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Reactoonz 2 Paid Slot Machine

They are back ! After a first opus which revealed their exceptional potential, the small multicolored aliens with wide eyes signed Playn 'Go are back on our gaming screens. The new Reactoonz 2 slot released in 2020, better than the original ? If Play'n Go has chosen to put the cover back, it is above all that the developer wanted to boost the earning potential. But at what cost exactly ?

With even more bonus features, the Reactoonz 2 Online Slot is going to promise us over five thousand times the stake. However, its volatility is in the high average and its redistribution rate does not go beyond 96.2%. After testing it, we realize that it is the new game mechanics (including the additional counter) that increase the chances of winning. The results of our test sessions in this Reactoonz 2 slot review in American.

Just by playing in Reactoonz 2 demo mode, it allowed us to better understand the real potential of the second opus.

Coming from the depths of space, the reactoonz are little alien beings with a rather funny look. Different colors and shapes, these little marshmallow ball-like things are completely harmless, although they do have some amazing abilities.

We had discovered them in a first opus, with their capacity to trigger electric shocks in the chain when they are in the presence of each other. And it starts all over again in the Reactoonz 2 slot, except here they show their skills even more.

Among them are also some special specimens, like the famous Energoon which is a real little ball of energy, as well as the greedy Gargantoon which can cause enormous damage, but in your favor, of course.

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Reactoonz 2 Play N Go review

In this new installment, the publisher has added several features to make the gaming experience even more exciting. 3D animations are also more dynamic and more frequent. The little aliens are on a rampage and this is clearly not to displease.

In addition, during the special bonus features, several sound and video animations are triggered to give even more rhythm to the gaming sessions.

The redistribution rate is very variable. Reactoonz 2 is indeed one of the creations on which the publisher has retained the possibility of developing the feedback to players. Here it varies summarily between 94.2% and 96%.

More on Return to Player Rate

At first glance, these are not very high values, even if they remain in the average of what the editor usually offers, which we still remember for the generous Royal Masquerade slot.

But it is also important to take into account other essential characteristics of the game, such as its volatility. And good news for big bettors and those who like to take risks: even though Reactoonz 2 is considered a medium volatility slot, it is actually a rather high volatility machine.

We can therefore expect big gains from time to time. The other interesting factor is the many small features built into the gameplay, with prominently the different Wilds and the functions associated with them.

To realize all this before even putting the slightest euro into play, a passage through the free Reactoonz 2 game mode is ideal, even highly recommended. This will be an opportunity to fully understand how the different gauges work, as well as the conditions under which this slot machine is most advantageous.

Play Experience on Reactoonz 2 slot in American

Before playing this slot machine, a first pass through the free Reactoonz 2 game mode is strongly recommended. By actually testing this title in fictitious bets, it is easier to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game, in particular the functionalities linked to the different counters.

Why Play in Demo Mode

Once ready to play on Reactoonz 2 for real money, a wide range of bet levels is proposed. Rest assured, this is a game accessible to all types of budgets, with stakes ranging from $ 0.2 to $ 100 per game. Between this minimum bet and the max bet per spin, several options are available to try your luck with a reasonable budget ($ 0.4; $ 0.8; or even $ 1) or even to bet big: $ 10; 20 $ or even 50 $ per tour.

The selection of the amount to bet on each spin is done simply using the small gauge accessible at the bottom of the slot machine.

As with the other creations of Playn 'Go, there is also the Autoplay option which allows you to configure in advance up to 1000 successive spins. This avoids being worn out by mechanical and repetitive gestures while enjoying the atmosphere of the game and its various features. Depending on the setting, Autoplay may also stop as soon as you get a win, or rather when you reach a win or loss limit set in advance.

Reactoonz 2 Gameplay & Options

If the words Energoonz, Gargantoon and others immediately evoke memories, you have no doubt played. Or at least heard of the Reactoonz slot machine and / or its prequel; Energoonz.

