredients. Its ability to offer real chances of winning as well as paid bonus features.

Test in demo mode before switching to real money bets is undoubtedly one of the key steps to familiarize yourself with such a game. Especially since the graphics as well as the musical atmosphere cannot be relegated to the background and this, Betsoft knows it all too well.

That’s why everything has been so well thought out in Golden Owl of Athena slot. After all, Owl in American means "Chouette". And the owl, as you surely know, is a symbol of wisdom also in Greek mythology.

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Golden Owl of Athena Online Game Experience

While the Golden Owl of Athena slot is visually striking, there is nothing extraordinary about its dimensions. 5 reels make up the machine, each showing 3 symbols during each throw.

Nothing very original either regarding the number of payment lines that awaits us since there are only 10 and it is impossible to change this figure.

If you are one of those who prefers to let the machine work, then you will enjoy using Autoplay.

This automatic game mode can be programmed so that the machine is started a specific number of times, with a possible stop according to certain criteria that you can determine, in particular the value of a win or the arrival of a bonus feature.

Golden Owl of Athena slot Betsoft review

Care and attention to detail are the hallmarks of this slot machine.

The graphics are brilliantly done and you really feel immersed in the heart of ancient Greece. In the vicinity of the machine, we first notice some typical elements of this country that makes you dream so much: the sea, nature and of course large Greek columns reminiscent of the Parthenon.

As for the slot itself, it is just as pretty, surrounded by lots of gilding and filled with meticulously drawn symbols. Among the latter, we can even notice that some - especially those that make it possible to win big - come alive for even more realism.

Musically speaking, we have found nothing negative to complain about and we bet that you too will enjoy the soundscape of this game. There is something quite relaxing and very little repetitive there, which prevents us from muting the sound after a few tens of minutes of play.

Since we have seen that nothing is missing on this machine, we still need to offer you a place where it is possible to play. This shouldn't be a problem as Betsoft is one of the most popular online casino publishers. Among the trusted casinos, the favorite Betsoft sites for US players are among others Las Atlantis Casino and Red Dog Casino.

Also note that Azur Casino is an excellent site offering Betsoft titles. In addition, this online casino offers a welcome pack of no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins. At this casino, you can play in demo mode unlimited. Ideal if you want to get to know the machine, or just want to play for fun and relaxation. But of course, if you want to play with bonus money, that's totally possible too, and the fun will only be increased tenfold !

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Bet on the Golden Owl of Athena slot machine

The setting, it is obviously modifiable and this in a nice way since you will still have 11 possibilities. You can indeed, during each throw, bet 0.01; 0.02; 0.03; 0.04; 0.05; 0.10; 0.15; 0.20; 0.25; 0.50 or 1 credit per payline. These sums must of course be multiplied by 10 since there are 10 paylines. Anyway, all players will be able to find something for them, low rollers as well as high rollers !

You are the type who wants to chain the throws, without waiting an eternity between each spin ? Time is money, so you're right, you might as well hurry up and activate Turbo Play mode that you will find at the bottom left of the slot machine. Thus, the symbols stabilize much faster and you will no longer have to wait before seeing or not seeing the winnings fall.

If you like to play fast and in addition you like to take risks, especially with what you have just won, then the Double Up option is for you. You are probably familiar with this feature which allows, on a very simple coin toss game, to put your last win back into play. You will have the possibility to replay 50% of the sum or the whole. If you guess which way the coin will fall, then you double the amount in play. Otherwise, you lose it.

Features Golden Owl of Athena Bonus

And since we are talking about the bonus features, let's see now what are the symbols that populate the Golden Owl of Athena slot. Without an interesting figure, everything we have seen positive so far would be nothing.

Fortunately, Betsoft once again sets the bar high and still offers us 11 different symbols, which we will detail for you:

  • Nothing original about the low value symbols which are represented by the letters A, K, Q and J - the classics ! - but under "Greek" features.
  • The following three symbols are a little more profitable, without being able to make you rich. These are the vase, spear and helmet of Athena, the goddess of War, Thought, Weapons and Wisdom. Just that !
  • You will enjoy lining up the high value symbols, of which there are three. We find the olive tree, the temple and finally, the goddess Athena in person.

If you have an eye for detail, you will have noticed that we have only listed 10 symbols here. The eleventh is just the one you'll want to see all the time. This is Athena’s golden owl of course, referring to the title of this slot machine. Its advantages are numerous:

  • First is the Wild symbol of this video slot. Thus, he will be able to take the place of any other icon to form a winning combination.
  • But the owl is also a figure in its own right, what is more is the most profitable symbol of the game !

Golden Owl of Athena Free Spins game

Finally, and this is surely the function that you will like the most about this mythical bird: it allows you to hit free spins since it is also a scatter symbol.

So if you find out 3, 4 or 5 owls, you win 8, 12 or 20 free throws respectively.

The more impatient will not need to wait for the owls to decide to show the tip of their beaks, thanks to a rather infrequent possibility on slots from Betsoft or any other game publisher. It is possible, quite simply, to buy these free spins using your credits. The higher the bet selected, the higher the price to pay to get the free spins - which, remember, are based on the same bet - is also important.

During the free spins, the game selects in a purely random way one of the symbols of the machine. After calculating any winnings following a spin, this figure spans the entire reel on which it is located in order to create new winning combinations.

And to add a final positive element among all these features, it should be noted that symbols extended to a full reel do not need to start on the leftmost reel. If you discover for example 3 times the same symbol, extended on the three central reels: you win anyway !

Thing & Tip for Winning at Golden Owl of Athena

If you have already tested this machine, just like us to write this Golden Owl of Athena review in American, you will undoubtedly have noticed that the volatility of this machine is rather in the average, neither too high nor too low.

Concretely, this means that the gains do not follow one another and are not too rare, both in terms of amount and in terms of quantity. You will therefore have to learn your skills on this slot before you fully understand how it works. This is when free money play can be interesting !

This slot machine has been designed in HTML 5, which means that it is playable on both PCs and mobile. Red Dog Casino has a mobile casino platform, so you can spin the golden owl reels from any medium with an internet connection.

Before getting a true Golden Owl of Athena game opinion from a American player, you must take into account the probabilities and chances of winning on this slot machine. Let's not speak much, but speak well ; the rate of return to players is theoretically evaluated at 95%. In other words, the average RTP of the Golden Owl of Athena slot means that for one hundred euros wagered by the players, the casino pockets around $ 5.

Finally, you will understand, playing on the Golden Owl of Athena slot can be done without the slightest worry and we have no trouble recommending this title. The theme is certainly nothing very original but it is well treated, this is the main.

It is certain that the very important role of the owl can cause some frustration: if it is hiding, you have neither Wild nor Scatter ... but when it is there, we know very well why !

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