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Spina Colada Review Game

Ah, the holidays ! Being able to enjoy the palm trees, fresh fruit and the sun all day long, listening to the sound of the waves… what more could you ask for? A slot machine of course! And with Spina Colada, that's exactly what Yggdrasil offers us, the famous game publisher to whom we owe in particular Holmes and the Stolen Stones.

Spina Colada is a slot machine released in June 2017 that promises juicy wins, just like its cocktails. This is why we have decided to offer you a US player-oriented review, with Spina Colada reviews and testimonials from test sessions. We also tested the bonus functions to see which are the most profitable, and the volatility / RTP on several online casinos.

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Spina Colada Paid Slot Machine

Barely landed on the machine, we are entitled to a very successful video introduction. This is rather short but very well done, and the graphics and sound quality is present. In short, Yggdrasil Gaming puts us in the mood.

This is also the observation that we make once the online Spina Colada slot machine has been launched. The theme of summer holidays and the freshness of cocktails is well treated, it feels like it! We like the bright colors but we can still make a small complaint: the slot seems a little overloaded with information. So much so that it can be hard to navigate the first few minutes.

The music, which is not the same during and between the throws to avoid weariness, is rhythmic. It brings to mind once again the atmosphere one could find on a paradise island. It gives a smile and above all makes you want to start the machine again and again

In fact, you no longer need to be behind your PC to play Spina Colada for free or for real money. You can really be at the beach with your feet in the water while enjoying this slot. How? 'Or' What? Thanks to your smartphone or tablet of course, since the Spina Colada mobile version is highly compatible on all devices.

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Spina Colada Review and Review

Apart from these aesthetic considerations, the configuration of the slot machine is very classic. You play on 5 reels, each revealing 3 symbols per roll. If you can't find a Spina Colada version in American then, at least the rules of the game are simple.

Spina Colada player reviews on bet value. Great freedom is offered to players in terms of bet per turn since no less than 21 options are available to you, ranging from 0.004 to 5 credits, to be multiplied by the fixed number of paylines, i.e. 25. Thus, you will be able to play between 0.10 and 125 credits per spin. This leaves the possibility for all types of players to join in the fun, from the most thrifty to the most spendthrift.

You're too busy holding your drink cool to relentlessly relaunch the slot? Take advantage of theAutoplay. Located right next to the button to launch the machine, it allows you to configure the number of automatic spins. If you want to configure the Autoplay in a more complex way, go to the options. They will allow you to stop the automatic game under certain conditions that you have defined.

The symbols

Moreover, it is on this same screen that you can choose the speed of rotation of the rollers.

Finally, let's wrap up this basic functions review by tackling the symbols to see which ones are really the most profitable. 5 low value symbols will help you not to leave empty-handed, these are watermelon, pineapple, kiwi, orange and strawberry.

3 cocktails, in three different colors, are much more generous and it will be nice to meet them. The juiciest will earn you 200 credits to be multiplied by the value of your stake. You can also easily find out the value of each symbol by simply clicking on it, directly on the game screen. You will thus have access to all the information in the blink of an eye.

Exclusive No Deposit Bonus Offer on Spina Colada


Obviously, we haven't shown you all the paid features of Spina Colada in American yet, and we've saved the best ones for last.

Note in particular that there is a symbol Wild, which acts as a joker and therefore replaces any other figure. It's pretty classic in functionality but it's still nice.

More interestingly, you will find above the machine a multiplier ranging from x2 to x5. To activate x2, just get the same symbol on the first and second reels. For the x3, you need the same symbol on the first three reels, and so on.

Spina Colada review and review. We can imagine that the chances of hitting the same symbol three times at once are slim, and it's true. That said, the free Spina Colada parts are not what is missing in this game, you just have to know how to unlock them easily! The secret is in the winning combinations.

Indeed, this game has a specialty. Whenever a throw results in a win, you don't immediately hit it. The symbols that formed the winning combination are frozen in the ice and the machine is restarted for free. As long as you discover new symbols identical to the first ones, the machine keeps restarting.

This can then reward you with large sums and it even happens that the entire machine is only covered with one and the same symbol, which has the added benefit of multiplying your winnings by 5.

And that's not all. Since there is no symbol Scatter, Yggdrasil found a way to integrate one, in a little different and original way.

The capsules in four colors

Randomly, when the game decides, you will be able to have the chance to find bottle caps. You will start the game with one of them. There are four different colors, and each time you find one you will be entitled to a special bonus.

  • Red capsule: Extra Wilds

Your next roll will have at least two Wilds and the likelihood of more appearing is increased.

  • Blue capsule: 2nd Chance

When you throw, a symbol is replaced to cause more wins. This can happen at any time, even after the machine has been restarted automatically several times.

  • Yellow capsule: Guaranteed Win X3

The slot is restarted for free until you get a win, and the win is multiplied by 3.

  • Green capsule: Full Line

A random symbol is chosen before the throw and a complete line of this symbol is already placed on the grid, for a guaranteed win.

Do you want more? OK! Each time you collect four capsules of the same color, you get 4 free spins, which include the bonus corresponding to the color of the capsule.

If you get free spins thanks to 4 red capsules for example, your free spins will all automatically be made up of Wilds.

Thing & Tip to Win at Spina Colada

With so many elements, we can clearly tell ourselves that the chances of winning are high. Moreover, during our test phase which allowed us to write this review and game review of Spina Colada, we had the good surprise of tripling our starting sum.

However, if you don't want to risk your savings too quickly, we can understand that. You should then know that this game is available in many casinos in real money but also in free money.

Speaking of casinos, if you're not sure where to play, we have some great places to offer you, where you can play Spina Colada for real money and even enjoy no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins.

We spotted this game on Azur Casino which offers free slot machine games in addition to the first deposit bonus. Alternatively, you also have Red Dog Casino which is from the same family, but which is a casino without wager.

Spina Colada final player review. Be careful to adapt your bets according to the volatility and the rate of return to the player. This is a moderately volatile slot, so the payout rate cannot be very high. In addition, it will be necessary to master the bonus functions and the bets likely to trigger them.  As you know you won't win every time. But you also won't have to wait hours for a winning spin to appear.

FYI, the average RTP is 96.3%. A completely correct number which, with a little luck, should allow you to really play with your feet in the water while sipping a cocktail !

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