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Top Swiss Certified Casinos

Top Swiss Certified Casinos

Between Switzerland and casinos, it's a story that goes back a very long time. For several decades, the country has been home to gambling establishments whose reputation goes well beyond its borders. But what is the formula adopted for Swiss online players, and what are the last top certified Swiss casinos? ?

If you are one of the players in the Swiss market, you have probably already heard of the famous Davos casino or that of Geneva, which has been welcoming players from all over the world since their creation. However, as in other countries, the emergence and strong growth of online casinos has forced Swiss lawmakers to reorganize the sector and establish an adequate legislative framework.

Today, after much debate, the Swiss online casino games market is very well structured and considered to be one of the most secure for local players.

Play Online Casino when you are Swiss

The legal framework that governs the activity of gambling in Switzerland has changed a lot in recent years, especially since 2018.

The country has in fact passed several laws which clearly define the conditions of exercise of online casino operators in its territory, as well as the rules that players must respect.

The first good news is that casino games, both physical and virtual, are allowed in Switzerland.

Unlike the American market, which is a gray market, the Swiss legislation in force offers authorized operators the possibility of offering casino games on web platforms, in compliance with a certain number of conditions. All under the benevolent eye of the Federal Gaming Houses Commission.

Swiss Legal Casino: What are the Standards ?

In the USA, the online casino games sector is regulated by theANJ (ex-ARJEL) who plays the roles of gendarme and mediator. En Switzerland, this role is performed by the Federal Gaming Houses Commission. Created in 1997, the latter is notably responsible for the allocation of licenses to casino operators, both land-based and virtual.

In this regard, the legislation has changed a lot since the referendum of June 2018. Organized by the federal government, the latter was to determine whether Swiss citizens want the local online gaming market to be opened up to competition. Following this consultation, a new law was voted: the LJAr. In the latter, are detailed, in particular, the conditions to which the operating licenses of online casinos are attributed.

In force since January 1, 2020, this law provides in particular that the granting of a license from the CFMJ for the operation of an online casino is conditional on the possession of a land casino duly authorized in Switzerland. In other words, only operators who already have a permanent casino in Switzerland can claim it.

Operators who wish to offer their services are therefore forced to join forces with the owners of Swiss hard-core casinos. As for foreign sites, Swiss law prohibits them from offering their services to Swiss players. In particular, a device to block their IPs has been put in place to protect local players.

Top Swiss certified casinos, list of authorized sites

On this date, the Federal Commission of Gaming Houses CFMJ issued 9 license extensions for online casinos. Each corresponds to an online casino authorized in Switzerland. Here is the list of licensed operators and corresponding online casinos:

  • Grand Casino Baden:
  • Grand Casino Davos AG:
  • Grand Casino Luzern:
  • Casino Zürichsee AG:
  • Casino Interlaken AG:
  • Grand Casino Bern:
  • Partouche Group:
  • Casino Lugano:
  • Casino Neuchâtel:

Here is the list of the top certified casinos in Switzerland. If you are looking for a licensed online casino in Switzerland, this is one of them that you should look to.

Best Swiss Paid Online Casino

In order to choose an online casino among these platforms that operate legally in Switzerland, it is important to understand the structure of the offer. Some games are available, others are simply not accessible.

Also, some Swiss online gambling establishments offer bets in addition to casino games. The best is still to go to consult our casino cards and reviews for a brief overview of what each offers. Our reviews take into account player reviews but also other parameters, such as the Swiss casino bonus conditions, winnings withdrawal times, quality of customer service, etc.

Games Swiss Online Casino

The CFMJ issues different categories of licenses to casino operators, each category giving the possibility of offering different types of games and services. In summary, two license categories are issued to Swiss casino operators:

  • type license TO : reserved for gambling establishments located in geographic areas with more than 1 million inhabitants. These casinos can offer up to 14 different table games with no stake limits, as well as slots with uncapped jackpots;
  • license type B : intended mainly for casinos located in spa towns. In these, the number of authorized table games is capped at 3 and that of slot machines at 250. Authorized bets start at 25CHF and jackpots are capped at 250,000 CHF.

