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Top Belgian Certified Casinos

The best Belgian online casinos

Playing for real money at an online casino is legal in Belgium, provided that the casino has a license issued by the Belgian Gambling Commission. Otherwise, Belgian players face a fine of more than $ 20,000. The best Belgian online casinos listed on this page are classified according to their reputation (license, customer support), ergonomics (registration, navigation, fluidity of games, payments) and the quality of their offer (games and promotions ).

Play Legal in Belgium, But What ?

3 main categories of gambling, sometimes offered on a single platform.

  • Online casino: 35 Belgian e-casinos and Belgian gambling halls are approved by the local Gaming Commission, under license A+ and B+
  • Sports Betting: 21 online betting operators have a Belgian license (F1)
  • Online poker: only 5 Belgian poker sites are authorized and have a license TO+

The casino games being the most popular in Belgium, we looked at the type of game that Belgian players like the most. These are the dice games (craps tables are often full) which consist of rolling 3 dice in order to achieve a combination.

If you are a fan of this most popular genre of casino games Belgium, be aware that the Casino 777 offers a full choice of different Dice Games (Casino section /Dice).

Casino Games Belgium Popular

Since dice games are very popular with Belgian players, many slot machine publishers such as for example iSoftBet and NextGen adapted some of their designs to make them more like a dice game.

Some casino game providers have also had the good idea of ​​creating slot machine version dice games. This is for example the case of Novomatic (also known for his trilogy of games Book of Ra), which created in partnership with Mazooma Interactive Games the dice game Crazy Slots.

On the payout question, some dice games redistribute up to 99.8% and their volatility is usually medium or even low. Some even have progressive jackpots.

Bonuses from the best Belgian online casinos and Unibet are the best Belgian online casinos for lovers of promotions. Online casino offers several particularly interesting welcome offers, with 2 free bonuses upon registration (reserved for Benelux players) + 2 first deposit offers of your choice (one up to $ 777 and the other cashback on games of casino live).

Bonus, 50 free spins online slots are offered after the first deposit is made. As for the wagering requirements, they remain correct (30x the amount of the bonus to be wagered before being able to cash a win).

The importance of the Payment Method

Since Belgium is a territory of the European Union, your deposits and withdrawals will always be in Euro. Generally, winnings payment deadlines do not exceed 7 working days.

Belgian players most often use their visa online at the casino, or their MasterCard. Alternately, Bancontact (or Mister Cash) is a modality local electronic payment very popular in Belgium.

All Payment Methods

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The Belgian Gambling Commission

Responsible for controlling online gaming platforms and issuing gaming licenses since 2011, the Belgian commission gives a list of thirties of certified reliable Belgian casinos.

Nevertheless, the new Belgian player reviews help sort it out - and we believe this is essential in order to register with the Belgian casino adapted.

It is therefore also based on the very latest player testimonials that we have ranked each legal online casino in Belgium:

Best Belgian online casinos and gambling halls

  1. (Casino de Spa land partner), license A + 8104
  2. (land partner Casino de Blankenberge), license A + 8109
  3. (land partner Casino de Namur), license A + 20635
  4. (land partner Casino de Namur), license A + 20635
  5. (land partner Casino d'Ostende), license A + 8085
  6. (terrestrial partner Casino de Bruxelles), license A + 20,000
  7. (Dinant Casino land partner), license A + 65721
  8. (land partner Casino de Middelkerke), license A + 424838
  9. (land partner Casino Carousel de Hulste), license B + 4248
  10. (land partner Casino de Knokke), license A + 8110

Other Popular Belgian Casinos and Gambling Halls

  1. (license B + 8543)
  2. (license B + 8543)
  3. (license 16382)
  4. (license B + 4986)
  5. (license B + 16863)
  6. (license B + 3825)
  7. (license B + 3971)
  8. (license B + 19918)
  9. (license B + 3892)
  10. (Chaudfontaine casino, license A + 8112)
  11. (license B + 3979)
  12. (B + 3971)
  13. National Lottery (official website of the Belgian National Lottery)
  14. (license B + 3864)
  15. (license B + 3751)
  16. (license B + 21540)
  17. (license 12511)
  18. (license B + 3971)
  19. (license B + 13460)
  20. (license B + 4652)
  21. (license B + 3866)
  22. (license B + 4037)
  23. (license B + 3968)
  24. (license B + 17129)
  25. (license B + 4990)

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