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Holmes and the Stolen Stones Paid Slot Machine

Holmes and the Stolen Stones opinions and reviews of US players all agree on one point: this slot machine is not as greedy and capricious as most Yggdrasil games (especially Ozwin’s Jackpots). We wanted to check and give you the profitable strategies at a glance. The results of our free and real money test sessions on the Holmes and the Stolen Stones slot, with our tips and tricks for better chances of winning.

If there is a casino version of the adventures of Sherlock holmes what fascinates is this Yggdrasil Gaming online slot machine. And for good reason. The chances of hitting one of the five progressive jackpots are very real, even if you don't bet very big. Zoom in on one of the highest paying jackpot slot games of all time.

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Holmes and the Stolen Stones Yggdrasil Gaming Review

First and foremost, it is a progressive slot machine that you are really allowed to play on. Its jackpots are not as big as those of Mega moolah but at least we have easy access to it. The recent captures of earnings from US players reassure us about our chances of winning.

Apart from the fun and therefore addictive gameplay, the desire to hit the jackpot is felt. Especially when you know that this is quite possible with bets that start at $ 0.20 per spin. But for that, you still have to get help from some bonus features.

Therefore, would Holmes and the Stolen Stones be the most profitable casino game only when a bonus feature is activated? ? Our sessions have shown us that with the right strategy this game can turn out to be the highest paying slot machine of recent years.

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Holmes and the Stolen Stones Game Experience in American

Yggdrasil Gaming has always accustomed us to impressive graphics and soundtrack. That being said, we've rarely played on such a modern adaptation. Sherlock Holmes has been taken up brilliantly here and obviously it is straight out of the imagination of the heavyweight game publisher who dared to replace brain genius with big tattooed arms.

Looking more like a capless superhero than the famous detective with incredible powers of deduction, Holmes in this game must find diamonds and collecting enough shards will help him. As a reward, one of the five jackpots that are between 40 $ and 100,000 $.

These diamond shards (5 different colors) are granted to you randomly throughout your sessions, during the base game and more frequently during the bonus features.

In terms of gameplay, nothing very complicated. The setup is very simple and that's all we like. 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines for bets ranging from 0.20 $ at 40 $ the game.

Here and there, bonus functions to make the sessions less monotonous and to recover the shards of missing diamonds. At the end of our test sessions, we were able to collect some hidden clues. Holmes and the Stolen Stones honest opinion about your chances of winning:

  • Statistically, the frequency at which the smallest jackpot (5 blue diamonds) is triggered is approximately every 100 spins
  • The payout is 78% during the base game and 22% during a bonus feature
  • Best win in the base game: 23x the stake
  • Best win during a bonus feature: 164x the stake
  • Slot volatility: medium
  • RTP Holmes and the Stolen Stones: 96.8%

Holmes and the Stolen Stones Bonus

Holmes and the Stolen Stones review game number 1. The best wins are hidden in the selection mini-game Click me and in the free spins part.

In the bonus game Click me, you will need to select the wooden crates in the warehouse. If you make the right choices, you will win cash sums (between 1,000 and 10,000 coins) or diamond shards.

Despite having tested Holmes and the Stolen Stones in demo a number of times, it is impossible to define the best sequence for opening the boxes. The best is still to open them one after the other on the same line (horizontal or vertical) and not in any order.

During the free spins, all winning combinations are multiplied by 3. The real good news is that you can trigger the free Holmes and the Stolen Stones spins by collecting 5 shards of the same color or using 3 symbols Scatter (the golden lock). With 5 shards of the same color, however, you already have a diamond to your credit.

It is thanks to these bonus features that you will be able to increase your balance or at worst, stay in the most. Be careful with the starting balance however, because if you are aiming for the bonus functions you will need to plan a fairly substantial game budget.

Chances of Winning at Holmes and the Stolen Stones

Holmes and the Stolen Stones final review. In this game, either you can hope for the jackpot or a big win, but not both. Instead of trying by all means to force fate and aim only for the jackpot, it is best to let Lady Luck decide your fate.

A good advice regarding the coin value: avoid selecting $ 0.01. Even if the combinations are more frequent, they will seldom return you more than what you bet.

On the one hand, you will want to collect all the small crystals in order to get 5 diamonds of the same color because that is how you will land one of the 5 jackpots. But on the other hand, with good big combinations in free spins, you will win at least 50x your stake.

Before playing Holmes and the Stolen Stones for real money, be aware that the bonus features can take quite a long time to relax. Also, the smaller the bets, the longer you will have to wait before a bonus feature falls. And they won't be very many.

On the other hand, the crystals that will fall into your hands will be the highest paying shards of diamonds in the game. Conversely, if you bet big the bonus functions will be frequent. On the other hand, the crystals that you will collect will correspond to the lowest paying jackpots.

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