Since online casino licenses are only extensions of hard-line casinos licenses, the range of games available at legal Swiss online casinos is closely linked to that offered at the online establishment on which they depend.

In practice, we find most of the main game categories available on online platforms: slot machines of all kinds, roulette, blackjack, electronic versions of baccarat, as well as, on some establishments of live dealer games.

These games are offered by the most active publishers in the iGaming industry, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Play'n Go for games with RNG. Evolution and Playtech ensure, for their part, the supply of casino games with live dealers.

Swiss Online Casino Bonus Offers

In order to attract players, legal online casinos in Switzerland are free to offer them bonuses. These can take various forms, as is the case with other online platforms. However, before jumping on any of these offers, it is important to analyze them carefully, in particular through the conditions of use associated with them.

To do this, you can consult the opinion of our experts on bonus offers and promotions from different Swiss casinos. Experienced and connoisseurs of the online casino industry, the members of our team indeed comb through the bonus offer of each site in order to offer you a decryption of their different terms of use: playthrough, max bet, unauthorized games under bonus, withdrawal limit, validity period ... etc.

You will be able to objectively judge whether a promotion or a bonus is really interesting for you and to make your choice of casino in full knowledge of the facts.

Payment Policy

Renowned for their high moral standards and integrity, Switzerland go to great lengths when it comes to guaranteeing their players the on-time payment of their winnings. Legal casinos operating under a local license are in fact required to comply with fairly strict standards in this area.

To begin with, only payment solutions considered to be the safest and which are available in the country are offered at Swiss online casinos. These include bank cards, Bank transfers, as well as some electronic wallets. Services like Paysafecard, PostFinance and SoFort are also among the options generally offered. Of course, transactions made via the casino interface must all be secured by a data encryption system in order to protect the personal and bank details of players against any risk of fraud.

Before making your choice, therefore, make sure that the online establishment that interests you actually offers a means of payment that you have. Also, do not hesitate to read our review about it in order to know the real deadlines observed for the payment of winnings, as well as the authorized payment limits each week and each month.

Which Mobile Version?

If, like many players, you want to be able to play wherever and whenever you want from your smartphone or tablet, make sure that the online casino that catches your eye has as complete a mobile version as possible.

The good news ; this is the case with most Swiss online casinos. However, depending on the partner publishers, the offer available on these mobile versions can vary a lot. In general, however, all Swiss online casinos are compatible with iOS and Android.

The quality of customer service

A good online casino must listen to its players through available and responsive customer service.

To this end, 24/7 customer support, with a live chat option is somewhat the norm today. Also, to know what to expect from customer service at a casino in Switzerland, check out our in-depth reviews. We will share with you the experience feedback from our real-world tests, as well as verified player reviews.

In addition to these various parameters, the ergonomics of the platform, as well as the languages ​​in which it is available are also to be taken into account for an optimal gaming experience.

Top Swiss Certified Casinos: Test Fictitious !

After evaluating the offers of legal Swiss online casinos on the basis of the various criteria detailed above, the ideal is to test the platforms that you have selected by playing in free mode or in Demo mode.

Available at most online casinos, this game mode will allow you to familiarize yourself with the interface of the casino of your choice and to test slots and other electronic versions of casino games for free.

You will thus be able, on the basis of these tests in real situation, to choose the online casino authorized in Switzerland that suits you best and to play in real money mode to try to get your first winnings.

How to Play Casino in Demo Mode ?

Play Responsible

Today, most legal online casinos are committed to respecting and promoting good responsible gambling practices in order to ensure the protection of online players against the risks of addiction.

Many of them offer, for this purpose, various tools allowing you to define your own game limits or to program a temporary or even definitive self-exclusion.

Don't hesitate to use these tools from the start if they are available in order to avoid over-indebtedness and gambling addiction. In the event that these tools are not available to players, contact customer service directly to set these limits and play responsibly.

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