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Best Movie Thematic Slots

The Guns N Roses slot just has to get dressed. Movies from video games such as Warcraft, that we knew. But games inspired by movies are still rare. While the movie industry is still reluctant to release video game adaptations, they are collaborating to adapt the latest movie-themed slots.

Sports betting sites are what they are, but not all players are sportsmen at heart. Gaming is a hobby, just like cinema, and it is precisely by combining the two that it becomes really fun. Close-up on the latest themed slot machines from movies or series like Dracula from NetEnt or The Slotfather by Betsoft.

After the film scores, the latest movie themed slots

Can we talk about CinemSilver in 2017?

What is certain is that the big screen is adapting better and better to the digital age. And this is mostly thanks to online casino providers who draw inspiration from movies to create new video slots.

If the suppliers of casino games online are increasingly relying on cinematic successes to release their latest movie themed slot machines, this is because today cinema and digital have made peace.

Digitization of cinema, the underside of partnerships

Increasingly, movie licenses are signing deals with online casino game providers.

To develop their new slot machines, current industry heavyweights such as NetEnt and Yggdrasil do not hesitate to call on the biggest and most profitable movie franchises.

And they're right, because after all it's all the same James bond who plays the most at the casino.

It seems that the new tactic of video slots publishers is to coincide the release of much anticipated films with the launch of a new one online slot game.

But this is not a one-way street; because the right of inspection required by the game publisher is often a game-changer for film studios. Indeed, by obtaining a certain amount of creative control over films, suppliers contribute to the success of a film, which is doomed to flop. Spending time with the creators of a game often helps target fans' expectations and therefore, makes a successful film.

Top best movie adaptations in slot machine games

Among the best cinema games there are

Among the latest and most anticipated movie-themed slots, the Planet of the Apes NetEnt slot will turn out to be different from what we expected. Its very 'War of the Apes' rather than 'Planet of the Apes' look, however, does not preclude its impeccable fluidity and fun bonus features.

Regarding the Beauty and the Beast 20 lines slot signed Yggdrasil, we fall back squarely in childhood with superb animations, fun bonuses like the ‘golden bet ’ with 3 functions with different bets which boost the winnings. Certainly once again, with the adaptation to Beauty and the Beast casino, Yggdrasil will win the innovation award at the next salon ICE.

Microgaming him, vary the bets. He relies on the big American classic success Le Fantôme de l'Opéra to create his Phantom of the Opera slot, although it will be based primarily on Andrew Webber's 2004 film. And then also, he will draw his inspiration from the side of strategy games to create his slot at the same time ‘new generation ’ and medieval; Castle builder.

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