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What is the Best Microgaming Casino Game ?

When Microgaming announces the release of new slot machines, it always makes an incredible buzz. Among the flagship games of this Star editor of the Global Gaming Awards, one wonders which slot machine is crowned best Microgaming casino game and which is the latest top of the casinos offering the titles of this heavyweight publisher.

Sometimes it takes a long time to relax when it comes to releasing new games. And for good reason, Microgaming has several slot machines indestructible in his portfolio and can therefore afford to rest on his laurels from time to time. While he has recently not dared to release many new slot machines, we must admit that so far he has offered us a very nice mix of state-of-the-art and classic slots. So which of the Microgaming slots excites us the most?? Quite frankly, it was not easy to decide between them.

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Immortal Romance is back in force with a Mobile Slot version

Technically speaking, you can play on the Immortal Romance mobile version but you will need to find the top Microgaming casinos to avoid compatibility concerns. The latest best online casinos offering Microgaming titles are not that numerous as you might think. In addition, finding the rare pearl is not very easy for all players who, depending on their IP, VPN or country of residence, will not have access to the games of this publisher.

Dark counts on love and locked features punctuate the most iconic slot of the best Microgaming casino games. And if you've never played it before, go test it on Casino777  you will love it. Especially if you are a fan of the fantastic and sentimental themes of the genre Twilight.

The Immortal Romance slot machine has been around for a while and it still doesn't look tired, quite the contrary. The boost of the mobile version (iOS AND Android) allows it to rise to the rank of the best Microgaming casino games. For having tested this game on mobile, we can say that it is just as smooth as on PC.

We went to great lengths to have an honest test session result, so we pretended we had never heard of the game. And once again, the playing experience on this 243 payline slot machine was fabulous and mysterious. You have these four main characters, including two sublime vampires, a powerful witch and a curious scientist. The more we play on Immortal Romance, the more we discover the four characters and get free spins. A bit like the Thunderstruck II slot, which is also very popular with Microgaming fans.

Life of Riches Slot, Predictable Success ?

We start with the slot machine whose theme is the least original of all; the Life of Riches slot.

At first glance, it looks like one of the casino games Microgaming which we are used to playing.

Not that the Life of Riches slot machine is not well done, on the contrary. It's just that it is one of those games we are used to with graphics specific to the Microgaming style. In short, just one more addition to the category ‘tested and approved

Just look at the theme, it looks like a new version of High Society but with more rich women devoted to their busy lives. Between playing the piano, playing tennis, driving luxury cars or traveling to exotic destinations, you will have something to dream of and even something to be amazed at.

That said, no surprises in terms of graphics.

Wilds Stacked & Free Spins

Same goes for bonus features. They have a style of operation you would expect like the usual trio of Wild and Scatter symbols.

However, the Life of Riches slot machine does have some surprises in store. Take for example free spins. They normally fall with a multiplier of 2 but when stacked one after the other, resulting in a winning combination, we get a multiplier x4.

Add to that the maximum payout of $ 120,000 announced by Microgaming and you undoubtedly end up with a nice little sum. But we must admit that this slot machine is not the most fascinating and that there are at least a dozen of them like it. So this is not the famous best Microgaming casino game.

Huangdi The Yellow Emperor Surprising Slot

Let's be honest, we are more excited about the release of Immortal Romance Slot Machine on mobile than playing on a Yellow Emperor Huangdi Nei Jin themed game.

But the real reason behind it is that we enjoyed playing Immortal Romance so much that we know how great a game it is.

On the other hand in terms of pure anticipation (and also because it changes us from the "top chef" slots that come out of the Microgaming studio like Win Sum Dim Sum), we think Huangdi is worth the effort.

Interesting features and theme

Centered on the Battle of Zhuolu at the dawn of Imperial China, the game is steeped in history and culture. There is no doubt that this slot is going to be a future Microgaming casino hit, as ancient era themes like Egypt have always been phenomenal hits (just look at the Book of Ra games by Novomatic)

In addition, there is something quite dramatic about the symbols and animations, brimming with revolutionary turmoil. It's exciting, stimulating.

However, the features are nothing really new. There are certainly wild symbols stacked, which will appear like in most games on reel 1 and multiply.

However, as you would expect, the bonus game consists of 15 free spins during which the stacked wilds return. We will refrain from giving an opinion on the Huangdi The Yellow Emperor slot game at this time, however, and await its online release to judge.

Best Microgaming Casino Game: Mega Moolah

Access to Microgaming games is not easy in all US territories. But whatever space you live in, you must have heard of the Mega Moolah slot. And for good reason: this progressive slot machine continues to make happy winners !

Mega Moolah Game Review

At first glance, when we took a look at the popular Microgaming slots, we skipped it. Certainly because progressive jackpots are prohibited with us. But by testing Mega Moolah again in real money and on mobile, we found that this slot machine still stands out just as well from other Microgaming titles. And yet, this is one of his oldest titles !

This game is, despite getting old in graphics and soundtrack, has enormous earning potential. And this is what attracts us as slot machine enthusiasts.

When it comes to the Immortal Romance slot, few games can compete with it. Apart from maybe the best-of from NetEnt like Dead or Alive.

In short, you now have a lot of choice, paid games and little time. Good luck.

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