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Sweet Bonanza
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Sweet Bonanza Paid Slot Machine

Launched in 2019, the Sweet Bonanza slot is undoubtedly one of the biggest successes of recent years to be credited to publisher Pragmatic Play. Sweet, colorful, but above all ultra-rewarding, this creation whose style is quite similar to the first part of Sugar pop 2 indeed raises the bar.

In addition to its gourmet theme and its beautiful animations, this Pragmatic Play slot indeed highlights a “country cluster + avalanche” combination that quickly appeals to any player.

Thanks to these game mechanics and a few new features, the lucky ones can expect to multiply their initial bet up to more than 21,100 times ! Enough to thrill even the biggest detractors of sweets and tempt candy lovers who watch their line.Sweet Bonanza RTP ? Rather promising with a rate of 96.5% and an medium volatility. Would we have found the perfect online slot machine ?

At first glance, we are not far from it, especially since the feedback from players about him is quite encouraging. But of course, nothing beats a review in due form to better understand this slot, its mechanisms and its secrets. So follow the guide !

sweet bonanza slot scrn

Sweet Bonanza Pragmatic Play review

From classic reels characterizing one-armed bandits to 3D slots akin to popular mobile games in style Candy Crush Saga, the step was taken quickly enough.

Pragmatic Play is certainly not the first slot machine publisher to try it out, but it is arguably one of the most successful with the Sweet Bonanza slot machine.The game immediately propels us into a magical universe worthy of that of Willy Wonka, the famous character from the cult film “Charlie and the chocolate factory”.

Except instead of mountains of chocolate, cotton candy clouds, rivers of ice cream and a whole bunch of other sweets make up the decor. Beware of cavities !

Visually, all of this is very beautiful, with the appearance of an enchanted kingdom in pastel colors. The sound animation is also well connected with the theme. The main melody is reminiscent of that of children's toy and candy stores. The different sound effects and animations complete the picture well. Sweet Bonanza initial game review: this slot machine shouldn't be bored !

Sweet Bonanza Game Experience in American

The Sweet Bonanza slot is a slot machine whose structure and mechanism are not at all classic.

Instead of the traditional reels and payment lines, we have a configuration of 6 × 5 slots. The symbols present are all more or less related to sweets and fruits.

From more to less remunerative, we thus find:

  • Sweets in various shapes and colors: red heart, purple square, green trapezoid, blue rectangle
  • Fruits: apple, plum, watermelon, grapes and banana.

All this is therefore very colorful and allows us to hope for fairly generous gains.

FYI, the red heart-shaped candy symbol, which is the most profitable, allows you to win up to 50 times your initial bet in the base game if you get at least 12.

But of course, this Pragmatic Play slot integrates several symbols and a little special functions thanks to which you can win much more. We will come back to this a little later in this Sweet Bonanza review in American.

Sweet Bonanza Gameplay & Options

Before you start a spin on the Sweet Bonanza slot machine, you must, of course, set your stake.

To do this, you must use the controls accessible at the bottom of the slot machine to set three elements: the amount of the bet unit, the value per chip or directly the amount of the bet.

Thanks to these different settings, you can bet between $ 0.2 and $ 125 per spin. This very wide range of betting levels allows players of all budgets to try their luck on this Pragmatic Play slot.

It is also very useful in the context of optimal budget management or the development of a game strategy.

In addition to the main command which allows you to launch the spins, a few other commands are also available to best customize your gaming experience on this machine.

We find in particular the Autoplay which, here, allows to launch between 10 and 100 automatic laps. If you are tired of running one round at a time, this feature can be very useful. It is also offered with advanced parameters that allow it to be stopped in the event of a single high gain / loss, cumulative gains or losses of a certain level, or even when a special function is triggered.

Of course, a few buttons are also available at the bottom left of the game to activate / deactivate the sound effects, the music in the background or the starting animation of the game.

Sweet Bonanza Bonus

As we announced above, the Sweet Bonanza Slot machine is full of bonus features that increase the winning potential tenfold.

Basically, playing on Sweet Bonanza is akin to rummaging through a big candy box, in which the symbols drop next avalanche mode. For those who do not know this game mechanism specific to slot machines, know that it allows you to give rhythm to the games, but that it is also very profitable.

Each time a spin is launched, the symbols fall from the top of the machine to fill the playing area.

To win, you must obtain clusters composed of at least 8 identical adjacent symbols (vertically or horizontally). They then burst and give way to the symbols above.

In this way, you have the possibility of making several successive wins with a single throw. After each turn, the symbols present disappear and give way to a new avalanche.

Sweet Bonanza Slot Free Spins

The free spins trigger symbol is represented by a large red and white lollipop. This is the Scatter symbol that triggers a round of free spins as soon as you manage to display at least 4 occurrences after a spin.

You will first receive a generous payment of up to 100 times your bet. Then a batch of 10 free spins will be offered to you.

During these free spins, if three more Scatter symbols appear, you will receive 5 additional free spins.

In addition, during this sequence of free spins, another special symbol may appear. It's about the color bomb. This acts as earnings multiplier and can take a random value ranging from x2 to x100 !

At the end of a free spin, the machine adds up the multipliers that have appeared and multiplies it by your current win in order to grant you a very large payout.

Sweet Bonanza Bonus Game

From the launch of the Bonanza Slot, you will surely notice on the left of the machine, the presence of a small vertical banner inviting you to activate or deactivate a function .. ?

This is actually a feature called "Ante Bet" which allows you to choose between two betting methods. In the first case, you choose a bet multiplier of x20.

You will then have the possibility, as soon as you wish, toto buy directly a sequence of free spins by paying 100 times the amount of your basic stake. Note that in this betting mode, you always have the possibility of triggering the round of free spins “naturally”. But you will need to be patient and selfless.

In the second case, you activate a default bet multiplier of x25.

The functionality of purchasing free spins is then deactivated.

However, as a compensation, the publisher offers you twice the chances of naturally triggering said free spins by showing scatter symbols. The latter will also appear on the machine much more frequently.

So which option to choose ?

In fact, it all depends on your playing style and your budget. Personally, we naturally lean more for the second option, if only for the beauty of the game. In addition, with the level of RTP announced by the publisher, the chances of obtaining free spins seem very reasonable.

However, if your budget allows it, do not hesitate to force fate a little in order to hope to win big in order to cover your investment.

Chances of Winning on the Sweet Bonanza Slot

On this slot, the announced RTP varies slightly between 96.4% and 96.5%. In all cases, we are in the high average of slot machines on the market.

When it comes to volatility, the Sweet Bonanza Slot machine is a medium-high variance game. This implies that it delivers gains infrequently, but with generous supporting gains. So this is typically the type of slot machine that often holds big surprises on a lucky spin.

Verdict of our Sweet Bonanza review: We like it a lot ! Whether it is the game mechanism, the bonus features or the big winnings possibilities, this machine has everything to be a successful title. We better understand its popularity.

Although the game does not really offer many special functions except that of free spins, in the end it turns out to be particularly entertaining and quite profitable.

On this last point, you have to realize that the Sweet Bonanza Slot can bring you more than $ 2,637,500 with a starting bet of $ 125. It's clear that slot machines with such potential don't hit the streets, so make the most of it.

So try your luck now by playing Sweet Bonanza for real money at an online casino partner of the publisher Pragmatic Play. Among these, we can recommend the new Pragmatic Play site to you Red Dog Casino which is one of the revelations of the year 2021.

On this site, you can first play for free via the demo mode before putting your money into play. This can be very helpful in understanding how the game works before you jump into trying to grab the jackpot.

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TRJ: 96.5%
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