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Penguin City Paid Slot Machine

The biggest slots fans had called her one of the best in the last one top online slot machine games. In the meantime, we wanted to play on the Penguin City slot online, just to test this latest blockbuster Yggdrasil Gaming.

The game publisher invites us to free the penguins slaves of the Emperor Cook of Penguin City, an Asian district with terribly gloomy fast food restaurants. The Penguin City slot machine is funny, full of joker symbols that stay in position on the reels (the famous Sticky Wild). Its extraordinarily rich gameplay makes it simply a game to play.

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Review Penguin City Yggdrasil Gaming

Eccentric characters in a relaxed atmosphere. It's yggdrasil all spit. And we love it when this publisher shows imagination, because he's one of the guys who make the best slots online. And there for once, he outdid himself in originality. Who else could have found an Oriental Animation theme idea??

The mascots of the game are little penguins at the end of the roll. Totally exploited by the penguin emperor who looks like a devilish chef. They will try to run away as soon as you get a win. But for them to have a chance, you'll have to win in Penguin City!

Indeed, you start playing Penguin City online and after a while, a symbol Wild will be part of your winning combination. What follows? A long series of re-spins and additional wins ..

As with most of the publisher's titles, the Penguin City slot machine is part of the Yggdrasil games belonging to the BOOST section. Collection of promotional tools to enhance the gaming experience with tournaments, races and missions.

The game is available in HTML5 so the Penguin City mobile and PC slot will work on all devices. In addition, its design was carried out with the technology iSense2.0 +, the Yggdrasil Gaming platform allowing smooth gameplay and a quality graphical / sound interface.

Penguin City Game Experience in American

Whether you decide to play Penguin City for real money or for free just for fun, know first of all that not all Yggdrasil casinos accepting American people have the American version.

If you play on the best Yggdrasil Gaming sites that said, all you have to do is click on the cross at the bottom of the game screen and then on the question mark tab to consult the rules of the game Penguin City in American. Otherwise, here are the highlights:

The main bonus Penguin City feature is The mode Penguin Escape that triggers when a Wild appears in a winning combination. You will see it on the second or fourth roll only.

At this point, it feels like you're in the Free Spins game - except there is no Penguin City Free Spins. Instead, you get lots and lots of re-spins.

The game screen changes and we meet in the kitchen. With penguins stuck and certainly destined to end up in small pieces.

Penguin City Bonus

The Wild symbol you have obtained (and which entitles you to a free spin each time) remains on the screen during the entire Escape mode. You therefore continue to play on Penguin City online by chaining the free spins. As long as you win.

During this Escape mode, the penguins grant us additional Wilds symbols on the second, third and fourth reels. Players can also see the Emperor appear. It lands as a giant wild symbol (Emperor Stacked Wild) and guarantees winnings every game until the Emperor eclipses.

During your re-spins, a penguin will jump off the shelf and try to escape using the blue trampolines, strategically placed left and right. Two possibilities:

  • If successful, you will get either an additional Wild symbol or a change of symbol on reel 3 for the game to end in a win. Either way, you'll get some extra re-spins.
  • If the penguin fails to escape, it slips off the conveyor belt, falls into the hole, and ends up wrapped in a takeout. So you come back to the normal games.

Chances of Winning on the Penguin City Slot

The Penguin City slot offers bonus features that appeal to casual gamers. However, either they fall frequently but do not last. Or they last but are rare to get off the hook.

Going to the kitchen for each Wild that appears in the right place, for example, leads to several free spins, but most of the time you don't get any no more than 2 each time. Fortunately, we go back to the kitchen quite often. So that perfectly balances the entertainment.

During our sessions, we especially enjoyed playing Penguin City online when we were racking up the winnings thanks to the Wild pantyhose. You know, the Penguin Emperor who appears on reel 3 and covers it entirely during the free round! It will then slowly descend the rollers, ensuring 3 parts Escape Penguin City free. Unfortunately, the latter does not show up as often as we would like. If you want a comparison, not as often as the Wild descendants of Divine Fortune.

That being said, Penguin City is a low volatility machine with very affordable stakes. Which is a first for Yggdrasil. Therefore, we are certainly not going to complain about playing such a good game by betting $ 0.10 per game. And then, when we know that we can win 1,647x the stake and this, in all unimaginable ways. Yeah, we can win on Penguin City in every way. And we find it more than decent.

Finally, the fact that there are chances of extra wins (the penguins trying to escape that can give away a free spin or some extra cash) is exactly the kind of little extra that makes a game unique. It is playful, original and it can earn even more

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