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Vikings Go Berzerk Slot

In the Vikings Go Berzerk slot machine, it's all about rage, sticky wilds and of free spins. Two ways to trigger the bonus rounds of this Yggdrasil slot; either with a well-placed treasure chest or 3 symbols Scatter.

here is a video slot very different from the usual Yggdrasil games. The Vikings Go Berzerk slot is nothing cute and its very realistic look immediately appeals to you. Navigate deep waters, fight sea monsters and chain treasure chests; who is not tempted?

Truth be told, no one wants to cross the path of a rabid Viking. However, there is no more entertaining and no more rewarding like slot machine game. And then to contemplate the fights of Vikings while aligning the winning combinations dangerously, that changes us.

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Vikings Go Berzerk Volatile and Paid Slot

Berzerk means to go berserk and the more you can anger a Viking, the more you win at the slot machine Vikings Go Berzerk.

This 25-line, 96.4% payout Yggdrasil slot consists of four different Viking symbols. When you land a winning combination of Vikings, the rage increases. Upon reaching a maximum level of rage, the Viking becomes 'Berzerk' and you get free spins.

But no matter how you get to trigger the free spins, you will have to wait a bit. Indeed, like all moderately volatile slots, the bonus rounds do not happen at all costs. Sometimes, however, there can be three in less than 50 turns.

Bonus games Vikings Go Berzerk

First, there is the symbol Wild, very special in this new Yggdrasil slot machine. Not only does it change the other symbols into Wild (except of course the Freespin, Treasure Chest and Gold Treasure Chest specials), but in addition it stays in place during one of the bonus games. These are symbols ‘Sticky wild‘.

Speaking of bonus game; the more Freespin symbols we get, the more we get free spins on the Vikings Go Berzerk slot. Three kinds of bonus games:

  • 3 ‘Freespin’ symbols = Game of 7 free spins
  • 4 ‘Freespin’ symbols = Game of 14 free spins
  • 5 'Freespin' symbols = Game of 21 free spins

3 "Freespins" symbols will activate one of the 3 bonus games.

Free Spins Vikings Go Berzerk and Ragnarok

Two types of parts free spins;

  • the part Berzerk: Activated by maximum rage, contains a Viking Berzerk
  • the part Ragnarok: activated by the joker Pre-Free Spins or by the Super Treasure Chest

Before any bonus round, a prize is awarded at random - this is the joker bonus ‘Pre Free Spins‘. There are 5 different wild bonuses; from free spins, a symbol wild, a wild in first position on a scroll, treasure chest or game free spins Ragnarök.

The part free spins starts up and the symbols come to life. In fact, the Vikings are trying to fight the creature of the Nordic seas. If they can defeat her, they turn into Wild. The Wild, being 'sticky' during bonus games, stays in place.

We let you imagine the potential for gains when there are several..

You should know that when a Viking becomes 'Berzerk', he will always manage to fight the creature and transform himself into a symbol Wild. In the Ragnarök part, all the Vikings are Berzerk, which means they turn into sticky wild when they appear.

The Treasure Chests of Vikings Go Berzerk

The Treasure Chest symbol always appears on reel 4 and contains either a win or a Berzerk part free spins (7, 14 or 21 free spins).

There is another symbol for Chest; the Ragnarök Treasure Chest. It appears on reel 5 and also contains a payout, but this time much higher and also more chances of getting a game free spins, including the paid part Ragnarök.

How to play Vikings Go Berzerk

Here are the rules of the game Vikings Go Berzerk:

  1. Define the value of the coins: from 1 cent to 5 euros
  2. The 25 paylines are fixed, and the bet by spin is always indicated
  3. To start the game, click on Spin

The game options:

  • The payment table, parameters and history can be found in the menu accessible by the + button at the bottom left of the game screen.
  • Max Bet allows you to bet the maximum per game
  • Autoplay allows automatic play, the number of games being definable
  • Stake displayed in Coins or Credits via the Balance button at the bottom right, or in the game settings

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