Having become a real reference in the game offer of the publisher Play'n Go, this very lively creation, halfway between slot machine and video game, has won over many players. It must be said that its cute little electrifying aliens, its frenzied gameplay and its multiple bonus features make Reactoonz 2 a unique game.

In this second opus, we find all the best ingredients of the first with some new features. Indeed, the stunts of small extraterrestrials are still there, but iThere are also new counters, more wild symbols and even more elaborate bonus features.

The configuration is generally the same, with a grid of 7 x 7 symbols that fall in avalanche mode after each spin. So far, 10 different types of little aliens with various shapes and colors serve as the game's symbol.

To create a winning combination, all you need to do is get 5 identical symbols adjacent to it horizontally or vertically.

When that happens, the electric shock wave destroys the winning aliens and others take their place, with of course the ability to perform winning stunt combos.

In addition, each winning stunt necessarily triggers a reaction at one of the counters to the right of the playing area. You can see the winnings chain quickly, especially when you manage to trigger one of the game's great features.

Reactoonz 2 Bonus

In addition to the cute little Reactoonz that act as a special symbol of the game, there are also a few that are quite special. They are 4 in number and are all wild symbols.

It is, to begin with, the Energoonz Wild which is a blue monster a little bigger than the others. As soon as it appears, it can replace all the classic symbols in the game to more easily create winning clusters.

Next comes the Gargantoon Wild which is the largest of the Reactoonz which is recognizable by its three eyes and its brown color. It can also replace other symbols in the game.

Reactoonz 2 Slot Free Spins

Contrary to what we usually see on online slots, here no trigger symbol for a dozen free spins. Beyond that, we have two symbols; Electric Wild and Uncharged Wild which are represented by energy balls.

Both can appear randomly after each turn and act on the following features:

  • The Fluctometer : This is the kind of round dial located at the top right of the slot machine. On each turn, one of the basic symbols is selected to appear in large quantities in the playing area. If this symbol is part of one of the winning clusters during the round, an Electric Wild symbol appears after the symbols explode
  • The Quantumeter : When an Electric Wild removes symbols, the Quantumeter charges. The latter can accommodate up to 155 charges and unleash Energoon Wilds or Gargantoon Wilds with win multipliers particularly interesting.
  • Wild Pair Explosion. This feature is triggered when 2 Electric Wilds are present on the screen. All the symbols (except the Wilds) explode and give the right to substantial wins.

Thanks to all these bonus features, the famous part of free spins came out of our minds. The Reactoonz 2 slot machine offers the possibility of winning up to 5,083 times its stake ! Clearly, if you make the Max Bet of $ 100 on a single spin and luck is on your side, you can win over $ 500,000. A nice jackpot for a very fun adventure.

Chances of Winning on Reactoonz 2

This new opus dedicated to Reactoonz is frankly a good idea and video game enthusiasts will surely be of the same opinion as us. The graphic universe of this new creation is as well assembled as that of the first, with interesting additions that give even more pep to the parties.

Thanks to its gameplay based on a very dynamic avalanche mode, the Reactoonz 2 slot machine makes us have a great time. Still as advantageous for players, the stunt mode is also reinforced here by the presence of multiple Wilds and additional features associated with them.

The sessions are indeed punctuated by a multitude of special features, including re-spins, win multipliers and up to 4 different types of Wild symbol. The result: each spin can trigger chain reactions, as well as a shower of earnings that can exceed $ 500,000.

Advantages that would almost make you forget the very average minimum RTP guaranteed by the publisher. But we did say “almost”. Because, although very rhythmic, the real money gaming sessions on this slot machine can be marked by relatively long periods without significant gain, the fault of a volatility which turns out to be much higher than what we expected. If you are on a tight budget, therefore, be sure to adopt adequate betting strategies.

In addition, if the many features of the game Reactoonz 2 can be particularly interesting, they can also impress players, especially those who are just looking for a game that is simple and easy to learn.

In any case, play sessions in free mode remain the best way to familiarize yourself with this whole universe before getting down to business.

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